1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Epilepsy and Neurological Disorders to be held from March 7th – 10th 2023 at Breckenridge, Colorado


It is with great pleasure that we launch the inaugural conference on artificial intelligence and other neurological disorders in what promises to be an exciting series of lectures and panel discussions on machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence in the field. The conference addresses a broad range of topics, from phenotyping epilepsy and drug discovery, to seizure forecasting and thalamic neuromodulation. From your contributions and interest, you know that we are at an important juncture, where new technologies and advances are poised to impact clinical practice and research to an extent where education and awareness in the community has become a critical need. 


The Program is an ACCME approved event. 15.5 CME points will be awarded for full attendance of the conference.


Once registered, we strongly reccommend to book your hotel room, more informations HERE


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