Georgia Ramantani


Georgia Ramantani is the head of Epileptology & Clinical Neurophysiology at the Department of Neuropediatrics, University Children's Hospital Zurich. She trained in pediatrics and neuropediatrics at the Universities of Heidelberg, Dresden, and Freiburg in Germany, headed the pediatric program of the Epilepsy Center Freiburg and moved to Zurich, Switzerland, in 2015. Her special clinical focus is pediatric epilepsy surgery as well as neonatal seizure management.  Her current research activities concern the development of non-invasive tools in the presurgical workup of focal epilepsy, the correlations of scalp and invasive EEG, and the outcomes of pediatric epilepsy surgery. She is involved in several European joint studies and is a member of the scientific and organising committee for the upcoming 14th European Congress on Epileptology.

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