Sanjay Sisodiya


Sanjay Sisodiya is an academic-clinical neurologist, whose research interests in refractory epilepsy are driven by clinical imperatives. He employs neuropathological, imaging and genomic analyses to study the causes, mechanisms and consequences of the epilepsies, especially difficult-to-treat and genetic epilepsies. MRI studies in genetically-selected individuals have revealed new causes of malformations; neuropathological studies in surgically-resected and post-mortem brain material have cast light on culpable processes and the fundamental tissue bases and responses in epilepsies. Most recently, pharmacogenomic, individual- and population-based genomic studies have begun to unravel the complexities of epilepsy biology, highlighting the need for multidisciplinary studies in well-characterised patients. Genomic and post-genomic translational studies and precision medicine, as windows to disease biology, now constitute his main research focus.

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