Annamaria VEZZANI



Annamaria Vezzani, PhD in Neuropharmacology, head of the Laboratory of Experimental Neurology, Department of Neuroscience at the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milano. On sabbatical at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 2002 in the laboratory of Developmental Epilepsy. Main research focus is on molecular mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of seizures and epileptogenesis in acquired epilepsies, with special interest in developing new preventative and disease-modifying treatments and biomarkers. Author of over 200 original papers, several book chapters and reviews in peer-reviewed high impact scientific journals (h-index 67).

Associate Editor of Basic Science for Epilepsia for 8 years. Appointed of the Chair of the Commission on Neurobiology of ILAE (2005-2009) to promote translational research in epilepsy. Active member of ILAE and AES serving in several committees. She received the Research Recognition Award for translational research in 2009 by the American Epilepsy Society.

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