HIRSCH Edouard


I work as a full time Neurologist at University Hospital in Strasbourg. I’m born in Brazil in 1958 but grew up in France and went to Paris Salpétrière Medical School (1975-1981) and move to Strasbourg for residency and fellowship (1982-1986).

My general Neurology, Childhood-Neurophysiology training in epileptology was in Strasbourg with Christian Marescaux, Paris and Los Angeles with Carter Snead III. I have worked as a Childhood Neuro-physiologist since 1987 and now as Neurologist since 1997 in a large general and specialist University teaching hospital. I do 3 clinics per week, most of “my” patients have epilepsy (adolescent, adult, elderly) but I still see almost the whole breadth of Neurology including childhood epileptology. My specialist clinics include Pharmacology, Epilepsy Surgery, Childhood Epileptology with A De Saint-Martin and Dr MP valenti-Hirsch, Neurophysiology, Neuro-psychology, Neuro-imaging, Genetic in epileptic patients.

My postgraduate MD thesis was on clinical studies of “valproate induce hyperammonemia”.

I have laboratory experience during 12 years in C Marescaux INSERM Unit (1988-2000) on networks and systems underlying generalized seizures in animal's models.

My Research is now based more on my clinical practice with every day phenotyping cases and families. I have had the privilege of collaborating on this work with colleagues in France, United States and Australia.

I am interested in how better understanding of the underlying system and aetiologies of epilepsies is changing clinical practice and outcomes for individuals.

I joined the Classification Commissions in 2012. In 2021, I was nominated as Ambassador of ILAE and in 2022 we publish 5 positions papers on Syndromes, following 2017, ILAE position Classification of seizures and epilepsies papers.


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