Dr Andrea Bernasconi, a Swiss-trained clinician, is Professor of Neurology in the Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at McGill University in Canada. He is co-founder and co-director, with his wife Neda Bernasconi, of the Neuroimaging of Epilepsy Laboratory at the McConnell Brain Imaging Centre of the Montreal Neurological Institute.

His research is devoted to the investigation of causes and consequences of epilepsy using MRI and artificial intelligence. His group has pioneered a series of novel MR acquisition and image-processing methods that are applicable to clinical MRI data. One of the most significant achievements has been the design of biology-driven MRI models for automatic detection of cortical dysplasias, particularly those that elude standard radiology.

As a leading figure in neuroimaging of epilepsy, Dr Andrea Bernasconi spearheaded the development of new guidelines aimed at standardizing MRI protocols for the investigation of people with epilepsy and leads several educational activities worldwide.

Dr Bernasconi’s research has been funded by multiple governmental agencies and has published >150 peer-reviewed papers. He has trained 30 postdocs and more than 25 graduate students in neuroscience and biomedical engineering, many of whom have obtained Faculty positions at Canadian and international universities.

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