Nuri Firat Ince is an Associate Professor in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the University of Houston (UH), TX USA and holds an adjunct appointment with the Neurosurgery department of Baylor College of Medicine.  He obtained his PhD degree in Electrical and Electronics engineering from Cukurova University with focus in biosignal processing and adaptive wavelets. For his PhD studies, he received the International joint PhD scholarship of Turkish National Science Foundation and worked as a visiting scholar at Graz Technical University, Hacettepe University and University of Minnesota (UofM). Between 2005-2008 he was a post-doctoral associate at the Neuroscience department of UofM and Brain Sciences Center at VA Hospital Minneapolis. During this period, he worked on decoding local field potentials assessed from the motor cortex of nonhuman primates for brain machine interfaces. Before joining UH in 2013, Dr. Ince was as a research assistant professor at the University of Minnesota and had joint appointments with Neurosurgery and Electrical and Computer Engineering departments. The research in Dr. Ince’s clinical neural engineering laboratory ( includes invasive brain machine interfaces and neurobiomarker discovery for improving neurosurgical therapies in Parkinson Disease and Epilepsy. In addition, with an interdisciplinary team involving collaborators from MDAnderson Cancer Center, University of Minnesota and Baylor College of Medicine, he is currently investigating the efficacy of using state of the art high density grids and neural decoding algorithms for the improvement of brain surgeries in glioma and epilepsy. Dr. Ince has co-authored more than 40 peer reviewed journal articles and has received various research grants from neurotech industry, NSF and NIH.

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