Wednesday, June 28th - Cell death pathways and onco-pharmacology
09h30 Registration opening - Notice: ID will be required.
Session 1 - Chairman and chairwoman: Guido Kroemer & Marie-Lise Gougeon
10h00 Opening
10h10 Keynote Mauro Piacentini - University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - "The role of Type 2 Transglutaminase in Hepatocarcinogenesis."
10h50 Coffee Break
Session 2 - Chairwoman: Inna Lavrik
11h20 Georg Häcker - University of Freiburg Medical Center, Institute for Microbiology and Hygiene - "Sub-lethal signaling in the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway"
11h45 Inna Lavrik - Medical Faculty, University of Magdeburg, OVGU - "Targeting extrinsic apoptosis network in cancer cells"
12h10 Lunch break & Poster session A
Session 3 - Chairman : Gerry Melino
13h30 J.Marie Hardwick - Johns Hopkins University - CDD Award 2022 lecture - "Cell death is intrinsic to life - including microorganisms"
14h10 Gerry Melino - University Rome Tor Vergata - "Distinct mechanisms regulating p63 function"
14h35 Daolin Tang - UTSW - "A novel ferroptosis-inducing strategy to enhance anti-tumor immunity"
15h00 Pier Giuseppe Pelicci - European Institute of Oncology - "Non-genetic mechanisms of cancer treatment resistance"
15h25 Lígia Gomes-da-Silva - Universidade de Coimbra - "Photodymanic therapy and its immunoadjuvant properties for cancer treatment"
15h50 Presentation of ECDO conference 2024
16h05 Coffee Break
Session 4 - Chairman : Mauro Piacentini
16h35 Kevin Ryan - Cancer research UK Beatson Institute - "Connecting Autophagy and Inflammation to Regulate Programmed Cell Death"

3 selected abstracts

"Uncovering nuclear expulsion, chromatin-bound signals from dying cancer cells accelerate metastatic outgrowth" - L.Yang
"Direct and specific interaction of C-terminal transmembrane domains of Bcl-2 family proteins revealed by a split luciferase assay" - F.Essmann
"Regulation of lysosomal integrity and function by DNA ligands in cancer cells" - L.Ferret

18h00 Charles Swanton - ECDO Prize & CDD Award 2023 lecture - "Mechanism of Action and Inflammatory Axis for Air Pollution Induced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer" - REMOTE;
18h40-18h55 ECDO General Assembly


Thursday, June 29th - Immunogenic cancer cell death
Session 1 - Chairwoman : Patrizia Agostinis
09h30 Keynote Patrizia Agostinis - Center for Cancer Biology (CCB) -VIB / KU Leuven - "Deploying T cell recruitment tactics to overcome cancer immune evasion."
10h10 Alberto Bardelli - IFOM - “Exploiting immune surveillance to target colorectal cancer evolution and mutability”
10h35 Jitka Fucikova - Charles University and SOTIO Biotech - "The clinical relevance of immunogenic cell death in cancer therapy"
11h00 Coffee Break
Session 2 - Chairman : Boris Zhivotovsky
11h30 Lorenzo Galluzzi - Weill Cornell Medicine - "Cellular mechanisms underlying the immunogenicity of RT in clinically relevant oncological settings"
11h55 Oliver Kepp - INSERM - "Immunogenic cell death enhancers for cancer therapy"
12h20 Lunch Break & Poster session B
12h20-13h20 ECDO Board Meeting
Session 3 - Chairman : Peter Krammer
14h00 François Ghiringhelli - INSERM - Bourgogne Univeristy - "IL-1 to overcome resistance to chemoimmunotherapy"
14h25 Evangelos Giampazolias - Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute - "Decoding host-microbiome interactions that regulate cancer immunity. Killing cancer with a gut instinct."
14h50 Eric Vivier - Innate Pharma - "Harnessing NK cells in cancer therapies"

3 selected abstracts

"Plasma CD27, a surrogate of the intratumoral CD27-CD70 interaction, correlates with immunotherapy resistance in renal cell carcinoma" - I.Sam
"GABARAP loss is a novel mechanism of tumor resistance to immunogenic chemotherapy in multiple myeloma" - A.Gullà
"Harnessing the immunogenic properties of senescent cells in cancer therapy" - F.Pietrocola

16h15 Coffee Break
Session 4 - Chairman : Peter Vandenabeele
16h45 Peter Vandenabeele - VIB - UGENT - "How does ferroptosis prevent antigen cross presentation during prophylactic cancer vaccination?"
17h10 Zuzana Tatarova - Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School - "Longitudinal spatial analysis of immunogenic cell death in breast cancer" - REMOTE
17h35 Antonella Sistigu - Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore - "IFN-I-triggered epigenetic reprogramming. KDM1b at the forefront of tumor progression and immune evasion"
18h00 Yuting Ma - Institute of Systems Medicine, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences - "Multi-level stress and immune regulation"
18h25-19h05 Manolis Pasparakis CDD Jürg Tschopp Prize 2023 lecture - University of Cologne - "RIPK1 and its role in cell death and inflammation"


Friday, June 30th - Immuno-oncology
Session 1 - Chairman : Ignacio Melero
09h00 Keynote Ignacio Melero - Universidad de Navarra Clinic / Cima Universidad de Navarra - "On the protumoral effects IL-8 and neutrophil extracellular traps."
09h40 Hervé Fridman - Cordeliers Research Centre - "Generation of B cell immunity in Tertiary Lymphoid Structures supports response to immunotherapy"
10h05 Miriam Merad - Icahn School of Medicine New York - "Targeting myeloid cells in cancer"
10h30 Coffee Break
Session 2 - Chairman : Hervé Fridman
11h00 Philipp Beckhove - Leibniz Institute for Immunotherapy (LIT) - "Salt-inducible kinase 3 protects pancreatic tumor cells from cytotoxic T-cell attack by promoting TNF-induced NF-κB activation"
11h25 Alexander Eggermont - University Medical Center Utrecht - "The current revolution of NEOadjuvant IO in Melanoma and across multiple tumor types leads to More Cures, Shorter Treatments and Less Surgery"
11h50 Lunch & Poster session C - CDD editorial board meeting
Session 3 - Chairman : Oliver Kepp
13h30 Symposium 10x Genomics - Explore new pathways in cancer biology with Visium CytAssist and Xenium in situ platforms - Johanna Stergiadou - Science & Technology Advisor 
14h30 Sergio Abrignani - Fondazione INGM - University of Milan - "Functional interrogation of clonally expanded intratumoral T lymphocytes"
14h55 Sebastian Kobold - Klinikum der Universität München - "Use of single cell analysis to guide cell therapy development"

3 selected abstracts

"Co-targeting autophagy, macrophages and vasculature in glioma tumors triggers immunogenicity" - A.Chryplewicz
"UPR activation in cancer cells promotes anti-cancer immune response through DPM1-dependent control of PD-L1 glycosylation." - H.Issaoui
"Involvement of autoantibodies and B cell subsets in immune-related adverse events following immune checkpoint inhibitors therapy of melanoma patients" - S.Soussan

16h20 Coffee Break
Session 4 - Chairwoman : Laurence Zitvogel
16h50 Peng Liu - INSERM - "Genetic Exploration of Cancer-Relevant Dendritic Cell Functions" 
17h15 Laurence Zitvogel
17h40 Tadatsugu Taniguchi - Professor Emeritus, University of Tokyo Fellow / Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo - "Special closing lecture: Interferons, IRFs and DAMPs discovering the underpinnings of immunity: Gradus ad Parnassum in immunology"
Closing - Chairman and chairwoman : Guido Kroemer & Marie-Lise Gougeon
18h25-18h35 Best Poster Award & Closing

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