From my medical training as an intern at the Paris Hospitals in pediatrics, a position at INSERM in neuroscience focusing on the interaction between viruses and cells of the central nervous system (Bicêtre, Professor Marc Tardieu) convinced me of the importance of clinical research interactions. As an assistant clinical director in neuropediatrics (Bicêtre University Hospital and later at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital), I became interested in the emerging tools of molecular genetics for the diagnosis and understanding of neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases in children.


Through my integration into a 'Drosophilists' unit, I was able to establish, as a Research Fellow and then as a Research Director at INSERM, a research team aimed at better understanding genetic diseases of the white matter of the nervous system or leukodystrophies through a clinical and molecular approach. Appointed as Professor and Chief of the Medical Genetics Department at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital in 2000, I optimized this clinical-research interface by creating a reference center (CRMR LEUKOFRANCE) for the care of these patients at the national and European levels.


In order to find therapeutic solutions for these pathologies, I transferred my clinical and research activities to Robert Debré Hospital in 2009. As the Head of the Neuropediatrics Department, I developed the necessary clinical tools for the follow-up of these patients in collaboration with my INSERM team within the unit led by Professor P. Gressens, coordinating the European project LEUKOTREAT and the ERN-RND labeled CRMR LEUKOFRANCE.


After serving as the Director of the Clinical Research Platform for Innovative Therapies I MOTION at Trousseau Hospital from 2019 to 2021, I continue my clinical research work in collaboration with the national stakeholders of CRMR LEUKOFRANCE and lead the NeuroDev team at the INSERM-University Paris Cité UMR.

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