Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Landscape ecology (1/2)

22 November 2022
Regular session
Landscape ecology R6 10:15 > 12:15 Landscape ecology (1/2) Room 09 + 10 Landscape ecology

10:15 62 Context matters: the landscape matrix determines the population genetic structure of insect-pollinated forest herbs in European agricultural landscapes > T. Tobias NAAF 10:30 100 The new assets of landscape ecology in the face of global challenges > M. Marc DECONCHAT 10:45 148 Predicting species distributions from sparse survey data and remotely sensed environmental predictors – a how-to guide for everyone with basic knowledge in R > M. Matthias SPANGENBERG 11:00 204 Follow the link(er) > J. Jannis Till FEIGS 11:15 234 The older the better? How population age affects the genetic structure of spatially isolated forest herb populations. > S. Siyu HUANG 11:30 254 Can landscape resistance to gene flow be inferred by genetic distances? A simulation study to evaluate the performances of landscape surface optimization. > A. Alexandrine DANIEL 11:45 218 The potential of remote sensing time series for disentangling pollinator community structures in highly heterogeneous low mountain regions > K. Kevin BAUMANN 12:00 281 Upscaling ecosystem services must account for spatial configuration of landscape features > A. Andrea Larissa BOESING
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