Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Eco-toxicology and environmental pollution (2/2)

22 November 2022
Regular session
Eco-toxicology and environmental pollution R10 13:45 > 15:45 Eco-toxicology and environmental pollution (2/2) Verlaine B Eco-toxicology and environmental pollution

13:45 366 Toxicokinetic modelling to understand the influence of exposure pathways on the distribution, toxicokinetic and fate of cadmium in the organs of <em>Gammarus fossarum</em> > O. Ophélia GESTIN 14:00 407 Regime shifts in shallow aquatic systems caused by agricultural run-off and warming &ndash; Insights from micro- and mesocosms experiments > E. Elisabeth Maria GROSS 14:15 469 Variation in pesticide sensitivity of twenty-eight European spiders > T. Tomás DUQUE 14:30 476 Environmental emergent problems: what's the influence of the reproduction cycle in a freshwater sentinel species submitted to climatic and chemical stressors? > L. Laetitia MINGUEZ 14:45 485 Anthropogenic noise surprisingly increases fitness of a freshwater zooplankton > L. Loïc PROSNIER 15:00 623 A temporal perspective on aquatic subsidy: Bti affects the emergence of Chironomidae > S. Sara KOLBENSCHLAG 15:15 609 Linking trait syndromes from diatoms, fishes and invertebrates to micropollutants in streams: a way for identifying relevant model species > A. Albin MEYER 15:30 656 Linking PPP load in blood to life history traits : the Grey Partridge as a bioindicator of agroecosystem health > A. Agathe GAFFARD
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