Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Theoretical ecology and ecological modelling

22 November 2022
Regular session
Theoretical ecology and ecological modelling R14 13:45 > 15:45 Theoretical ecology and ecological modelling Room 05 Theoretical ecology and ecological modelling

13:45 106 Modeling the stoichiometry of N and P fluxes in socio-agroecosystems: prospective scenarios for a sustainable French agriculture. > A-S. Anne-Sophie LAFUITE 14:00 141 Modelling the Geometric and Demographic Effects of Fragmentation on Biodiversity Across Spatial Scales > S. Stav GELBER 14:15 309 Interactions between foraging and dispersal scales drive the emergence of spatial heterogeneity in abiotic resources in plant-herbivore systems > I. Isabelle GOUNAND 14:30 399 A multi-species grassland model for analysing the response of the cover composition to various management regimes and climate > T. Thibault MOULIN 14:45 522 Modelling age-class dependent response of the epiphytic lichen<em> Lobaria pulmonaria</em> to climate > P. Philipp PORADA 15:00 616 Impact of fecundity-immunity trade-off on host eco-evolutionary dynamics. > E. Edgard DJAHOUI 15:15 564 IESR: a novel method to analyze species introduction effects in space-time on species range dynamics, and prioritize conservation efforts. > A. Arnaud CALLEBAUT 15:30 641 Hibernation niche modelling across 200 years of global warming. > K. Kseniia KRAVCHENKO
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