Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Plant Ecology

23 November 2022
Regular session
Plant Ecology R27 10:00 > 12:00 Plant Ecology Room 02 Plant Ecology

10:00 20 Frost resistance in herbaceous species: A driving factor for plant performance in response to global change > D. David ADESUA 10:15 276 Competitive ability and drought escape, rather than drought tolerance, determine fitness of annual plant ecotypes along precipitation gradients in Mediterranean areas > F. Florian GADE 10:30 306 Effects of macrocyclic lactone anthelmintics on seed germination of temperate grassland species > L. Lars LABER 10:45 375 Orchid mycorrhizal networks are more specialized in Mediterranean than in Central Europe > S. Sophie MENNICKEN 11:00 409 Patterns in phenology and functional traits of herbaceous species change along a gradient in species diversity – lessons learnt from a field study in dry grasslands > J. Josephine ULRICH 11:15 453 Spatio-temporal scaling of rainfall drives vegetation dynamics of savannas – evidence from a rangeland simulation model > K. Kerstin WIEGAND 11:30 595 Plants stand still but hide: imperfect and heterogeneous detection is the rule when counting plants > J. Jan PERRET 11:45 631 Plants response to variation in estuarine constraints: a study in controlled conditions of salinity and inundation gradients > M. Markus NEUPERT
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