Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Agro-Ecology (3/4)

23 November 2022
Regular session
Agroecology/ecology of agroecosystems R31 14:30 > 16:30 Agro-Ecology (3/4) Auditorium Agroecology/ecology of agroecosystems

14:30 296 Interacting effects of agri-environmental measures and landscape structure on bee biodiversity in agricultural landscapes > K. Kathrin CZECHOFSKY 14:45 332 Towards sustainable pollen beetle management in winter oilseed rape: the role of flowering time and dynamics in oilseed rape cover > U. Ute FRICKE 15:00 347 How semi-natural habitats affect the lifespan and foraging behavior of individual honey bees in farmlands? > E. Elise VERRIER 15:15 349 Biodiversity and multifunctionality: insights from rice varietal mixtures in the highlands of Madagascar > K. Koloina RAHAJAHARILAZA 15:30 354 Landscape and crop competition are both ways towards more sustainable management and conservation of weeds in oilseed rape fields > A. Adrien BERQUER 15:45 378 Biodiversity conservation and organic wine production: a glass half-full > L. Léa BEAUMELLE 16:00 395 Effect of different fertilizer types on edaphic diversity in agro-ecosystems > I. Isabel C. KILIAN 16:15 314 Rows make the field: Winter wheat fields with manipulated crop architecture show potential for ecological intensification based on higher natural pest and weed seed control > S. Sina BLÖSCH
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