Monday, November 21, 2022 - Friday, November 25, 2022 Metz, France

Agro-Ecology (4/4)

24 November 2022
Regular session
Agroecology/ecology of agroecosystems R35 10:00 > 12:00 Agro-Ecology (4/4) Auditorium Agroecology/ecology of agroecosystems

10:00 427 Arthropod diversity in semi-natural habitats relative to habitat age > T. Thomas FRANK 10:15 438 Effects of biodiversity measures and landscape heterogeneity on the abundance and diversity of bees in different agricultural landscapes in Germany > J. Josephine KULOW 10:30 529 Spiders and their prey in integrated pest management and organic apple orchards in Eastern Germany > B. Benjamin SCHNERCH 10:45 537 Plant diversity increases multifunctionality in intensively managed grassland leys > S. Sebastian T. MEYER 11:00 550 Systematic review of the effects of landscape structures on pollinators in agricultural plains > C. Camille GAY 11:15 552 Where have all the flowers and insects gone? Drivers for abundance and diversity loss in farmland – the Austrian monitoring programme BINATS > K. Kathrin PASCHER 11:45 654 No clear evidence of local effect of organic agriculture on raptor nestlings' health > E. Elva FUENTES 12:00 418 Towards Predictions of Interaction Dynamics between Cereal Aphids and Their Natural Enemies: A Review > E. Eric STELL
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