Editions 2020/2021_5

Monday, June 6, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
Editions 2020/2021 TC_5 3:00 PM > 4:30 PM Editions 2020/2021_5 RISSO 8 Editions 2020/2021

3:00 PM 1170 Maximum Entropy Modeling Using Citizen Science: Use Case on Jacobin Cuckoo as an Indicator of Indian Monsoon > P. Priyanka SINGH (Symbiosis International University) 3:15 PM 1181 Jungle-Net: Using Explainable Machine Learning to Gain New Insights Into the Appearance of Wilderness in Satellite Imagery > T. Timo Tjaden STOMBERG (University Of Bonn) 3:30 PM 1215 Maize Yield Estimation in Kenya Using MODIS > K. Kenduiywo BENSON KIPKEMBOI (Regional Centre For Mapping Of Resources For Development) 3:45 PM 1219 Estimation of Canopy Height and Biomass of Miscanthus Sinensis in Semi-natural Grassland Using Time-series UAV Data > N. Naoko MIURA (The University Of Tokyo) 4:00 PM 1222 Can Spot-6/7 CNN Semantic Segmentation Improve Sentinel-2 Based Land Cover Products? Sensor Assessment and Fusion > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (Ign/Ensg - Lastig - Uge) 4:15 PM 1263 The Impact of Forest Fire on Forest Cover Types in Mongolia > L. Lkhamjav OCHIRKHUYAG (Mongolian Geospatial Association)

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