Thematic Information Extraction from RS images(WG III/1-1)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live Apollon
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_6 9:00 AM > 10:30 AM Thematic Information Extraction from RS images(WG III/1-1) APOLLON TCIII-Remote Sensing

9:00 AM 1062 Cloud Detection By Inter-Band Parallax And A-Contrario Validation > C. Charles HESSEL (Ens Paris-Saclay) 9:15 AM 734 How Far Should I Look? A Neural Architecture Search Strategy For Semantic Segmentation Of Remote Sensing Image > M. Mauricio Carvalho Mathias DE PAULO (Military Institute Of Engineering) 9:30 AM 213 Towards Better Coastal Mapping Using Fusion Of High Temporal Sentinel-2 And Planetscope-2 Imageries : 12 Bands At 3m Through Neural Network Modelling > A. Antoine COLLIN (Ephe-Université Psl) 9:45 AM 896 Weakly Supervised Learning For Treeline Ecotone Classification Based On Aerial Orthoimages And An Ancillary DSM > J. Jakub DVORÁK (Faculty Of Science, Charles University) 10:00 AM 601 Enhanced Super Resolution For Remote Sensing Imageries > J. Jeewantinie KAPILARATNE (Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.) 10:15 AM 1090 Improving CNN-Based Building Semantic Segmentation Using Object Boundaries > E. Evangelos BOUSIAS ALEXAKIS (York University)

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