Point cloud processing_7

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_7 9:00 AM > 10:30 AM Point cloud processing_7 ATHENA TCII-Photogrammetry

9:00 AM 1108 Effective Railroad Fragmentation And Infrastructure Recognition Based On Dense LiDAR Point Clouds > M. Máté CSERÉP (Elte Eötvös Loránd University) 9:15 AM 203 Dartboard Based Ground Detection On 3D Point Cloud > B. Beatriz MARCOTEGUI (Mines Paristech) 9:30 AM 427 Detecting Anthropogenic Volume Changes In Cross Sections Of A Sandy Beach With Permanent Laser Scanning > M. Mieke KUSCHNERUS (Delft University Of Technology) 9:45 AM 652 Application Of A ShellNet Based Approach To Semantic Segmentation In Urban Point Cloud > X. Xuan MA (Nanjing University Of Posts And Telecommunications) 10:00 AM 663 Openings Detection For Indoor/Outdoor Registration > R. Rahima DJAHEL (Ecole Des Ponts Paris Tech) 10:15 AM 830 Photogrammetric Monitoring Of Gravitational Mass Movements In Alpine Regions By Markerless 3D Motion Capture > L. Lukas LUCKS (Technical University Of Munich (Tum))

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