Active Sensing with LIDAR and RADAR

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
TCI-Sensor Systems TC_8 9:00 AM > 10:30 AM Active Sensing with LIDAR and RADAR RISSO 6 TCI-Sensor Systems

9:00 AM 907 Leveraging Dynamic Objects For Relative Localization Correction In A Connected Autonomous Vehicle Network > Y. Yunshuang YUAN (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 9:15 AM 250 Estimating Tree Canopy Height In Densely Forest-Covered Mountainous Areas Using GEDI Spaceborne Full-Waveform Data > S. Shufan WANG (Tongji University) 9:30 AM 534 ICESatt-2 Laser Altimetry Data-Guided High-Accuracy Positioning Of Satellite Stereo Images > S. Siyuan ZOU (Wuhan University) 9:45 AM 239 Multi-Frequency Polinsar Data Are Advantageous For Land Cover Classification - A Visual And Quantitative Analysis > S. Sylvia SCHMITZ (Fraunhofer Iosb) 10:00 AM 847 CNN Based Vehicle Track Detection In Coherent SAR Imagery: An Analysis Of Data Augmentation > S. Silvia KUNY (Fraunhofer Iosb) 10:15 AM 876 3D mapping of Buried Pipes in Multi-Channel GPR Data > A. Antje THIELE (Fraunhofer Iosb)

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