3D mapping for infrastructure monitoring

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_11 11:00 AM > 12:30 PM 3D mapping for infrastructure monitoring ATHENA TCII-Photogrammetry

11:00 AM 144 Efficient Dike Monitoring Using Terrestrial SFM Photogrammetry > L. Laurent FROIDEVAL (Cnrs) 11:15 AM 249 Mapping Street Obstructions In An Urban Street Environment Using MLS Data > Y. Yuanfan QI (Tongji University) 11:30 AM 127 Analysis Of Sun Glare On Roundabouts With Aerial Laser Scanning Data > J. Jesús BALADO (Universidade De Vigo) 11:45 AM 917 Exploring The Potentials Of UAV Photogrammetric Point Clouds For 3D Reconstruction Of Buildings > K. Kawembe KAREN MWANGANGI (University Of Twente - Itc) 12:00 PM 1004 Combining Unmanned Aerial Systems And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry To Reconstruct The Geometry Of Groins > D. Diogo Filipe GONÇALVES (Institute For Systems Engineering And Computers Coimbra) 12:15 PM 164 Land Movement Detection From UAV Images > P. Pamela Carolina PESÁNTEZ CABRERA (University Of Cuenca)

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