Environment and Health (ICWG III/IVc)

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_12 11:00 AM > 12:30 PM Environment and Health (ICWG III/IVc) RISSO 6 TCIII-Remote Sensing

11:00 AM 506 An Exploratory Study To Examine Abundance Of PM2.5 And Associated Disease Burden In Bangladesh > A. Ashraf DEWAN (Curtin University) 11:15 AM 1083 A Neural Network Regression Model For Estimating Maximum Daily Air Temperature Using Landsat-8 Data > C. Cristina MONTERISI (Polytechnic University Of Bari) 11:30 AM 288 Environmental Impact Assessment Of Pit Latrines Using Remote Sensing And Multi-Criteria Spatial Analysis In Ulaanbaatar (Ger Area), Mongolia > O. Oyunbat PUREVSUREN (Institute Of Geography And Geoecology Mongolia Academy Of Science) 11:45 AM 1135 Spatial consistency regularized weakly-supervised deep learning for burned area mapping with low-resolution labels > Z. Zhang PUZHAO (Kth Royal Institute Of Technology) 12:00 PM 989 Geospatial approach for urban environmental quality assessment > S. Srashti SINGH (Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee) 12:15 PM 926 Development Of A Google Earth Engine Based Application To Monitor The Seasonal Water Spread Area Of River Ganga > R. Ravindra Nath TRIPATHI (Wildlife Institute Of India)

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