Geovisualization and extended reality

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
Technical Commissions, Live
TCIV-Spatial Information Science TC_13 11:00 AM > 12:30 PM Geovisualization and extended reality RISSO 7 TCIV-Spatial Information Science

11:00 AM 870 Projective Multitexturing Of Current 3D City Models And Point Clouds With Many Historical Images > M. Mathieu BRÉDIF (Ign/Ensg - Lastig - Uge) 11:15 AM 979 Improving 3D Pedestrian Detection for Wearable Sensor Data With 2D Human Pose > V. Vinu KAMALASANAN (Leibniz University , Hannover) 11:30 AM 1042 Virtual Element Retrieval In Mixed Reality > M. Marko RADANOVIC (University Of Melbourne) 11:45 AM 1070 Pose Estimation Through Mask-R CNN And VSLAM In Large-Scale Outdoors Augmented Reality > A. Argyro Maria BOUTSI (National Technical University Of Athens) 12:00 PM 1080 Virtual Data Sphere: Inverse Stereographic Projection For Immersive Multi-Perspective Geovisualization > M. Maxim SPUR (Goethe University Frankfurt) 12:15 PM 586 Interaction And Visualization Design Considerations For Gaze-Guided Communication In Collaborative Extended Reality > A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University Of Applied Sciences And Arts Northwestern Switzerland (Fhnw))

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