Cultural Heritage Documentation

Monday, June 6, 2022
Thematic Sessions, Live
TS-Cultural Heritage Documentation TS_1 3:00 PM > 4:30 PM Cultural Heritage Documentation RISSO 7 TS-Cultural Heritage Documentation

3:00 PM 1041 3D Documentation Towards Heritage Conservation: A Rapid Mapping Approach Applied To Bahrain Forts > G. Giulia SAMMARTANO (Politecnico Di Torino) 3:15 PM 692 3D Modelling And Virtual Representation For Cultural Heritage And Storytelling Of Unrealized Project Of Perugia Station > C. Chiara MOMMI (University Of Perugia) 3:30 PM 218 Developing An Educational Cultural Heritage 3D Puzzle In A Virtual Reality Environment > A. Antigoni ROUMANA (National Technical University Of Athens) 3:45 PM 513 Surface Handwriting Enhancement Of Artifacts Based On Manifold Learning And Mixed Pixel Decomposition > S. Shi Han WANG (Beijing University Of Civil Engineering And Architecture) 4:00 PM 528 High-Resolution Digital Survey Of Floors: A New Prototype For Efficient Photogrammetric Acquisition > A. Andrea ADAMI (Politecnico Di Milano) 4:15 PM 795 Detection Of Maya Sacbeob (Sacbes) Using Optical And SAR Imagery In Northern Péten, Mexico > A. Armand LAROCQUE (University Of New Brunswick)

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