Poster Session 1 - 7th June - TCIII-Remote Sensing

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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TCIII-Remote Sensing P_01 4:00 PM > 5:30 PM Poster Session 1 - 7th June - TCIII-Remote Sensing BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE A TCIII-Remote Sensing

332 Transfer Learning In The Classification Of Satellite Images Showing Amazon Rainforest > K. Kinga KARWOWSKA (Military University Of Technology) 338 Assessing Levelling And Dinsar For Deformation Monitoring In Seismic Region > F. Francesco DI STEFANO (Università Politecnica Delle Marche) 358 An Adaptive Superpixels For Vegetation Detection On High Resolution Images Based On Mlp > X. Xiaofang TANG (School Of Geodesy And Geomatics, Wuhan University) 360 Towards Better Coastal Mapping Using Fusion Of High Temporal Sentinel-2 And Planetscope-2 Imageries : 12 Bands At 3m Through Neural Network Modelling > A. Antoine COLLIN (Ephe-Université Psl) 363 A 3D CNN Approach For Change Detection In Hr Satellite Image Time Series Based On A Pretrained 2D CNN > K. Khatereh MESHKINI (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) 364 Mapping Eucalyptus Species Using Worldview 3 And Random Forest > L. Laura ALONSO (University Of Vigo) 377 Satellite-Based Land/Sea Spatial Continuum: An Application To Monitor Saint Louis Coast (Senegal, West Africa) > A. Adélaïde TAVENEAU (Ird Legos) 380 HyperBlend: Simulating Spectral Reflectance And Transmittance Of Leaf Tissue With Blender > K. Kimmo Aukusti RIIHIAHO (University Of Jyväskylä) 382 Urban Classification Based On Top-View Point Cloud And Sar Image Fusion With Swin Transformer > R. Ruihang XUE (University Of Stuttgart) 387 Integration Of Geomatic Techniques For The 3D Representation And Monitoring Of A Veteran Chestnut Tree > M. Mattia BALESTRA (Università Politecnica Delle Marche) 394 Building Earth Observation Data Cubes On Aws > K. Karine R FERREIRA (National Institute For Space Research, Brazil) 396 Multi-Tier Storage Management And Application Of Remote Sensing Image Data > J. Jin LIU (National Geomatics Center Of China) 401 Generation of Remote Sensing Image Sample for Semantic Segmentation > L. Lei CHEN (China Toprs Technology Co. Ltd. , Beijing) 410 Unsupervised Segmentation Of Smallholder Fields In Mozambique Using Planetscope Imagery > M. Michelle PICOLI (Uclouvain) 412 An Optimized Remote Sensing Recognition Approach For Straw Burning In Henan Province, China > L. Lang LI (Tongji University) 413 Active Learning On Large Hyperspectral Datasets: A Preprocessing Method > R. Romain THOREAU (Onera) 424 Seaweeds Detection Using Machine Learning And Remote Sensing: An Application Over The Irish West Coast > F. Filippo TONION (University Of Padua) 430 Multi-Temporal Data Augmentation For High Frequency Satellite Imagery: A Case Study In Sentinel-1 And Sentinel-2 Building And Road Segmentation > C. Christian AYALA (Tracasa Instrumental) 434 Identifying Time Patterns At The Field Scale For Retrieving Superficial Soil Moisture On An Agricultural Area With A Change Detection Method: A Preliminary Analysis > G. Giulia GRALDI (University Of Trento, Italy) 442 Toward A Low-Cost, Multispectral, High Accuracy Mapping System For Vineyard Inspection > A. Adrien GRESSIN (Heig-Vd) 4:00 PM 102 Application Of Pre-Trained Real World Super Resolution Models To Optical Satellite Image > T. Takayuki SHINOHARA (Tokyo Institute Of Technology) 4:00 PM 1039 Detecting And Evaluating Disturbance In Temperate Rainforest In Chile With Sentinel-2: Machine Learning And Forest Parameters > E. Erico KUTCHARTT (University Of Padova) 4:00 PM 1295 Deep View Aggregation In The Wild > D. Damien ROBERT (Ign/Ensg - Lastig - Uge) 4:00 PM 137 Unsupervised Harmonious Image Composition For Disaster Victim Detection > N. Ning ZHANG (University Of Twente) 4:00 PM 145 Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Of Land Cover Classification Data > F. Fujun LUO (National Quality Inspection And Testing Center For Surveying And Mapping Products) 4:00 PM 148 Processing And Publishing The Active Deformation Areas Of All Europe - Concept And First Implementation Steps For A Low-Cost Solution > J. José NAVARRO (Centre Tecnològic De Telecomunicacions De Catalunya) 4:00 PM 150 A Remote Sensing Satellite Lightning Detection System With High Detection Rate And Low Complexity > Y. Yukun GUO (Beijing Institute Of Space Mechanics & Electricity) 4:00 PM 151 Spatial Analysis Of Tree Species Before Forest Fire > A. Ana NOVO (University Of Vigo) 4:00 PM 158 Advances In Optical Polarization Remote Sensing For Marine Observation: A Case Study In Nanchang River Park > Z. Zihan ZHANG (Peking University) 4:00 PM 160 Semantic Segmentation Using A Unet Architecture On Sentinel-2 Data > I. Ioannis KOTARIDIS (Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki) 4:00 PM 165 Sex Discrimination Of Individual Trees Using UAV Imagery > H. Hormoz SOHRABI (Tarbiat Modares University) 4:00 PM 177 Effects Of Urban Greenery On Health. A Study From Remote Sensing > B. Blanca ARELLANO (Universidad Politécnica De Cataluña) 4:00 PM 179 The Monitoring Of Non-Farming And Non-Grain Purposes In Arable Land Of Zhejiang,China With Domestic Satellite Imagery > X. Xingkun WANG (Zhejiang Academy Of Surveying And Mapping) 4:00 PM 180 UKIS-CSMASK: A Python Package For Multi-Sensor Cloud And Cloud Shadow Segmentation > M. Marc WIELAND (German Aerospace Center (Dlr)) 4:00 PM 183 The Potential Carbon Losses Estimation With Remote Sensing-Based Data: Case Study In Nova Vida Ranch, Rondonia, Brazil > L. Linbing LYU (Qics) 4:00 PM 186 Determination Of Chlorophyll Content In Selected Grass Communities Of Krkonoše Mts. Tundra Based On Laboratory Spectroscopy And Aerial Hyperspectral Data > L. Lucie CERVENÁ (Charles University, Faculty Of Science) 4:00 PM 187 Comparison Of Machine Learning Classifiers For Multitemporal And Multisensor Mapping Of Urban Lulc Features > Y. Yashon OUMA (University Of Botswana) 4:00 PM 202 Spatial Downscaling Of SMAP Soil Moisture Using The MODIS And SRTM Observations > J. Jayantrao MOHITE (Tata Consultancy Services) 4:00 PM 210 InSAR Deformation Time Series Classification Using A Convolutional Neural Network > S. S. Mohammad MIRMAZLOUMI (Centre Tecnològic De Telecomunicacions De Catalunya (Cttc/Cerca)) 4:00 PM 211 Preliminary Concerns About Agronomic Interpretation Of NDVI Time Series From Sentinel-2 Data: Phenology And Thermal Efficiency Of Winter Wheat In Piemonte (Nw Italy) > F. Filippo SARVIA (University Of Turin) 4:00 PM 212 Ground Deformation Analysis Using Basic Products Of The Copernicus Ground Motion Service > S. Saeedeh SHAHBAZI (Centre Tecnològic De Telecomunicacions De Catalunya (Cttc/Cerca)) 4:00 PM 238 Integrated Mining Impact Monitoring (Eu-Project I2Mon) For Open-Pit And Underground Mines > C-H. Chia-Hsiang YANG (Eftas Fernerkundung Technologietransfer Gmbh) 4:00 PM 241 Classification Of Selected Land Cover Corine Classes Using Sentinel-2 Data > L. Lucie STARÁ (Czech Technical University In Prague) 4:00 PM 246 Fire Severity Assessment Of An Alpine Forest Fire With Sentinel-2 Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University Of New Brunswick) 4:00 PM 247 Eelgrass Bed Distribution Mapping With UAV Multispectral Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University Of New Brunswick) 4:00 PM 248 Surface Subsidence Monitoring In Ganzhou Area Based On SBAS-InSAR > X. Xinyi LI (Guilin University Of Technology) 4:00 PM 256 Intra-Field Crop Yield Variability By Assimilating Cubesat Lai In The Apsim Crop Model > M. Matteo ZILIANI (Kaust) 4:00 PM 260 Dynamic Monitoring Of Ecological Environment Quality In Gansu Province Supported By Google Earth Engine > W. Wenqi JIN (Tongji University) 4:00 PM 261 Characteristics Of Human Activity In China’s Coastal Zone Based On Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Data > Y. Yin GAO (National Geomatics Center Of China) 4:00 PM 275 A Comparative Assessment Of Land Use-Land Cover Dynamics Between Bangladesh And Indian Sundarbans From 1975-2020: A Geospatial And Statistical-Based Approach > A. Akbar Hossain KANAN (University Of Padova) 4:00 PM 280 Automatic Identification Method Of Construction And Demolition Waste Based On Deep Learning And Gaofen-2 Data > K. Kun YANG (Beijing University Of Civil Engineering And Architecture) 4:00 PM 283 Improvement Of The Techniques For The Computation Of Evapotranspiration Maps > L. Lorenzo STUCCHI (Politecnico Di Milano) 4:00 PM 291 GIS Study On The Green Spaces Of The City Of Brașov, Romania > T. Teodora BALINT (Esri) 4:00 PM 292 Performance Evaluation Of Fusion Techniques For Cross-Domain Building Rooftop Segmentation > H. Haolin LI (German Aerospace Center (Dlr)) 4:00 PM 295 Multispectral Aerial Images To Support Biotope Information Systems For Midge Infestation And And Bark Beetle Monitoring > L. Lena KEMPER (Ggs Gmbh) 4:00 PM 307 Predicting Vegetation Attributes With Neural Networks And Sentinel-1 And 2 > J. Javier MURO (Center For Remote Sensing Of Land Surfaces, University Of Bonn) 4:00 PM 308 Retrieval Of Leaf Area Index And Leaf Chlorophyll Content From Hyperspectral Data Using Deep Learning Networks > B. Baoxin HU (York University) 4:00 PM 312 Infrastructure Monitoring Using the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Technique > Q. Qi GAO (Cttc) 4:00 PM 318 Assessment Of Canopy And Ground Height Accuracy From GEDI LiDAR Over Steep Mountain Areas > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University Of Padova) 4:00 PM 328 Study On The Spatial-Temporal Evolution Of Subsidence In The Beibu Gulf Region By Time-Series InSAR > L. Lv ZHOU (桂林理工大学) 4:00 PM 369 Deformation Extraction And Analysis Of Coseismic Deformation Field Based On D-InSAR Technology > A. Anping SHI (Guilin University Of Technology) 4:00 PM 448 Fusing Multiple Untrained Networks For Hyperspectral Change Detection > S. Sudipan SAHA (Technical University Of Munich) 4:00 PM 465 Forest Plantation Detection Through Deep Semantic Segmentation > F. Fernanda Beatriz JORDAN ROJAS DALLAQUA (Visiona Tecnologia Espacial S.A.) 4:00 PM 474 Research On The Method Of Using Multi-Source Data To Evaluate The Quality Of Geographicial Names > Y. Yongmin XU (National Quality Inspection And Testing Center For Surveying And Mapping Products) 4:00 PM 481 Tropospheric NO2 From Sentinel-5P: Cross-Validation And Comparison With Ground Measurements > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University Of Padova) 4:00 PM 483 Spatiotemporal Recovery Of Himawari-8 Hourly Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Products Via The Nested Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method > X. Xinghui XIA (Wuhan University) 4:00 PM 493 Windmills Detection Using Deep Learning On Sentinel Satellite Images > T. Thierry LAURENCOT (Thales) 4:00 PM 499 Using Open Data Cube On The Cloud To Investigate Food Security By Means Of Cropland Changes In Djibouti > V. Vasit SAGAN (Saint Louis University) 4:00 PM 502 Shallow Waters Depth Estimation Using Empirical Satellite Derived Bathymetry And Sentinel-2 Data, Case Study: East Coastal Waters Of Java Island > T. Torana Arya GASICA (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) 4:00 PM 520 Estimation Of Landcover Types Over Himalayan Region With The Classification Of Optical And Microwave-Based Image Fusion Dataset > R. Reet Kamal TIWARI (Chitkara University) 4:00 PM 526 EFFECTS OF GF-6 SATELLITE RED-EDGE BANDS ON PEANUT DROUGHT MONITORING > Y. Yan ZHANG (University Of Turin) 4:00 PM 535 Using Long Short-Term Memory Model For Cloud Forest Vegetation Growth Status Prediction - A Case Study In Shei-Pa National Park > G. Geng Gui WANG (National Chung Hsing University) 4:00 PM 543 Research On Quality Status Quo And Quality Evaluation Theory Of Natural Resources Remote Sensing Data And Common Products > S. Su YIN (National Quality Inspection And Testing Center For Surveying And Mapping Products) 4:00 PM 628 Key Research And Application Of The Real-Time Service Of Massive Remote Sensing Image Data. > X. Xinyan ZHENG (National Geomatics Center Of China) 4:00 PM 629 Location Discovery Of Vector Data Update Driven By Map Image Tiles Data For National Geo-Information Service Platform > Z. Zhen WANG (National Geomatics Center Of China) 4:00 PM 711 Analysis Of Overestimation In Historical Ice Flow Velocity Maps In Western Pacific Ocean Sector, Antarctica > S. Shaocang GE (Tongji University) 4:00 PM 723 Ice Flow Velocity Mapping In Greenland Using Historical Images From 1960s To 1980s: Scheme Design > Z. Zeran YU (Tongji University) 4:00 PM 742 Technology On High-Accuracy Dem Extraction From Airborne Interferometric SAR > Q. Qi KANG (China University Of Mining And Technology) 4:00 PM 833 Break Out Of Iceberg A-76 And Recent Dynamic Changes Of Its Enclosure Rifts In Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica > A. Aiguo ZHAO (Tongji University) 4:00 PM 840 How Challenging Is The Discrimination Of Floating Materials On The Sea Surface Using High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Data? > P. Paraskevi MIKELI (National Technical University Of Athens) 4:00 PM 879 Photon-Counting Laser Altimeter Data Filtering Based On Hierarchical Adaptive Filter For Forest Scenario > X. Xinlian LIANG (Wuhan University) 4:00 PM P01_214 DROACOR-Thermal: Automated Temperature / Emissivity Retrieval For Drone Based Hyperspectral Imaging Data > D. Daniel SCHLÄPFER (Rese Applications Llc) 4:00 PM P01_406 A CNN-Based Change Detection Method For Squatter Structure Recognition From Aerial Images And DSM > M. Min ZHANG (He Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 4:00 PM P01_509 Improving The Binary Classification Of Peat Localities From Multi-Source Remotely-Sensed Data Using CNN > R. Rory Clifford PITTMAN (York University) 4:00 PM P01_532 Parameters To Estimate Co2 Emission In Peatland Area Based On Carbon Content And Subsidence Rate From SAR Interferometry > M. Michele CROSETTO (Centre Tecnologic De Telecomunicacions De Catalunya)

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