Poster Session 2 - 7th June - TCII-Photogrammetry

Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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TCII-Photogrammetry P_02 4:00 PM > 5:30 PM Poster Session 2 - 7th June - TCII-Photogrammetry BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE B TCII-Photogrammetry

4:00 PM 1014 Calibration Of Photogrammetric System For 3D Measurements In Inaccessible Multimedia Working Space > V. Vladimir A. KNYAZ (St Res Inst Of Aviation Systems) 4:00 PM 108 Application Of Stereo Cameras With Wide-Angle Lenses For The Indoor Mapping > D. Damian WIERZBICKI (Military University Of Technology) 4:00 PM 126 Accuracy Analysis Of Estimated Camera Orientation Parameters Of Historical Images - Case Study Of Georg-Schumann-Bau In Dresden (Germany) > F. Ferdinand MAIWALD (Tu Dresden) 4:00 PM 1318 Multi-Layer Modeling of Dense Vegetation from Aerial LiDAR Scans > E. Ekaterina KALINICHEVA (Ign/Ensg - Lastig - Uge) 4:00 PM 1319 Feature matching for multi-epoch historical aerial images > L. Lulin ZHANG (Lastig, Ign-Univ. Gustave Eiffel) 4:00 PM 135 Multi-Modal Semantic Mesh Segmentation In Urban Scenes > D. Dominik LAUPHEIMER (University Of Stuttgart) 4:00 PM 147 Comparison Of Single-Image Urban Height Reconstruction From Optical And SAR Data > M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich) 4:00 PM 234 Epipolar Line-Based Lateral Vibration Measurement By Using Two Cameras > A. Aisha JAVED (Seoul National University Of Science And Technology) 4:00 PM 262 Research On The Application Method Of Historical Building Protection Under The Integration Of Various Technologies > X. Xufeng YANG (Qics) 4:00 PM 284 Remote Survey Of Traditional Dwellings Using Advanced Photogrammetry From Archival Data: The Case Of Lisbon > F. Francesca CONDORELLI (University Of Padua) 4:00 PM 309 Storm Drain Detection And Localisation On Mobile LiDAR Data Using A Pre-Trained Randla-Net Semantic Segmentation Network > L. Lukas MATTHEUWSEN (Ku Leuven) 4:00 PM 362 Image-Based Determination Of Rheological Properties Of Bingham Fluids > A. Anne PONICK (Leibniz University Hannover) 4:00 PM 386 Evaluation Of UAV-Borne Photogrammetry And Laser Scanning For 3D Topographic Change Analysis At An Active Rock Glacier > V. Vivien ZAHS (Heidelberg University) 4:00 PM 389 Integration Of Kalman Filtering Of Near-Continuous Surface Change Time Series Into The Extraction Of 4d Objects-By-Change > K. Katharina ANDERS (Heidelberg University) 4:00 PM 391 Comparison Of Photogrammetry Tools Considering Rebar Progress Recognition > A. Abdul Hannan QURESHI (Universiti Teknologi Petronas) 4:00 PM 409 Accuracy Investigations Of Hand-Held Scanning Systems Using Different Dumbbell Artefacts > P. Paul KALINOWSKI (Jade University Of Applied Sciences) 4:00 PM 419 Resampling Methods For A Reliable Validation Set In Deep Learning Based Point Cloud Classification > A. Abdul Awal Md NURUNNABI (University Of Luxembourg) 4:00 PM 432 Automation Of As-Built BIM Creation From Point Cloud: An Overview Of Research Works Focused On Indoor Environnement > C. Camille GOURGUECHON (Insa Strasbourg) 4:00 PM 436 Vectorization Of Urban Mls Point Clouds: A Sequential Approach Using Cross Sections > É. Étienne BARÇON (Tt-Geometres-Experts) 4:00 PM 439 Deep Learning-Based Tracking Of Multiple Objects In The Context Of Farm Animal Ethology > R. Rasho ALI (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 4:00 PM 443 Automating The Underground Cadastral Survey: A Processing Chain Proposal > A. Antoine CARREAUD (Heig-Vd) 4:00 PM 452 Contribution Of Super Resolution To 3D Reconstruction From Pairs Of Satellite Image > N. Nicola IMPERATORE (Cs Group) 4:00 PM 454 Initial study assessing the suitability of drones with low-cost GNSS and IMU for mapping over featureless terrain using direct georeferencing > B. Bernard ESSEL (Maynooth University) 4:00 PM 459 Automatic Algorithm For Georeferencing Historical-To-Nowadays Aerial Images Acquired In Natural Environments > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (Ign/Ensg - Lastig - Uge) 4:00 PM 469 Bulldozer: An Automatic Self-Driven Large Scale DTM Extraction Method From Digital Surface Model > D. Dimitri LALLEMENT (Cnes) 4:00 PM 521 Dense Reconstruction For Tunnels Based On The Integration Of Double-Line Parallel Photography And Deep Learning > M. Meiru JING (Nanjing University Of Posts And Telecommunications) 4:00 PM 564 Automatic Texture Mapping Method For 3D Models To Circumvent Occlusion Through 3D Spatial Through-View Relationships Between Images, Models, And Voxels > H. Hao LIU (Shenzhen University) 4:00 PM 565 Multimode Satellite Image Hybrid Block-Adjustment And Its Application In Large Area Orthophoto Image Processing > H. Hongwei ZHANG (National Geomatics Center Of China) 4:00 PM 607 3D Digitization Of Transparent And Glass Surfaces: State Of The Art And Analysis Of Some Methods > A. Ali KARAMI (University Of Trento) 4:00 PM 682 Evaluation of the Quality of Real-time Mapping With Crane Cameras and Visual Slam Algorithms > L. Lena JOACHIM (University Of Stuttgart) 4:00 PM 722 An Efficient Solution To Ray Tracing Problems For Hemispherical Refractive Interfaces > R. Robin ROFALLSKI (Jade University Of Applied Sciences) 4:00 PM 737 The Stability Of A Permanent Terrestrial Laser Scanning System – A Case Study With Hourly Scans > A. Annelies VOORDENDAG (University Of Innsbruck) 4:00 PM 753 Modelling Colour Absorption Of Underwater Images Using SFM-MVS Generated Depth Maps > M. Marinos VLACHOS (Cyprus University Of Technology) 4:00 PM 769 Novel Single Tree Detection By Transformers Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery > S. Sebastian DERSCH (Hochschule München) 4:00 PM 859 Building Segmentation Based On Stereo Information From Satellite Images > M. Mathis ROUX (Cs Group) 4:00 PM 874 A Combined Approach For Long-Term Monitoring Of Benthos In Antarctica With Underwater Photogrammetry And Image Understanding > F. Fabio MENNA (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) 4:00 PM 888 Probabilistic Vegetation Transitions In Dunes By Combining Spectral And LiDAR Data > R. Roderik LINDENBERGH (Delft University Of Technology) 4:00 PM 912 Integration Of Photogrammetry And Portable Mobile Mapping Technology For 3D Modeling Of Cultural Heritage Sites: The Case Study Of The Bziza Temple > E. Eleonora MASET (University Of Udine) 4:00 PM 919 "Healing Cracks” On Fossil Teeth: Improvement Of Odontological Study Methods In Palaeontological Research > A. Armen V. GABOUTCHIAN (St Res Inst Of Aviation Systems) 4:00 PM 925 A Comparison Between UWB And Laser-Based Pedestrian Tracking > A. Antonio VETTORE (University Of Padua) 4:00 PM P02_147 Comparison Of Single-Image Urban Height Reconstruction From Optical And SAR Data > M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich) 4:00 PM P02_435 Globally Optimal Point Cloud Registration For Robust Mobile Mapping > D. David SKUDDIS (University Of Stuttgart) 4:00 PM P02_761 A Point-Based Level-Set Approach For The Extraction Of 3D Entities From Point Clouds -- Application In Geomorphological Context > R. Reuma ARAV (Tu Wien)

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