Plenary 1 - Opening Ceremony

Monday, June 6, 2022
Opening , Live
OP1 5:00 PM > 7:30 PM Plenary 1 - Opening Ceremony APOLLON

5:30 PM OP1_1 Welcome from the ISPRS Congress Director > N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((Ign-Ensg, University Gustave Eiffel, Isprs Congress Director) 5:35 PM OP1_2 Welcome from the ISPRS President > C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, Isprs President) 5:40 PM OP1_3 Welcome message from SFPT, the French ordinary member > A. Aurélie SAND (Cnes, Toulouse) 5:45 PM OP1_4 Welcome message from IGN, the French mapping and forest inventory agency > M. Magali STOLL (Ign, Saint Mandé) 5:50 PM OP1_5 Welcome message from CNES, the French space agency > C. Caroline LAURENT (Cnes, Toulouse) 6:00 PM OP1_6 Pléiades Neo, the most advanced optical constellation for sophisticated applications > F. François LOMBARD (Airbus - Toulouse) 6:30 PM OP1_7 Honorary Membership > C. Chen JUN (National Geomatics Center Of China - Beijing) 6:35 PM OP1_8 The Brock Gold Medal > L. Li DEREN 6:45 PM OP1_10 Exploring Human Heritage > Y. Yves UBELMANN (Iconem - Paris)

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