Journée de Recherche en Allergologie (ART)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
ART 9:15 AM > 6:00 PM Journée de Recherche en Allergologie (ART) Salle 352B

> Introduction
> Opening Conference - Chair : Jocelyne Just & Marc Daëron
> Allergology Tomorrow - Chair : Allan Mowat & Valérie Verhasselt
> Selected shorts communications - Chair : Anne Tsicopoulos & Marc Daëron
> Progress in Allergology - Chair : Adnan Custovic & Anne Tsicopoulos
> Closing Conference - Chair : Jean-Luc Fauquert & Valérie Verhasselt

9:15 AM INT172 Introduction > J. Jocelyne JUST (Paris) 9:30 AM INT184 Opening Conference - Local imprinting of myeloid cells in regulation of intestinal immune responses > A. Allan MOWAT (Glasgow) 10:15 AM INT173 Allergology Tomorrow - Intestinal epithelial tuft cells initiate type 2 mucosal immunity to helminth parasites > F. François GERBE (Montpellier) 10:45 AM INT174 Allergology Tomorrow - Protein kinase CƟ controls type 2 innate lymphoid cell and Th2 responses to house dust mite allergen > F. Fahima MADOURI (Lille) 11:45 AM INT175 Allergology Tomorrow - Identification and characterization of a subset of ILC2s expressing CCR10 linked to asthma severity > C. Chloé BEURAUD (Antony) 12:15 PM INT176 Allergology Tomorrow - Impact of NLRP3 on Th2 differentiation and asthma development > M. Mélanie BRUCHART (Dijon) 12:45 PM INT177 Selected shorts communications
Content : > Julie DECKERS - Epicutaneous sensitization to house dust mite allergen via intact skin depends on IRF4-dependent dermal dendritic cells
> Pierre MARSCHALL - Differential requirement of Langerin+ dendritic cells in Th2 and Tfh responses in mouse atopic dermatitis
> Magali SAVIGNAC - Cavβ and α2-δ auxiliary subunits are required for proper calcium signaling in Th2 lymphocytes and their targeting is beneficial in experimental asthma
> Pia GAMRADT - Contribution of resident memory T cells to the chronicity of allergic contact dermatitis
> Céline SALLON - Role of DNA methylation in bronchial epithelium remodeling in severe asthma
2:30 PM INT178 Progress in Allergology - Group 2 Innate Lymphoid cells are critical regulators of adaptive type-2 immunity > T. Tim HALIM (Cambridge) 3:00 PM INT179 Progress in Allergology - Mast cell degranulation, a multi-facetted process > E. Eric ESPINOSA (Toulouse) 3:30 PM INT180 Progress in Allergology - Role of bacterial-derived biogenic amines in mucosal immune responses > L. Liam O'MAHONY (Davos) 4:30 PM INT181 Progress in Allergology - Environment and asthma : novel epidemiological evidences > V. Valérie SIROUX (Grenoble) 5:00 PM INT182 Closing Conference - Environmental exposures, genetic predisposition and trajectories of asthma and allergies through life course > A. Adnan CUSTOVIC (Londres) 5:45 PM INT183 Conclusion > J-L. Jean-Luc FAUQUERT (Clermont-Ferrand)

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