Myologie Translationnelle

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
26-AM-Plenary 9:00 AM > 10:30 AM Myologie Translationnelle Amphi A

9:00 AM S02-01 Molecular mechanisms regulating muscle satellite cell function > F. Frédéric RELAIX
Objectives : My lab has a long-standing interest in understanding the regulatory networks of developmental and adult myogenesis, with a specific focus on muscle stem cells (termed satellite cells). Through large-scale screens we have identified the transcriptional and epigenetic shift that is manifested at the quiescence-to-activation switch. We are following up on several factors and pathways that regulate quiescence, activation, differentiation, self-renewal, and the epigenetic landscape of satellite cells. Furthermore, we are investigating the adaptive response of satellite cells to environmental stress. Finally, we have developed a novel protocol that permits the isolation of truly quiescent satellite cells, avoiding the artefacts introduced by current isolation protocols. Using this protocol we are launching a series of high throughput and single cells experiments to uncover the major players of the quiescence and activation networks. Elucidating the networks that command satellite cell quiescence and activation is a major challenge and a requirement to comprehend the remarkable regenerative capacity that muscle displays.
9:30 AM S02-02 Approaches to delay the progression of Muscular Dystrophy > G. Graziella MESSINA 10:00 AM S02-03 Expression and functional analyses of Dlk1 in muscle stem cells and mesenchymal progenitors during regeneration > S-I. So-Ichiro FUKADA

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