Muscle et Système Nerveux Central

Tuesday, March 26, 2019
26-PM-Parallel-2 4:30 PM > 6:00 PM Muscle et Système Nerveux Central Amphi B

4:30 PM S08-01 Genotype-phenotype relationships underlying visual, cognitive and neuropsychiatric disorders in Duchenne muscular dystrophy > F. Francesco MUNTONI 5:00 PM S08-02 Neurobehavioral dysfunctions and therapeutic approaches in DMD mouse models lacking brain dystrophins > C. Cyrille VAILLEND 5:30 PM S08-03 Electroretinographic anomalies as biomarkers of CNS dysfunction and for evaluation of gene therapy efficacy: Insights from the preclinical study of Dp71-null mice > J. Jan KREMERS 5:45 PM S08-04 Defective visual information processing in Duchenne muscular dystrophy > D. Dora Fix VENTURA

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