Dystrophies Myotoniques

Wednesday, March 27, 2019
27-AM-Parallel-2 11:00 AM > 12:30 PM Dystrophies Myotoniques Amphi B

11:00 AM S11-01 Myotonic dystrophies: current core clinical phenotypes > G. Giovanni MEOLA
Objectives : 1 Describe the current core clinical phenotypes in DM1 and DM2
2 Overview the muscular and extra muscular symptoms in myotonic dystrophies (DMs)
3 Describe for both subtypes the overlapping and differences in myotonic dystrophies
11:30 AM S11-02 RNA-based approaches to reverse repeat expansion toxicity in Myotonic Dystrophy > D. Denis FURLING 12:00 PM S11-03 3D reconstruction of DM1 patients’ myoblasts: studying the relationship between CTG repeats, RNA foci and MBNL1 in single cells > A. Alfonsina BALLESTER-LOPEZ

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