Glycosylation / Sialisation

Thursday, March 28, 2019
28-AM-Parallel-2 11:00 AM > 12:30 PM Glycosylation / Sialisation Amphi B

11:00 AM S17-01 Glycosylation and sialylation in congenital muscular diseases: the glycobiologist’s point of view > A. Arnaud BRUNEEL
Objectives : Dresser un "état des lieux" non-exhaustif des liens entre les anomalies de la glycosylation/sialylation et les maladies musculaires congénitales.
11:30 AM S17-02 Molecular mechanisms involved in MDC1A / LAMA2 MD and development of possible treatment options > M. Markus RUEGG 12:00 PM S17-03 Genotype-phenotype correlation in GNE myopathy > O. Oksana POGORYELOVA

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