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Sunday, October 8, 2017
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G 106-107
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MTC 01 Global focus on HPV infection to diseases: The rising knowledge by sites and gender
W 2 Workshop on HPV immunization: global progress, local challenges
W 1 Colposcopy training course
HN 01 Natural history and molecular biology test
Area A Posters
Area B Posters
LW Preventie en behandeling van anogenitale tumoren
LW 01 Pathogenese en immunologie
MTC 02 Cervical cancer control in high income countries- currrent standards and challenges
HN 02 Epidemiology of HPV driven HNSCC
LW 02 Huidige situatie en ontwikkelingen m.b.t. prophylactische vaccinatie
SY-INCELL Satellite symposium INCELL
HN 03 Free communications on HPV and Head & Neck cancer 1
LW 03 Huidige situatie en ontwikkelingen m.b.t. secundaire preventie baarmoederhalskanker
MTC 03 Cervical cancer control in low and middle resource countries- experiences and perspectives
W 3 TC for CC Screening Coordinators and Evaluators
W 4 Vulvar Pain Syndrome (Vulvodynia)
HN 04 Evidence and controversies on impact of HPV infection on OPC
MTC 04 New horizons in translational research
HN 05 Management and decision making in HPV driven OPC
LW 04 Andere HPV-geassocieerde tumoren
FC 01 Cervical cancer screening in Europe: an update- Screening methods 1
FC 02 Cervical cancer screening in low resource settings: new challenges
FC 03 Genital neoplasia
HN 06 Free communications on HPV and Head & Neck cancer 2
FC 04 HPV negative cancers

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