Monday, 06 June 2022
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_1 13:00 > 14:30 Disaster Assessment, Monitoring and Management (ICWG III/IVa-2) ATHENA
  • Chair : O. Orhan ALTAN (Istanbul Technical University), J. Joseph TANZI (Telecom Paris)
13:00 414 Options For Adaptation Of Urbanized Areas To Climate Change Induced Extreme Rainfalls > T. Tomáš METELKA (Aquaprocon s.r.o.) 13:15 728 Coastal Change Detection Along The Fire Island, Us Under The Impact Of Hurricane Sandy Based On LiDAR Data > Y. Yining ZHOU (Insitute of Geophysical and Geochemical Explorations, CAGS) 13:30 345 Empowering Geo-Based AI Algorithm To Aid Coastal Flood Risk Analysis: A Review And Framework Development > T. Tri ATMAJA (The University of Tokyo) 13:45 617 Large-scale Mapping Of Flood Using Sentinel-1 Radar Remote Sensing > M. Mahmud HAGHIGHI (Leibniz University Hannover) 14:00 152 Improving Reliability In Global Flood Mapping By Generating A Seasonal Reference Water Mask Using Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Data > S. Sandro MARTINIS (DLR) 14:15 1079 Typhoon damage mapping using normalized difference spatial autocorrelation and planetscope image > A. Ariel Conferido BLANCO (University of the Philippines)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_2 13:00 > 14:30 Image Orientation, Point Cloud Generation/Processing RISSO 6
  • Chair : T. Thomas LUHMANN (Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg), F. Francesco FASSI (Politecnico di Milano)
13:00 266 MoTIF:Multi-Orientation Tensor Index Feature Descriptor For SAR-Optical Image Registration > Y. Yongxiang YAO (Wuhan University) 13:15 435 Globally Optimal Point Cloud Registration For Robust Mobile Mapping > D. David SKUDDIS (University of Stuttgart) 13:30 1065 Investigating Spherical Epipolar Rectification For Multi-View Stereo 3D Reconstruction > M. Mostafa ELHASHASH (The Ohio State University) 13:45 125 A Supervoxel-Based Random Forest Method For Robust And Effective Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Classification > S. Shengjun TANG (Shenzhen University) 14:00 271 A Building Change Detection Method Based On A Single Als Point Cloud And A Hrs Image > Y. Yunsheng ZHANG (Central South University) 14:15 699 Multiresolution Patch-Based Dense Reconstruction Integrating Multiview Images And Laser Point Cloud > R. Rongchun ZHANG (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
TS-Deep Learning For Satellite Image Time Series Analysis TS_2 13:00 > 14:30 Deep Learning For Satellite Image Time Series Analysis RISSO 7
  • Chair : Z. Zhou ZHANG (University of Wisconsin-Madison), C. Charlotte PELLETIER (Univ. Bretagne Sud)
13:00 1134 Temporal Attention For SITS > L. Loic LANDRIEU (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 13:15 857 Multisenge : A Multimodal And Multitemporal Benchmark Dataset For Land Use/Land Cover Remote Sensing Applications > R. Romain WENGER (CNRS LIVE UMR 7362) 13:25 583 Extracting Relevance From SAR Temporal Profiles On A Glacier And An Alpine Watershed By A Deep Autoencoder > E. Elise COLIN KOENIGUER (Onera) 13:40 700 Crop Classification Under Varying Cloud Cover With Neural Ordinary Differential Equations > M. Mehmet Ozgur TURKOGLU (ETH Zurich) 13:55 615 Comparison Of Convolutional Neural Networks For Cloudy Optical Images Reconstruction From Single Or Multitemporal Joint SAR And Optical Images > R. Rémi CRESSON (inrae) 14:05 905 Evaluation Of Early Season Mapping Of Integrated Crop Livestock Systems Using Sentinel 2 Data > A. Ana Paola Salas Gomes Duarte Di TORO (University of Campinas) 14:20 1153 Benchmarking Of Convolutional Neural Network Approaches For Vegetation Land Cover Mapping > A. Antoine MASSE (CLS) 14:23 1064 Self-Supervised Learning - A Way To Minimize Time And Effort For Precision Agriculture? > M. Michael Lukas MARSZALEK (European Space Agency) 14:26 837 A Deep Learning Approach For Crop Type Mapping Based On Combined Time Series Of Satellite And Weather Data > N. Nicoletta ADDIMANDO (Sinergise)
Editions 2020/2021 TC_3 13:00 > 14:30 Editions 2020/2021_3 RISSO 8
13:00 1163 Accuracy Investigation on Image-based Change Detection for BIM compliant Indoor Models > T. Theresa MEYER (Technical University of Munich) 13:15 1199 Camera Calibration Model And Methods For Corridor Mapping With UAVs > E. Emmanuel CLEDAT (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 13:30 1221 Digital Photogrammetry, TLS Survey And 3D Modelling For VR And AR Applications In CH > M. Marcello LA GUARDIA (University of Palermo) 13:45 1227 CO3D Mission Digital Surface Model Production Pipeline > O. Olivier MELET (CNES) 14:00 1228 A Worldwide 3D GCP Database Inherited From 20 Years Of Massive Multi-satellite Observations > L. Laure CHANDELIER (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 14:15 1248 Generic Linear Array Scanner Modeling of Spectral Imaging Systems Containing Limited Metadata > H. Henry THEISS (Centari)
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_4 15:00 > 16:30 Remote Sensing Data Quality(ICWG III/IVb-2) ATHENA
  • Chair : H. Hussein M. ABDULMUTTALIB (Dubai Municipality), T. Thomas BLASCHKE (University of Salzburg)
15:00 560 Analysis Of Quality Review Of Land Cover Classification Product In Geographic National Conditions Monitoring > C. Chang LI (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 15:15 138 On The Quality Inspection Software System Of Surveying And Mapping Geographic Information Achievements Under Multi-Dimension Synergy > L. Libo ZHANG (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 15:30 1105 Quality Inspection Of Surface Deformation Monitoring Results Based On PS-InSAR Technology > W. Wenjuan MAO (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 15:45 477 Research On Quality Testing And Evaluation Technology Of Fundamental Geographic Information Database System > H. He ZHANG (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products,Beijing,China) 16:00 1097 Improving Local Adaptive Filtering Method Employed In Radiometric Correction Of Analogue Airborne Campaigns > L. Lâmân LELÉGARD (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:15 822 Comparison Of Satellite Image Denoising Techniques In Spatial And Frequency Domains > S. Sena OGUZHANOGLU (Istanbul Technical University)
TS-Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation TS_15 15:00 > 16:30 Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation RISSO 6
  • Chair : C. Charles TOTH (The Ohio State University, ISPRS 2nd Vice-President)
15:00 1300 Advancing Technologies: Closing The Gap Between Navigation And Mapping > C. Charles TOTH (The Ohio State University, ISPRS 2nd Vice-President) 15:15 1301 Applications And Approaches To High Performance Positioning And Navigation > G. Guenther RETSCHER (TU Wien, Austria) 15:30 1078 Analysis Analysis Of The Performance Of An Uwb-Based Cooperative Positioning For Different Car Platoon Configurations > A. Andrea MASIERO (University of Padua) 15:45 1302 Navigating MMT Systems Indoors And Outdoors > V. Vassilis GIKAS (National Technical University of Athens) 16:00 640 A Global Real-Time Kinematic Precise Positioning System For Mass Market Applications > Y. Yang GAO (UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY) 16:15 130 Generation Of Reference Vehicle Trajectories In Real-World Situations Using Aerial Imagery From A Helicopter > F. Franz KURZ (German Aerospace Center)
TS-Cultural Heritage Documentation TS_1 15:00 > 16:30 Cultural Heritage Documentation RISSO 7
  • Chair : F. Fulvio RINAUDO (DAD - POLITECNICO DI TORINO), M. Michael YOUNAN (GSE, Good Shepherd Engineering)
15:00 1041 3D Documentation Towards Heritage Conservation: A Rapid Mapping Approach Applied To Bahrain Forts > G. Giulia SAMMARTANO (Politecnico di Torino) 15:15 692 3D Modelling And Virtual Representation For Cultural Heritage And Storytelling Of Unrealized Project Of Perugia Station > C. Chiara MOMMI (University of Perugia) 15:30 218 Developing An Educational Cultural Heritage 3D Puzzle In A Virtual Reality Environment > A. Antigoni ROUMANA (National Technical University of Athens) 15:45 513 Surface Handwriting Enhancement Of Artifacts Based On Manifold Learning And Mixed Pixel Decomposition > S. Shi Han WANG (Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture) 16:00 528 High-Resolution Digital Survey Of Floors: A New Prototype For Efficient Photogrammetric Acquisition > A. Andrea ADAMI (Politecnico di Milano) 16:15 795 Detection Of Maya Sacbeob (Sacbes) Using Optical And SAR Imagery In Northern Péten, Mexico > A. Armand LAROCQUE (University of New Brunswick)
Editions 2020/2021 TC_5 15:00 > 16:30 Editions 2020/2021_5 RISSO 8
  • Chair : L. Loic LANDRIEU (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE)
15:00 1170 Maximum Entropy Modeling Using Citizen Science: Use Case on Jacobin Cuckoo as an Indicator of Indian Monsoon > P. Priyanka SINGH (Symbiosis International University) 15:15 1181 Jungle-Net: Using Explainable Machine Learning to Gain New Insights Into the Appearance of Wilderness in Satellite Imagery > T. Timo Tjaden STOMBERG (University of Bonn) 15:30 1215 Maize Yield Estimation in Kenya Using MODIS > K. Kenduiywo BENSON KIPKEMBOI (Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development) 15:45 1219 Estimation of Canopy Height and Biomass of Miscanthus Sinensis in Semi-natural Grassland Using Time-series UAV Data > M. Miura NAOKO (The University of Tokyo) 16:00 1222 Can Spot-6/7 CNN Semantic Segmentation Improve Sentinel-2 Based Land Cover Products? Sensor Assessment and Fusion > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:15 1263 The Impact of Forest Fire on Forest Cover Types in Mongolia > L. Lkhamjav OCHIRKHUYAG (Mongolian Geospatial Association)
OP1 17:00 > 19:30 Plenary 1 - Opening Ceremony APOLLON
  • Chair : N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director)
17:30 OP1_1 Welcome from the ISPRS Congress Director > N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director) 17:35 OP1_2 Welcome from the ISPRS President > C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President) 17:40 OP1_3 Welcome message from SFPT, the French ordinary member > A. Aurélie SAND (CNES, Toulouse) 17:45 OP1_4 Welcome message from IGN, the French mapping and forest inventory agency > M. Magali STOLL (IGN, Saint Mandé) 17:50 OP1_5 Welcome message from CNES, the French space agency > C. Caroline LAURENT (CNES, Toulouse) 18:00 OP1_6 Pléiades Neo, the most advanced optical constellation for sophisticated applications > F. François LOMBARD (AIRBUS - Toulouse) 18:30 OP1_7 Honorary Membership 18:35 OP1_8 The Brock Gold Medal 18:45 OP1_10 Exploring Human Heritage > Y. Yves UBELMANN (ICONEM - Paris)
Tuesday, 07 June 2022
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_6 09:00 > 10:30 Thematic Information Extraction from RS images(WG III/1-1) APOLLON
  • Chair : M. Maria Teresa MELIS (University of Cagliari), B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick)
09:00 1062 Cloud Detection By Inter-Band Parallax And A-Contrario Validation > C. Charles HESSEL (ENS Paris-Saclay) 09:15 734 How Far Should I Look? A Neural Architecture Search Strategy For Semantic Segmentation Of Remote Sensing Image > M. Mauricio Carvalho Mathias DE PAULO (Military Institute of Engineering) 09:30 213 Accuracy Assessment Of Cloud Mask Detection Algorithms For CBERS-4 WFI Imagery > L. Lucas Volochen OLDONI (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais) 09:45 896 Weakly Supervised Learning For Treeline Ecotone Classification Based On Aerial Orthoimages And An Ancillary DSM > J. Jakub DVORÁK (Faculty of Science, Charles University) 10:00 601 Enhanced Super Resolution For Remote Sensing Imageries > J. Jeewantinie KAPILARATNE (Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.) 10:15 1090 Improving CNN-Based Building Semantic Segmentation Using Object Boundaries > E. Evangelos BOUSIAS ALEXAKIS (York University)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_7 09:00 > 10:30 Point cloud processing_7 ATHENA
  • Chair : F. Fabio MENNA (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), E. Erica NOCERINO (Università degli Studi di Sassari)
09:00 1108 Effective Railroad Fragmentation And Infrastructure Recognition Based On Dense LiDAR Point Clouds > M. Máté CSERÉP (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University) 09:15 203 Dartboard Based Ground Detection On 3D Point Cloud > B. Beatriz MARCOTEGUI (MINES ParisTech) 09:30 427 Detecting Anthropogenic Volume Changes In Cross Sections Of A Sandy Beach With Permanent Laser Scanning > M. Mieke KUSCHNERUS (Delft University of Technology) 09:45 652 Application Of A ShellNet Based Approach To Semantic Segmentation In Urban Point Cloud > X. Xuan MA (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) 10:00 663 Openings Detection For Indoor/Outdoor Registration > R. Rahima DJAHEL (Ecole des ponts Paris Tech) 10:15 830 Photogrammetric Monitoring Of Gravitational Mass Movements In Alpine Regions By Markerless 3D Motion Capture > L. Lukas LUCKS (Technical University of Munich (TUM))
TCI-Sensor Systems TC_8 09:00 > 10:30 Active Sensing with LIDAR and RADAR RISSO 6
  • Chair : M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich), J. José Alberto GONÇALVES (University of Porto - Science Faculty)
09:00 907 Leveraging Dynamic Objects For Relative Localization Correction In A Connected Autonomous Vehicle Network > Y. Yunshuang YUAN (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 09:15 250 Estimating Tree Canopy Height In Densely Forest-Covered Mountainous Areas Using GEDI Spaceborne Full-Waveform Data > S. Shufan WANG (Tongji University) 09:30 534 ICESatt-2 Laser Altimetry Data-Guided High-Accuracy Positioning Of Satellite Stereo Images > S. Siyuan ZOU (Wuhan University) 09:45 239 Multi-Frequency Polinsar Data Are Advantageous For Land Cover Classification - A Visual And Quantitative Analysis > S. Sylvia SCHMITZ (Fraunhofer IOSB) 10:00 847 CNN Based Vehicle Track Detection In Coherent SAR Imagery: An Analysis Of Data Augmentation > S. Silvia KUNY (Fraunhofer IOSB) 10:15 876 3D mapping of Buried Pipes in Multi-Channel GPR Data > A. Antje THIELE (Fraunhofer IOSB)
TS-Remote Sensing And The Geosciences – A Premier Field Of Data Science – A Session In Cooperation Between IEEE GRSS And ISPRS TS_11 09:00 > 10:30 Remote Sensing And The Geosciences – A Premier Field Of Data Science – A Session In Cooperation Between IEEE GRSS And ISPRS RISSO 7
  • Chair : C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President), D. David KUNKEE (The Aerospace Corp., IEEE-GRSS President)
09:00 1103 Learning From Noisy Labels In Remote Sensing > B. Begüm DEMIR (Technische Universität Berlin) 09:00 339 Talking With Images: Some Experiences At The Interface Between Remote Sensing And Natural Language Processing > D. Devis TUIA (EPFL) 09:00 354 Machine Learning In Earth Observation – Help Shaping A Sustainable Future > X. Xiao Xiang ZHU (German Aerospace Center & Technical University of Munich) 09:00 594 Towards A Better Understanding Of Our Earth With Explainable Machine Learning > R. Ribana ROSCHER (University of Bonn)
Best Young Author Award TC_10 11:00 > 12:30 Best Young Author Paper Award Session APOLLON
  • Chair : C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President), N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director)
11:00 763 On The Benefit Of Concurrent Adjustment Of Active And Passive Optical Sensors With GNSS & Raw Inertial Data > K. Kyriaki MOUZAKIDOU (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) 11:15 998 ImpliCity: City Modeling From Satellite Images With Deep Implicit Occupancy Fields > B. Bingxin KE (ETH Zürich) 11:30 359 Investigating 2D And 3D Convolutions For Multitemporal Land Cover Classification Using Remote Sensing Images > M. Mirjana VOELSEN (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 11:45 167 Learning Social Compliant Multi-Modal Distributions Of Human Path In Crowds > X. Xiaodan SHI (University of Tokyo) 12:00 880 The Open Database Of Regional Models Of The International Service For The Geoid > J. Juan Fernando TORO HERRERA (Politecnico di Milano)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_11 11:00 > 12:30 3D mapping for infrastructure monitoring ATHENA
  • Chair : M. Martin RUTZINGER (University of Innsbruck), R. Roderik LINDENBERGH (Delft University of Technology)
11:00 144 Efficient Dike Monitoring Using Terrestrial SFM Photogrammetry > L. Laurent FROIDEVAL (CNRS) 11:15 249 Mapping Street Obstructions In An Urban Street Environment Using MLS Data > Y. Yuanfan QI (Tongji University) 11:30 127 Analysis Of Sun Glare On Roundabouts With Aerial Laser Scanning Data > J. Jesús BALADO (Universidade de Vigo) 11:45 917 Exploring The Potentials Of UAV Photogrammetric Point Clouds For 3D Reconstruction Of Buildings > K. Kawembe KAREN MWANGANGI (University of Twente - ITC) 12:00 1004 Combining Unmanned Aerial Systems And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry To Reconstruct The Geometry Of Groins > D. Diogo Filipe GONÇALVES (Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers Coimbra) 12:15 164 Land Movement Detection From UAV Images > P. Pamela Carolina PESÁNTEZ CABRERA (University of Cuenca)
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_12 11:00 > 12:30 Environment and Health (ICWG III/IVc) RISSO 6
  • Chair : F. Fazlay S. FARUQUE (University of Mississippi Medical Center)
11:00 506 An Exploratory Study To Examine Abundance Of PM2.5 And Associated Disease Burden In Bangladesh > A. Ashraf DEWAN (Curtin University) 11:15 1083 A Neural Network Regression Model For Estimating Maximum Daily Air Temperature Using Landsat-8 Data > C. Cristina MONTERISI (Polytechnic University of Bari) 11:30 288 Environmental Impact Assessment Of Pit Latrines Using Remote Sensing And Multi-Criteria Spatial Analysis In Ulaanbaatar (Ger Area), Mongolia > O. Oyunbat PUREVSUREN (Institute of Geography and Geoecology Mongolia Academy of Science) 11:45 1135 Spatial consistency regularized weakly-supervised deep learning for burned area mapping with low-resolution labels > Z. Zhang PUZHAO (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) 12:00 989 Geospatial approach for urban environmental quality assessment > S. Srashti SINGH (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) 12:15 926 Development Of A Google Earth Engine Based Application To Monitor The Seasonal Water Spread Area Of River Ganga > R. Ravindra Nath TRIPATHI (Wildlife Institute of India)
TCIV-Spatial Information Science TC_13 11:00 > 12:30 Geovisualization and extended reality RISSO 7
  • Chair : A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)), S. Sidonie CHRISTOPHE (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE)
11:00 870 Projective Multitexturing Of Current 3D City Models And Point Clouds With Many Historical Images > M. Mathieu BRÉDIF (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 11:15 979 Improving 3D Pedestrian Detection for Wearable Sensor Data With 2D Human Pose > V. Vinu KAMALASANAN (Leibniz University , Hannover) 11:30 1042 Virtual Element Retrieval In Mixed Reality > M. Marko RADANOVIC (University of Melbourne) 11:45 1070 Pose Estimation Through Mask-R CNN And VSLAM In Large-Scale Outdoors Augmented Reality > A. Argyro Maria BOUTSI (National Technical University of Athens) 12:00 1080 Virtual Data Sphere: Inverse Stereographic Projection For Immersive Multi-Perspective Geovisualization > M. Maxim SPUR (Goethe University Frankfurt) 12:15 586 Interaction And Visualization Design Considerations For Gaze-Guided Communication In Collaborative Extended Reality > A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW))
AW1 14:00 > 15:30 Plenary 2 APOLLON
  • Chair : L. Lena HALOUNOVA (Czech Technical University, ISPRS Secretary General)
14:00 AW1_1 The U.V. Helava Award 14:15 AW1_2 The Jack Dangermond Award 14:30 AW1_3 Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) > C. Chen JUN (National Geomatics Center of China - Beijing) 15:00 AW1_4 ESA Earth Observation Programmes - the next challenges > M. Maurice BORGEAUD (ESA - Rome)
TCIII-Remote Sensing P_01 16:00 > 17:30 Poster Session 1 - 7th June - TCIII-Remote Sensing BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE A
102 Application Of Pre-Trained Real World Super Resolution Models To Optical Satellite Image > T. Takayuki SHINOHARA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 1039 Detecting And Evaluating Disturbance In Temperate Rainforest In Chile With Sentinel-2: Machine Learning And Forest Parameters > E. Erico KUTCHARTT (University of Padova) 137 Unsupervised Harmonious Image Composition For Disaster Victim Detection > N. Ning ZHANG (University of Twente) 145 Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Of Land Cover Classification Data > F. Fujun LUO (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 148 Processing And Publishing The Active Deformation Areas Of All Europe - Concept And First Implementation Steps For A Low-Cost Solution > J. José NAVARRO (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya) 150 A Remote Sensing Satellite Lightning Detection System With High Detection Rate And Low Complexity > Y. Yukun GUO (Beijing institute of space mechanics & Electricity) 151 Spatial Analysis Of Tree Species Before Forest Fire > A. Ana NOVO (University of Vigo) 158 Advances In Optical Polarization Remote Sensing For Marine Observation: A Case Study In Nanchang River Park > Z. Zihan ZHANG (Peking University) 160 Semantic Segmentation Using A Unet Architecture On Sentinel-2 Data > I. Ioannis KOTARIDIS (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) 165 Sex Discrimination Of Individual Trees Using UAV Imagery > H. Hormoz SOHRABI (Tarbiat Modares University) 177 Effects Of Urban Greenery On Health. A Study From Remote Sensing > B. Blanca ARELLANO (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña) 179 The Monitoring Of Non-Farming And Non-Grain Purposes In Arable Land Of Zhejiang,China With Domestic Satellite Imagery > X. Xingkun WANG (Zhejiang Academy of Surveying and Mapping) 180 UKIS-CSMASK: A Python Package For Multi-Sensor Cloud And Cloud Shadow Segmentation > M. Marc WIELAND (German Aerospace Center (DLR)) 183 The Potential Carbon Losses Estimation With Remote Sensing-Based Data: Case Study In Nova Vida Ranch, Rondonia, Brazil > L. Linbing LYU (QICS) 186 Determination Of Chlorophyll Content In Selected Grass Communities Of Krkonoše Mts. Tundra Based On Laboratory Spectroscopy And Aerial Hyperspectral Data > L. Lucie CERVENÁ (Charles University, Faculty of Science) 187 Comparison Of Machine Learning Classifiers For Multitemporal And Multisensor Mapping Of Urban Lulc Features > Y. Yashon OUMA (University of Botswana) 202 Spatial Downscaling Of SMAP Soil Moisture Using The MODIS And SRTM Observations > J. Jayantrao MOHITE (Tata Consultancy Services) 210 InSAR Deformation Time Series Classification Using A Convolutional Neural Network > S. S. Mohammad MIRMAZLOUMI (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA)) 211 Preliminary Concerns About Agronomic Interpretation Of NDVI Time Series From Sentinel-2 Data: Phenology And Thermal Efficiency Of Winter Wheat In Piemonte (Nw Italy) > F. Filippo SARVIA (University of Turin) 212 Ground Deformation Analysis Using Basic Products Of The Copernicus Ground Motion Service > S. Saeedeh SHAHBAZI (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA)) 238 Integrated Mining Impact Monitoring (Eu-Project I2Mon) For Open-Pit And Underground Mines > C-H. Chia-Hsiang YANG (EFTAS Fernerkundung Technologietransfer GmbH) 241 Classification Of Selected Land Cover Corine Classes Using Sentinel-2 Data > L. Lucie STARÁ (Czech Technical University in Prague) 246 Fire Severity Assessment Of An Alpine Forest Fire With Sentinel-2 Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick) 247 Eelgrass Bed Distribution Mapping With UAV Multispectral Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick) 248 Surface Subsidence Monitoring In Ganzhou Area Based On SBAS-InSAR > X. Xinyi LI (Guilin university of technology) 256 Intra-Field Crop Yield Variability By Assimilating Cubesat Lai In The Apsim Crop Model > M. Matteo ZILIANI (KAUST) 260 Dynamic Monitoring Of Ecological Environment Quality In Gansu Province Supported By Google Earth Engine > W. Wenqi JIN (Tongji University) 261 Characteristics Of Human Activity In China’s Coastal Zone Based On Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Data > Y. Yin GAO (National Geomatics Center of China) 275 A Comparative Assessment Of Land Use-Land Cover Dynamics Between Bangladesh And Indian Sundarbans From 1975-2020: A Geospatial And Statistical-Based Approach > A. Akbar Hossain KANAN (University of Padova) 280 Automatic Identification Method Of Construction And Demolition Waste Based On Deep Learning And Gaofen-2 Data > K. Kun YANG (Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture) 283 Improvement Of The Techniques For The Computation Of Evapotranspiration Maps > L. Lorenzo STUCCHI (Politecnico di Milano) 291 GIS Study On The Green Spaces Of The City Of Brașov, Romania > T. Teodora BALINT (ESRI) 292 Performance Evaluation Of Fusion Techniques For Cross-Domain Building Rooftop Segmentation > H. Haolin LI (German Aerospace Center (DLR)) 295 Multispectral Aerial Images To Support Biotope Information Systems For Midge Infestation And And Bark Beetle Monitoring > L. Lena KEMPER (GGS GmbH) 307 Predicting Vegetation Attributes With Neural Networks And Sentinel-1 And 2 > J. Javier MURO (Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces, University of Bonn) 308 Retrieval Of Leaf Area Index And Leaf Chlorophyll Content From Hyperspectral Data Using Deep Learning Networks > B. Baoxin HU (York University) 312 Infrastructure Monitoring Using the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Technique > Q. Qi GAO (CTTC) 318 Assessment Of Canopy And Ground Height Accuracy From GEDI LiDAR Over Steep Mountain Areas > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University of Padova) 328 Study On The Spatial-Temporal Evolution Of Subsidence In The Beibu Gulf Region By Time-Series InSAR > L. Lv ZHOU (桂林理工大学) 332 Transfer Learning In The Classification Of Satellite Images Showing Amazon Rainforest > K. Kinga KARWOWSKA (Military University of Technology) 338 Assessing Levelling And Dinsar For Deformation Monitoring In Seismic Region > F. Francesco DI STEFANO (Università Politecnica delle Marche) 358 An Adaptive Superpixels For Vegetation Detection On High Resolution Images Based On Mlp > X. Xiaofang TANG (School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University) 360 Towards Better Coastal Mapping Using Fusion Of High Temporal Sentinel-2 And Planetscope-2 Imageries : 12 Bands At 3m Through Neural Network Modelling > A. Antoine COLLIN (EPHE-Université PSL) 363 A 3D CNN Approach For Change Detection In Hr Satellite Image Time Series Based On A Pretrained 2D CNN > K. Khatereh MESHKINI (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) 364 Mapping Eucalyptus Species Using Worldview 3 And Random Forest > L. Laura ALONSO (University of Vigo) 369 Deformation Extraction And Analysis Of Coseismic Deformation Field Based On D-InSAR Technology > A. Anping SHI (Guilin University of Technology) 377 Satellite-Based Land/Sea Spatial Continuum: An Application To Monitor Saint Louis Coast (Senegal, West Africa) > A. Adélaïde TAVENEAU (IRD LEGOS) 380 HyperBlend: Simulating Spectral Reflectance And Transmittance Of Leaf Tissue With Blender > K. Kimmo Aukusti RIIHIAHO (University of Jyväskylä) 382 Urban Classification Based On Top-View Point Cloud And Sar Image Fusion With Swin Transformer > R. Ruihang XUE (University of Stuttgart) 387 Integration Of Geomatic Techniques For The 3D Representation And Monitoring Of A Veteran Chestnut Tree > M. Mattia BALESTRA (Università Politecnica delle Marche) 394 Building Earth Observation Data Cubes On Aws > K. Karine R FERREIRA (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil) 396 Multi-Tier Storage Management And Application Of Remote Sensing Image Data > J. Jin LIU (National Geomatics Center of China) 401 Generation of Remote Sensing Image Sample for Semantic Segmentation > L. Lei CHEN (China TopRS Technology Co. Ltd. , Beijing) 410 Unsupervised Segmentation Of Smallholder Fields In Mozambique Using Planetscope Imagery > M. Michelle PICOLI (UCLouvain) 412 An Optimized Remote Sensing Recognition Approach For Straw Burning In Henan Province, China > L. Lang LI (Tongji University) 413 Active Learning On Large Hyperspectral Datasets: A Preprocessing Method > R. Romain THOREAU (ONERA) 424 Seaweeds Detection Using Machine Learning And Remote Sensing: An Application Over The Irish West Coast > F. Filippo TONION (University of Padua) 430 Multi-Temporal Data Augmentation For High Frequency Satellite Imagery: A Case Study In Sentinel-1 And Sentinel-2 Building And Road Segmentation > C. Christian AYALA (Tracasa Instrumental) 434 Identifying Time Patterns At The Field Scale For Retrieving Superficial Soil Moisture On An Agricultural Area With A Change Detection Method: A Preliminary Analysis > G. Giulia GRALDI (University of Trento, Italy) 442 Toward A Low-Cost, Multispectral, High Accuracy Mapping System For Vineyard Inspection > A. Adrien GRESSIN (HEIG-VD) 448 Fusing Multiple Untrained Networks For Hyperspectral Change Detection > S. Sudipan SAHA (Technical University of Munich) 465 Forest Plantation Detection Through Deep Semantic Segmentation > F. Fernanda Beatriz JORDAN ROJAS DALLAQUA (Visiona Tecnologia Espacial S.A.) 474 Research On The Method Of Using Multi-Source Data To Evaluate The Quality Of Geographicial Names > Y. Yongmin XU (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 481 Tropospheric NO2 From Sentinel-5P: Cross-Validation And Comparison With Ground Measurements > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University of Padova) 483 Spatiotemporal Recovery Of Himawari-8 Hourly Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Products Via The Nested Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method > X. Xinghui XIA (Wuhan University) 493 Windmills Detection Using Deep Learning On Sentinel Satellite Images > T. Thierry LAURENCOT (Thales) 499 Using Open Data Cube On The Cloud To Investigate Food Security By Means Of Cropland Changes In Djibouti > V. Vasit SAGAN (Saint Louis University) 502 Shallow Waters Depth Estimation Using Empirical Satellite Derived Bathymetry And Sentinel-2 Data, Case Study: East Coastal Waters Of Java Island > T. Torana Arya GASICA (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) 520 Estimation Of Landcover Types Over Himalayan Region With The Classification Of Optical And Microwave-Based Image Fusion Dataset > R. Reet Kamal TIWARI (Chitkara University) 526 EFFECTS OF GF-6 SATELLITE RED-EDGE BANDS ON PEANUT DROUGHT MONITORING > Y. Yan ZHANG (University of Turin) 535 Using Long Short-Term Memory Model For Cloud Forest Vegetation Growth Status Prediction - A Case Study In Shei-Pa National Park > G. Geng Gui WANG (National Chung Hsing University) 543 Research On Quality Status Quo And Quality Evaluation Theory Of Natural Resources Remote Sensing Data And Common Products > S. Su YIN (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 628 Key Research And Application Of The Real-Time Service Of Massive Remote Sensing Image Data. > X. Xinyan ZHENG (National Geomatics Center of China) 629 Location Discovery Of Vector Data Update Driven By Map Image Tiles Data For National Geo-Information Service Platform > Z. Zhen WANG (National Geomatics Center of China) 711 Analysis Of Overestimation In Historical Ice Flow Velocity Maps In Western Pacific Ocean Sector, Antarctica > S. Shaocang GE (Tongji University) 723 Ice Flow Velocity Mapping In Greenland Using Historical Images From 1960s To 1980s: Scheme Design > Z. Zeran YU (Tongji University) 742 Technology On High-Accuracy Dem Extraction From Airborne Interferometric SAR > Q. Qi KANG (China University of Mining and Technology) 833 Break Out Of Iceberg A-76 And Recent Dynamic Changes Of Its Enclosure Rifts In Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica > A. Aiguo ZHAO (Tongji University) 840 How Challenging Is The Discrimination Of Floating Materials On The Sea Surface Using High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Data? > P. Paraskevi MIKELI (NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS) 879 Photon-Counting Laser Altimeter Data Filtering Based On Hierarchical Adaptive Filter For Forest Scenario > X. Xinlian LIANG (Wuhan University) P01_214 DROACOR-Thermal: Automated Temperature / Emissivity Retrieval For Drone Based Hyperspectral Imaging Data > D. Daniel SCHLÄPFER (ReSe Applications LLC) P01_406 A CNN-Based Change Detection Method For Squatter Structure Recognition From Aerial Images And DSM > M. Min ZHANG (he Hong Kong Polytechnic University) P01_509 Improving The Binary Classification Of Peat Localities From Multi-Source Remotely-Sensed Data Using CNN > R. Rory Clifford PITTMAN (York University) P01_532 Parameters To Estimate Co2 Emission In Peatland Area Based On Carbon Content And Subsidence Rate From SAR Interferometry > M. Maulida Annisa UZZULFA (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember)
TCII-Photogrammetry P_02 16:00 > 17:30 Poster Session 2 - 7th June - TCII-Photogrammetry BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE B
1014 Calibration Of Photogrammetric System For 3D Measurements In Inaccessible Multimedia Working Space > V. Vladimir A. KNYAZ (St Res Inst of Aviation Systems) 108 Application Of Stereo Cameras With Wide-Angle Lenses For The Indoor Mapping > D. Damian WIERZBICKI (Military University of Technology) 126 Accuracy Analysis Of Estimated Camera Orientation Parameters Of Historical Images - Case Study Of Georg-Schumann-Bau In Dresden (Germany) > F. Ferdinand MAIWALD (TU Dresden) 1318 Multi-Layer Modeling of Dense Vegetation from Aerial LiDAR Scans > E. Ekaterina KALINICHEVA (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 1319 Feature matching for multi-epoch historical aerial images > L. Lulin ZHANG (LaSTIG, IGN-Univ. Gustave Eiffel) 135 Multi-Modal Semantic Mesh Segmentation In Urban Scenes > D. Dominik LAUPHEIMER (University of Stuttgart) 147 Comparison Of Single-Image Urban Height Reconstruction From Optical And SAR Data > M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich) 234 Epipolar Line-Based Lateral Vibration Measurement By Using Two Cameras > A. Aisha JAVED (Seoul National University of Science and Technology) 262 Research On The Application Method Of Historical Building Protection Under The Integration Of Various Technologies > X. Xufeng YANG (QICS) 284 Remote Survey Of Traditional Dwellings Using Advanced Photogrammetry From Archival Data: The Case Of Lisbon > F. Francesca CONDORELLI (University of Padua) 309 Storm Drain Detection And Localisation On Mobile LiDAR Data Using A Pre-Trained Randla-Net Semantic Segmentation Network > L. Lukas MATTHEUWSEN (KU Leuven) 362 Image-Based Determination Of Rheological Properties Of Bingham Fluids > A. Anne PONICK (Leibniz University Hannover) 386 Evaluation Of UAV-Borne Photogrammetry And Laser Scanning For 3D Topographic Change Analysis At An Active Rock Glacier > V. Vivien ZAHS (Heidelberg University) 389 Integration Of Kalman Filtering Of Near-Continuous Surface Change Time Series Into The Extraction Of 4d Objects-By-Change > K. Katharina ANDERS (Heidelberg University) 391 Comparison Of Photogrammetry Tools Considering Rebar Progress Recognition > A. Abdul Hannan QURESHI (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS) 409 Accuracy Investigations Of Hand-Held Scanning Systems Using Different Dumbbell Artefacts > P. Paul KALINOWSKI (Jade University of Applied Sciences) 419 Resampling Methods For A Reliable Validation Set In Deep Learning Based Point Cloud Classification > A. Abdul Awal Md NURUNNABI (University of Luxembourg) 432 Automation Of As-Built BIM Creation From Point Cloud: An Overview Of Research Works Focused On Indoor Environnement > C. Camille GOURGUECHON (INSA Strasbourg) 436 Vectorization Of Urban Mls Point Clouds: A Sequential Approach Using Cross Sections > É. Étienne BARÇON (TT-Geometres-Experts) 439 Deep Learning-Based Tracking Of Multiple Objects In The Context Of Farm Animal Ethology > R. Rasho ALI (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 443 Automating The Underground Cadastral Survey: A Processing Chain Proposal > A. Antoine CARREAUD (HEIG-VD) 452 Contribution Of Super Resolution To 3D Reconstruction From Pairs Of Satellite Image > N. Nicola IMPERATORE (CS Group) 454 Initial study assessing the suitability of drones with low-cost GNSS and IMU for mapping over featureless terrain using direct georeferencing > B. Bernard ESSEL (Maynooth University) 459 Automatic Algorithm For Georeferencing Historical-To-Nowadays Aerial Images Acquired In Natural Environments > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 469 Bulldozer: An Automatic Self-Driven Large Scale DTM Extraction Method From Digital Surface Model > D. Dimitri LALLEMENT (CNES) 521 Dense Reconstruction For Tunnels Based On The Integration Of Double-Line Parallel Photography And Deep Learning > M. Meiru JING (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) 564 Automatic Texture Mapping Method For 3D Models To Circumvent Occlusion Through 3D Spatial Through-View Relationships Between Images, Models, And Voxels > H. Hao LIU (Shenzhen University) 565 Multimode Satellite Image Hybrid Block-Adjustment And Its Application In Large Area Orthophoto Image Processing > H. Hongwei ZHANG (National Geomatics center of China) 607 3D Digitization Of Transparent And Glass Surfaces: State Of The Art And Analysis Of Some Methods > A. Ali KARAMI (University of Trento) 682 Evaluation of the Quality of Real-time Mapping With Crane Cameras and Visual Slam Algorithms > L. Lena JOACHIM (University of Stuttgart) 722 An Efficient Solution To Ray Tracing Problems For Hemispherical Refractive Interfaces > R. Robin ROFALLSKI (Jade University of Applied Sciences) 737 The Stability Of A Permanent Terrestrial Laser Scanning System – A Case Study With Hourly Scans > A. Annelies VOORDENDAG (University of Innsbruck) 753 Modelling Colour Absorption Of Underwater Images Using SFM-MVS Generated Depth Maps > M. Marinos VLACHOS (Cyprus University of Technology) 769 Novel Single Tree Detection By Transformers Using UAV-Based Multispectral Imagery > S. Sebastian DERSCH (Hochschule München) 859 Building Segmentation Based On Stereo Information From Satellite Images > M. Mathis ROUX (CS Group) 874 A Combined Approach For Long-Term Monitoring Of Benthos In Antarctica With Underwater Photogrammetry And Image Understanding > F. Fabio MENNA (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) 888 Probabilistic Vegetation Transitions In Dunes By Combining Spectral And LiDAR Data > R. Roderik LINDENBERGH (Delft University of Technology) 912 Integration Of Photogrammetry And Portable Mobile Mapping Technology For 3D Modeling Of Cultural Heritage Sites: The Case Study Of The Bziza Temple > E. Eleonora MASET (University of Udine) 919 "Healing Cracks” On Fossil Teeth: Improvement Of Odontological Study Methods In Palaeontological Research > A. Armen V. GABOUTCHIAN (St Res Inst of Aviation Systems) 925 A Comparison Between UWB And Laser-Based Pedestrian Tracking > A. Antonio VETTORE (University of Padua) P02_147 Comparison Of Single-Image Urban Height Reconstruction From Optical And SAR Data > M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich) P02_435 Globally Optimal Point Cloud Registration For Robust Mobile Mapping > D. David SKUDDIS (University of Stuttgart) P02_761 A Point-Based Level-Set Approach For The Extraction Of 3D Entities From Point Clouds -- Application In Geomorphological Context > R. Reuma ARAV (TU Wien)
TS-LULC Change Detection And Updating P_03 16:00 > 17:30 Poster Session 3 - 7th June - TS-LULC Change Detection and Updating BALCONY - AGORA 3 - ZONE E
1069 Building Change Detection Using Multi-Temporal Airborne LiDAR Data > R. Ritu YADAV (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) 1118 Geospatial Dimensions Of Land Cover Transitions And Land Surface Temperature In Abuja City, Nigeria > Y. Yoksa SALMAMZA MSHELIA (Kenyatta University)