Monday, 06 June 2022
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_1 13:00 > 14:30 Disaster Assessment, Monitoring and Management (ICWG III/IVa-2) ATHENA
  • Chair : O. Orhan ALTAN (Istanbul Technical University), J. Joseph TANZI (Telecom Paris)
13:00 414 Options For Adaptation Of Urbanized Areas To Climate Change Induced Extreme Rainfalls > T. Tomáš METELKA (Aquaprocon s.r.o.) 13:15 728 Coastal Change Detection Along The Fire Island, Us Under The Impact Of Hurricane Sandy Based On LiDAR Data > Y. Yining ZHOU (Insitute of Geophysical and Geochemical Explorations, CAGS) 13:30 345 Empowering Geo-Based AI Algorithm To Aid Coastal Flood Risk Analysis: A Review And Framework Development > T. Tri ATMAJA (The University of Tokyo) 13:45 617 Large-scale Mapping Of Flood Using Sentinel-1 Radar Remote Sensing > M. Mahmud HAGHIGHI (Leibniz University Hannover) 14:00 152 Improving Reliability In Global Flood Mapping By Generating A Seasonal Reference Water Mask Using Sentinel-1/2 Time-Series Data > S. Sandro MARTINIS (DLR) 14:15 1079 Typhoon damage mapping using normalized difference spatial autocorrelation and planetscope image > A. Ariel Conferido BLANCO (University of the Philippines)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_2 13:00 > 14:30 Image Orientation, Point Cloud Generation/Processing RISSO 6
  • Chair : T. Thomas LUHMANN (Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg), F. Francesco FASSI (Politecnico di Milano)
13:00 266 MoTIF:Multi-Orientation Tensor Index Feature Descriptor For SAR-Optical Image Registration > Y. Yongxiang YAO (Wuhan University) 13:15 435 Globally Optimal Point Cloud Registration For Robust Mobile Mapping > D. David SKUDDIS (University of Stuttgart) 13:30 1065 Investigating Spherical Epipolar Rectification For Multi-View Stereo 3D Reconstruction > M. Mostafa ELHASHASH (The Ohio State University) 13:45 125 A Supervoxel-Based Random Forest Method For Robust And Effective Airborne LiDAR Point Cloud Classification > S. Shengjun TANG (Shenzhen University) 14:00 271 A Building Change Detection Method Based On A Single Als Point Cloud And A Hrs Image > Y. Yunsheng ZHANG (Central South University) 14:15 699 Multiresolution Patch-Based Dense Reconstruction Integrating Multiview Images And Laser Point Cloud > R. Rongchun ZHANG (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
TS-Deep Learning For Satellite Image Time Series Analysis TS_2 13:00 > 14:30 Deep Learning For Satellite Image Time Series Analysis RISSO 7
  • Chair : Z. Zhou ZHANG (University of Wisconsin-Madison), C. Charlotte PELLETIER (Univ. Bretagne Sud)
13:00 1134 Temporal Attention For SITS > L. Loic LANDRIEU (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 13:15 857 Multisenge : A Multimodal And Multitemporal Benchmark Dataset For Land Use/Land Cover Remote Sensing Applications > R. Romain WENGER (CNRS LIVE UMR 7362) 13:25 583 Extracting Relevance From SAR Temporal Profiles On A Glacier And An Alpine Watershed By A Deep Autoencoder > E. Elise COLIN KOENIGUER (Onera) 13:40 700 Crop Classification Under Varying Cloud Cover With Neural Ordinary Differential Equations > M. Mehmet Ozgur TURKOGLU (ETH Zurich) 13:55 615 Comparison Of Convolutional Neural Networks For Cloudy Optical Images Reconstruction From Single Or Multitemporal Joint SAR And Optical Images > R. Rémi CRESSON (inrae) 14:05 905 Evaluation Of Early Season Mapping Of Integrated Crop Livestock Systems Using Sentinel 2 Data > A. Ana Paola Salas Gomes Duarte Di TORO (University of Campinas) 14:20 1153 Benchmarking Of Convolutional Neural Network Approaches For Vegetation Land Cover Mapping > A. Antoine MASSE (CLS) 14:23 1064 Self-Supervised Learning - A Way To Minimize Time And Effort For Precision Agriculture? > M. Michael Lukas MARSZALEK (European Space Agency) 14:26 837 A Deep Learning Approach For Crop Type Mapping Based On Combined Time Series Of Satellite And Weather Data > N. Nicoletta ADDIMANDO (Sinergise)
Editions 2020/2021 TC_3 13:00 > 14:30 Editions 2020/2021_3 RISSO 8
13:00 1163 Accuracy Investigation on Image-based Change Detection for BIM compliant Indoor Models > T. Theresa MEYER (Technical University of Munich) 13:15 1199 Camera Calibration Model And Methods For Corridor Mapping With UAVs > E. Emmanuel CLEDAT (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 13:30 1221 Digital Photogrammetry, TLS Survey And 3D Modelling For VR And AR Applications In CH > M. Marcello LA GUARDIA (University of Palermo) 13:45 1227 CO3D Mission Digital Surface Model Production Pipeline > O. Olivier MELET (CNES) 14:00 1228 A Worldwide 3D GCP Database Inherited From 20 Years Of Massive Multi-satellite Observations > L. Laure CHANDELIER (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 14:15 1248 Generic Linear Array Scanner Modeling of Spectral Imaging Systems Containing Limited Metadata > H. Henry THEISS (Centari)
Forum Track FT1 14:00 > 17:00 Women in remote sensing HERMES
  • Chair : M. Morgan CROWLEY, S. Sheryl Rose REYES (United Nations University), M. Marguerite MADDEN (University of Georgia), L. Laxmi Thapa (977, Kavrepalanchok), C. Charmaine CRUZ (Trinity College Dublin)
14:00 FT1_1 Women in remote sensing > S. Sheryl Rose REYES (United Nations University), J. Jen ALCONIS, A. Amanda Denise ARAGON (UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA), S. Sarah BANKS, A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)), M. Morgan CROWLEY, C. Charmaine CRUZ (Trinity College Dublin), F. Flávia de Souza Mendes (Munich), L. Laura Dingle Robertson (OTTAWA), K. Kate FICKAS, M. Miriam Gonzalez (Berlin), M. Meghan HALABISKY, L. Lena HALOUNOVA (Czech Technical University, ISPRS Secretary General), K. Karen JOYCE, Y. Yariwo KITIYO, S. Sunni Kanta Prasad KUSHWAHA (Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee), L. Leigh LUNAS, M. Marguerite MADDEN (University of Georgia), H. Heather McNairn (Ottawa), P. Phoebe ODUOR, N. Nicolas Pucino (Warrnambool), G. Gopika SURESH, L. Laxmi Thapa (977, Kavrepalanchok), H. Hidimma UMEOGU, J. Julia WAGEMANN, C. Cyhana WILLIAMS, S. Sissi ZLATANOVA (University of New South Wales - Melbourne)
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_4 15:00 > 16:30 Remote Sensing Data Quality(ICWG III/IVb-2) ATHENA
  • Chair : C. Clément MALLET (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE), T. Thomas BLASCHKE (University of Salzburg)
15:00 560 Analysis Of Quality Review Of Land Cover Classification Product In Geographic National Conditions Monitoring > C. Chang LI (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 15:15 138 Critical Reflection On Quantitative Assessment Of Image Fusion Quality > S. Shaojuan XU (Research Institute for Regional and Urban Development) 15:30 1105 Quality Inspection Of Surface Deformation Monitoring Results Based On PS-InSAR Technology > W. Wenjuan MAO (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 15:45 477 Research On Quality Testing And Evaluation Technology Of Fundamental Geographic Information Database System > H. He ZHANG (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products,Beijing,China) 16:00 1097 Improving Local Adaptive Filtering Method Employed In Radiometric Correction Of Analogue Airborne Campaigns > L. Lâmân LELÉGARD (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:15 822 Comparison Of Satellite Image Denoising Techniques In Spatial And Frequency Domains > S. Sena OGUZHANOGLU (Istanbul Technical University)
TS-Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation TS_15 15:00 > 16:30 Towards Resilient and Ubiquitous Navigation RISSO 6
  • Chair : C. Charles TOTH (The Ohio State University, ISPRS 2nd Vice-President)
15:00 1300 Advancing Technologies: Closing The Gap Between Navigation And Mapping > C. Charles TOTH (The Ohio State University, ISPRS 2nd Vice-President) 15:15 1301 Applications And Approaches To High Performance Positioning And Navigation > G. Guenther RETSCHER (TU Wien, Austria) 15:30 1078 Analysis Analysis Of The Performance Of An Uwb-Based Cooperative Positioning For Different Car Platoon Configurations > A. Andrea MASIERO (University of Padua) 15:45 1302 Navigating MMT Systems Indoors And Outdoors > V. Vassilis GIKAS (National Technical University of Athens) 16:00 640 Ubiquitous Precise Positioning for the Masses: What’s Next? > Y. Yang GAO (UNIVERSITY OF CALGARY) 16:15 130 Generation Of Reference Vehicle Trajectories In Real-World Situations Using Aerial Imagery From A Helicopter > F. Franz KURZ (German Aerospace Center)
TS-Cultural Heritage Documentation TS_1 15:00 > 16:30 Cultural Heritage Documentation RISSO 7
  • Chair : F. Fulvio RINAUDO (DAD - POLITECNICO DI TORINO), A. Andreas Georgopoulos (Athens)
15:00 1041 3D Documentation Towards Heritage Conservation: A Rapid Mapping Approach Applied To Bahrain Forts > G. Giulia SAMMARTANO (Politecnico di Torino) 15:15 692 3D Modelling And Virtual Representation For Cultural Heritage And Storytelling Of Unrealized Project Of Perugia Station > C. Chiara MOMMI (University of Perugia) 15:30 218 Developing An Educational Cultural Heritage 3D Puzzle In A Virtual Reality Environment > A. Antigoni ROUMANA (National Technical University of Athens) 15:45 513 Surface Handwriting Enhancement Of Artifacts Based On Manifold Learning And Mixed Pixel Decomposition > S. Shi Han WANG (Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture) 16:00 528 High-Resolution Digital Survey Of Floors: A New Prototype For Efficient Photogrammetric Acquisition > A. Andrea ADAMI (Politecnico di Milano) 16:15 795 Detection Of Maya Sacbeob (Sacbes) Using Optical And SAR Imagery In Northern Péten, Mexico > A. Armand LAROCQUE (University of New Brunswick)
Editions 2020/2021 TC_5 15:00 > 16:30 Editions 2020/2021_5 RISSO 8
  • Chair : L. Loic LANDRIEU (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE)
15:00 1170 Maximum Entropy Modeling Using Citizen Science: Use Case on Jacobin Cuckoo as an Indicator of Indian Monsoon > P. Priyanka SINGH (Symbiosis International University) 15:15 1181 Jungle-Net: Using Explainable Machine Learning to Gain New Insights Into the Appearance of Wilderness in Satellite Imagery > T. Timo Tjaden STOMBERG (University of Bonn) 15:30 1215 Maize Yield Estimation in Kenya Using MODIS > K. Kenduiywo BENSON KIPKEMBOI (Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development) 15:45 1219 Estimation of Canopy Height and Biomass of Miscanthus Sinensis in Semi-natural Grassland Using Time-series UAV Data > N. Naoko MIURA (The University of Tokyo) 16:00 1222 Can Spot-6/7 CNN Semantic Segmentation Improve Sentinel-2 Based Land Cover Products? Sensor Assessment and Fusion > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:15 1263 The Impact of Forest Fire on Forest Cover Types in Mongolia > L. Lkhamjav OCHIRKHUYAG (Mongolian Geospatial Association)
OP1 17:00 > 19:30 Plenary 1 - Opening Ceremony APOLLON
  • Chair : N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director)
17:30 OP1_1 Welcome from the ISPRS Congress Director > N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director) 17:35 OP1_2 Welcome from the ISPRS President > C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President) 17:40 OP1_3 Welcome message from SFPT, the French ordinary member > A. Aurélie SAND (CNES, Toulouse) 17:45 OP1_4 Welcome message from IGN, the French mapping and forest inventory agency > M. Magali STOLL (IGN, Saint Mandé) 17:50 OP1_5 Welcome message from CNES, the French space agency > C. Caroline LAURENT (CNES, Toulouse) 18:00 OP1_6 Pléiades Neo, the most advanced optical constellation for sophisticated applications > F. François LOMBARD (AIRBUS - Toulouse) 18:30 OP1_7 Honorary Membership > C. Chen JUN (National Geomatics Center of China - Beijing) 18:35 OP1_8 The Brock Gold Medal > L. Li Deren () 18:45 OP1_10 Exploring Human Heritage > Y. Yves UBELMANN (ICONEM - Paris)
Tuesday, 07 June 2022
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_6 09:00 > 10:30 Thematic Information Extraction from RS images(WG III/1-1) APOLLON
  • Chair : M. Maria Teresa MELIS (University of Cagliari), B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick)
09:00 1062 Cloud Detection By Inter-Band Parallax And A-Contrario Validation > C. Charles HESSEL (ENS Paris-Saclay) 09:15 734 How Far Should I Look? A Neural Architecture Search Strategy For Semantic Segmentation Of Remote Sensing Image > M. Mauricio Carvalho Mathias DE PAULO (Military Institute of Engineering) 09:30 213 Towards Better Coastal Mapping Using Fusion Of High Temporal Sentinel-2 And Planetscope-2 Imageries : 12 Bands At 3m Through Neural Network Modelling > A. Antoine COLLIN (EPHE-Université PSL) 09:45 896 Weakly Supervised Learning For Treeline Ecotone Classification Based On Aerial Orthoimages And An Ancillary DSM > J. Jakub DVORÁK (Faculty of Science, Charles University) 10:00 601 Enhanced Super Resolution For Remote Sensing Imageries > J. Jeewantinie KAPILARATNE (Asia Air Survey Co., Ltd.) 10:15 1090 Improving CNN-Based Building Semantic Segmentation Using Object Boundaries > E. Evangelos BOUSIAS ALEXAKIS (York University)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_7 09:00 > 10:30 Point cloud processing_7 ATHENA
  • Chair : F. Fabio MENNA (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), E. Erica NOCERINO (Università degli Studi di Sassari)
09:00 1108 Effective Railroad Fragmentation And Infrastructure Recognition Based On Dense LiDAR Point Clouds > M. Máté CSERÉP (ELTE Eötvös Loránd University) 09:15 203 Dartboard Based Ground Detection On 3D Point Cloud > B. Beatriz MARCOTEGUI (MINES ParisTech) 09:30 427 Detecting Anthropogenic Volume Changes In Cross Sections Of A Sandy Beach With Permanent Laser Scanning > M. Mieke KUSCHNERUS (Delft University of Technology) 09:45 652 Application Of A ShellNet Based Approach To Semantic Segmentation In Urban Point Cloud > X. Xuan MA (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) 10:00 663 Openings Detection For Indoor/Outdoor Registration > R. Rahima DJAHEL (Ecole des ponts Paris Tech) 10:15 830 Photogrammetric Monitoring Of Gravitational Mass Movements In Alpine Regions By Markerless 3D Motion Capture > L. Lukas LUCKS (Technical University of Munich (TUM))
TCI-Sensor Systems TC_8 09:00 > 10:30 Active Sensing with LIDAR and RADAR RISSO 6
  • Chair : M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich), J. José Alberto GONÇALVES (University of Porto - Science Faculty)
09:00 907 Leveraging Dynamic Objects For Relative Localization Correction In A Connected Autonomous Vehicle Network > Y. Yunshuang YUAN (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 09:15 250 Estimating Tree Canopy Height In Densely Forest-Covered Mountainous Areas Using GEDI Spaceborne Full-Waveform Data > S. Shufan WANG (Tongji University) 09:30 534 ICESatt-2 Laser Altimetry Data-Guided High-Accuracy Positioning Of Satellite Stereo Images > S. Siyuan ZOU (Wuhan University) 09:45 239 Multi-Frequency Polinsar Data Are Advantageous For Land Cover Classification - A Visual And Quantitative Analysis > S. Sylvia SCHMITZ (Fraunhofer IOSB) 10:00 847 CNN Based Vehicle Track Detection In Coherent SAR Imagery: An Analysis Of Data Augmentation > S. Silvia KUNY (Fraunhofer IOSB) 10:15 876 3D mapping of Buried Pipes in Multi-Channel GPR Data > A. Antje THIELE (Fraunhofer IOSB)
TS-Remote Sensing And The Geosciences – A Premier Field Of Data Science – A Session In Cooperation Between IEEE GRSS And ISPRS TS_11 09:00 > 10:30 Remote Sensing And The Geosciences – A Premier Field Of Data Science – A Session In Cooperation Between IEEE GRSS And ISPRS RISSO 7
  • Chair : C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President), D. David KUNKEE (The Aerospace Corp., IEEE-GRSS President)
09:00 1103 Learning From Noisy Labels In Remote Sensing > B. Begüm DEMIR (Technische Universität Berlin) 09:00 339 Talking With Images: Some Experiences At The Interface Between Remote Sensing And Natural Language Processing > D. Devis TUIA (EPFL) 09:00 354 Machine Learning In Earth Observation – Help Shaping A Sustainable Future > X. Xiao Xiang ZHU (German Aerospace Center & Technical University of Munich) 09:00 594 Towards A Better Understanding Of Our Earth With Explainable Machine Learning > R. Ribana ROSCHER (University of Bonn)
Technology Track TT1 09:00 > 12:00 Esri RISSO 8
09:00 TT1_1 ArcGIS as a comprehensive Imagery System > P. Peter BECKER, G. Guenter DOERFFEL, K. Konrad WENZEL 10:30 TT1_2 Shifting to modern remote sensing and image analysis for teaching and research using ArcGIS > P. Peter BECKER, C. Cansarina KURNIA
Forum Track FT2 09:00 > 12:30 Geospatial Information-enabled SDGsMonitoring HERMES
  • Chair : C. Chen JUN (National Geomatics Center of China - Beijing), A. Aurélie SAND (CNES, Toulouse), S. Sheryl Rose REYES (United Nations University), J. Jon MILLS (Newcastle University), S. Songnian LI (Ryerson University, ISPRS Treasurer)
09:00 FT2_1 Geospatial Information-enabled SDGsMonitoring > L. Laurent Durieux (Genève), Y. Yifang Ban (Stockholm), F. Frédéric BRETAR, M-J. Menno-Jan Kraak (Enschede), J. Jon MILLS (Newcastle University), D. Daniele OXOLI (Politecnico di Milano), P. Petros Patias (Thessaloniki), S. Shu Peng (Beijing)
Best Young Author Award TC_10 11:00 > 12:30 Best Young Author Paper Award Session APOLLON
  • Chair : C. Christian HEIPKE ((Leibniz University, ISPRS President), N. Nicolas PAPARODITIS ((IGN-ENSG, University Gustave Eiffel, ISPRS Congress Director)
11:00 763 On The Benefit Of Concurrent Adjustment Of Active And Passive Optical Sensors With GNSS & Raw Inertial Data > K. Kyriaki MOUZAKIDOU (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) 11:15 998 ImpliCity: City Modeling From Satellite Images With Deep Implicit Occupancy Fields > B. Bingxin KE (ETH Zürich) 11:30 359 Investigating 2D And 3D Convolutions For Multitemporal Land Cover Classification Using Remote Sensing Images > M. Mirjana VOELSEN (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 11:45 167 Learning Social Compliant Multi-Modal Distributions Of Human Path In Crowds > X. Xiaodan SHI (University of Tokyo) 12:00 880 The Open Database Of Regional Models Of The International Service For The Geoid > J. Juan Fernando TORO HERRERA (Politecnico di Milano)
TCII-Photogrammetry TC_11 11:00 > 12:30 3D mapping for infrastructure monitoring ATHENA
  • Chair : M. Martin RUTZINGER (University of Innsbruck), R. Roderik LINDENBERGH (Delft University of Technology)
11:00 144 Efficient Dike Monitoring Using Terrestrial SFM Photogrammetry > L. Laurent FROIDEVAL (CNRS) 11:15 249 Mapping Street Obstructions In An Urban Street Environment Using MLS Data > Y. Yuanfan QI (Tongji University) 11:30 127 Analysis Of Sun Glare On Roundabouts With Aerial Laser Scanning Data > J. Jesús BALADO (Universidade de Vigo) 11:45 917 Exploring The Potentials Of UAV Photogrammetric Point Clouds For 3D Reconstruction Of Buildings > K. Kawembe KAREN MWANGANGI (University of Twente - ITC) 12:00 1004 Combining Unmanned Aerial Systems And Structure From Motion Photogrammetry To Reconstruct The Geometry Of Groins > D. Diogo Filipe GONÇALVES (Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers Coimbra) 12:15 164 Land Movement Detection From UAV Images > P. Pamela Carolina PESÁNTEZ CABRERA (University of Cuenca)
TCIII-Remote Sensing TC_12 11:00 > 12:30 Environment and Health (ICWG III/IVc) RISSO 6
  • Chair : F. Fazlay S. FARUQUE (University of Mississippi Medical Center)
11:00 506 An Exploratory Study To Examine Abundance Of PM2.5 And Associated Disease Burden In Bangladesh > A. Ashraf DEWAN (Curtin University) 11:15 1083 A Neural Network Regression Model For Estimating Maximum Daily Air Temperature Using Landsat-8 Data > C. Cristina MONTERISI (Polytechnic University of Bari) 11:30 288 Environmental Impact Assessment Of Pit Latrines Using Remote Sensing And Multi-Criteria Spatial Analysis In Ulaanbaatar (Ger Area), Mongolia > O. Oyunbat PUREVSUREN (Institute of Geography and Geoecology Mongolia Academy of Science) 11:45 1135 Spatial consistency regularized weakly-supervised deep learning for burned area mapping with low-resolution labels > Z. Zhang PUZHAO (KTH Royal Institute of Technology) 12:00 989 Geospatial approach for urban environmental quality assessment > S. Srashti SINGH (Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) 12:15 926 Development Of A Google Earth Engine Based Application To Monitor The Seasonal Water Spread Area Of River Ganga > R. Ravindra Nath TRIPATHI (Wildlife Institute of India)
TCIV-Spatial Information Science TC_13 11:00 > 12:30 Geovisualization and extended reality RISSO 7
  • Chair : A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW)), M. Mathieu BRÉDIF (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE)
11:00 870 Projective Multitexturing Of Current 3D City Models And Point Clouds With Many Historical Images > M. Mathieu BRÉDIF (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 11:15 979 Improving 3D Pedestrian Detection for Wearable Sensor Data With 2D Human Pose > V. Vinu KAMALASANAN (Leibniz University , Hannover) 11:30 1042 Virtual Element Retrieval In Mixed Reality > M. Marko RADANOVIC (University of Melbourne) 11:45 1070 Pose Estimation Through Mask-R CNN And VSLAM In Large-Scale Outdoors Augmented Reality > A. Argyro Maria BOUTSI (National Technical University of Athens) 12:00 1080 Virtual Data Sphere: Inverse Stereographic Projection For Immersive Multi-Perspective Geovisualization > M. Maxim SPUR (Goethe University Frankfurt) 12:15 586 Interaction And Visualization Design Considerations For Gaze-Guided Communication In Collaborative Extended Reality > A. Arzu CÖLTEKIN (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland (FHNW))
AW1 14:00 > 15:30 Plenary 2 APOLLON
  • Chair : L. Lena HALOUNOVA (Czech Technical University, ISPRS Secretary General)
14:00 AW1_1 The U.V. Helava Award 14:15 AW1_2 The Jack Dangermond Award 14:30 AW1_3 Geospatial Information for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) > C. Chen JUN (National Geomatics Center of China - Beijing) 15:00 AW1_4 ESA Earth Observation Programmes - the next challenges > I. Ivan PETITEVILLE (ESA - Rome)
Technology Track TT2 16:00 > 16:20 Riegl RISSO 8
16:00 TT2_1 High-resolution Lidar Bathymetry from different platforms > U. Ursula RIEGL
TCIII-Remote Sensing P_01 16:00 > 17:30 Poster Session 1 - 7th June - TCIII-Remote Sensing BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE A
332 Transfer Learning In The Classification Of Satellite Images Showing Amazon Rainforest > K. Kinga KARWOWSKA (Military University of Technology) 338 Assessing Levelling And Dinsar For Deformation Monitoring In Seismic Region > F. Francesco DI STEFANO (Università Politecnica delle Marche) 358 An Adaptive Superpixels For Vegetation Detection On High Resolution Images Based On Mlp > X. Xiaofang TANG (School of Geodesy and Geomatics, Wuhan University) 360 Towards Better Coastal Mapping Using Fusion Of High Temporal Sentinel-2 And Planetscope-2 Imageries : 12 Bands At 3m Through Neural Network Modelling > A. Antoine COLLIN (EPHE-Université PSL) 363 A 3D CNN Approach For Change Detection In Hr Satellite Image Time Series Based On A Pretrained 2D CNN > K. Khatereh MESHKINI (Fondazione Bruno Kessler) 364 Mapping Eucalyptus Species Using Worldview 3 And Random Forest > L. Laura ALONSO (University of Vigo) 377 Satellite-Based Land/Sea Spatial Continuum: An Application To Monitor Saint Louis Coast (Senegal, West Africa) > A. Adélaïde TAVENEAU (IRD LEGOS) 380 HyperBlend: Simulating Spectral Reflectance And Transmittance Of Leaf Tissue With Blender > K. Kimmo Aukusti RIIHIAHO (University of Jyväskylä) 382 Urban Classification Based On Top-View Point Cloud And Sar Image Fusion With Swin Transformer > R. Ruihang XUE (University of Stuttgart) 387 Integration Of Geomatic Techniques For The 3D Representation And Monitoring Of A Veteran Chestnut Tree > M. Mattia BALESTRA (Università Politecnica delle Marche) 394 Building Earth Observation Data Cubes On Aws > K. Karine R FERREIRA (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil) 396 Multi-Tier Storage Management And Application Of Remote Sensing Image Data > J. Jin LIU (National Geomatics Center of China) 401 Generation of Remote Sensing Image Sample for Semantic Segmentation > L. Lei CHEN (China TopRS Technology Co. Ltd. , Beijing) 410 Unsupervised Segmentation Of Smallholder Fields In Mozambique Using Planetscope Imagery > M. Michelle PICOLI (UCLouvain) 412 An Optimized Remote Sensing Recognition Approach For Straw Burning In Henan Province, China > L. Lang LI (Tongji University) 413 Active Learning On Large Hyperspectral Datasets: A Preprocessing Method > R. Romain THOREAU (ONERA) 424 Seaweeds Detection Using Machine Learning And Remote Sensing: An Application Over The Irish West Coast > F. Filippo TONION (University of Padua) 430 Multi-Temporal Data Augmentation For High Frequency Satellite Imagery: A Case Study In Sentinel-1 And Sentinel-2 Building And Road Segmentation > C. Christian AYALA (Tracasa Instrumental) 434 Identifying Time Patterns At The Field Scale For Retrieving Superficial Soil Moisture On An Agricultural Area With A Change Detection Method: A Preliminary Analysis > G. Giulia GRALDI (University of Trento, Italy) 442 Toward A Low-Cost, Multispectral, High Accuracy Mapping System For Vineyard Inspection > A. Adrien GRESSIN (HEIG-VD) 16:00 102 Application Of Pre-Trained Real World Super Resolution Models To Optical Satellite Image > T. Takayuki SHINOHARA (Tokyo Institute of Technology) 16:00 1039 Detecting And Evaluating Disturbance In Temperate Rainforest In Chile With Sentinel-2: Machine Learning And Forest Parameters > E. Erico KUTCHARTT (University of Padova) 16:00 1295 Deep View Aggregation In The Wild > D. Damien ROBERT (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:00 137 Unsupervised Harmonious Image Composition For Disaster Victim Detection > N. Ning ZHANG (University of Twente) 16:00 145 Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Of Land Cover Classification Data > F. Fujun LUO (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 16:00 148 Processing And Publishing The Active Deformation Areas Of All Europe - Concept And First Implementation Steps For A Low-Cost Solution > J. José NAVARRO (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya) 16:00 150 A Remote Sensing Satellite Lightning Detection System With High Detection Rate And Low Complexity > Y. Yukun GUO (Beijing institute of space mechanics & Electricity) 16:00 151 Spatial Analysis Of Tree Species Before Forest Fire > A. Ana NOVO (University of Vigo) 16:00 158 Advances In Optical Polarization Remote Sensing For Marine Observation: A Case Study In Nanchang River Park > Z. Zihan ZHANG (Peking University) 16:00 160 Semantic Segmentation Using A Unet Architecture On Sentinel-2 Data > I. Ioannis KOTARIDIS (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) 16:00 165 Sex Discrimination Of Individual Trees Using UAV Imagery > H. Hormoz SOHRABI (Tarbiat Modares University) 16:00 177 Effects Of Urban Greenery On Health. A Study From Remote Sensing > B. Blanca ARELLANO (Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña) 16:00 179 The Monitoring Of Non-Farming And Non-Grain Purposes In Arable Land Of Zhejiang,China With Domestic Satellite Imagery > X. Xingkun WANG (Zhejiang Academy of Surveying and Mapping) 16:00 180 UKIS-CSMASK: A Python Package For Multi-Sensor Cloud And Cloud Shadow Segmentation > M. Marc WIELAND (German Aerospace Center (DLR)) 16:00 183 The Potential Carbon Losses Estimation With Remote Sensing-Based Data: Case Study In Nova Vida Ranch, Rondonia, Brazil > L. Linbing LYU (QICS) 16:00 186 Determination Of Chlorophyll Content In Selected Grass Communities Of Krkonoše Mts. Tundra Based On Laboratory Spectroscopy And Aerial Hyperspectral Data > L. Lucie CERVENÁ (Charles University, Faculty of Science) 16:00 187 Comparison Of Machine Learning Classifiers For Multitemporal And Multisensor Mapping Of Urban Lulc Features > Y. Yashon OUMA (University of Botswana) 16:00 202 Spatial Downscaling Of SMAP Soil Moisture Using The MODIS And SRTM Observations > J. Jayantrao MOHITE (Tata Consultancy Services) 16:00 210 InSAR Deformation Time Series Classification Using A Convolutional Neural Network > S. S. Mohammad MIRMAZLOUMI (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA)) 16:00 211 Preliminary Concerns About Agronomic Interpretation Of NDVI Time Series From Sentinel-2 Data: Phenology And Thermal Efficiency Of Winter Wheat In Piemonte (Nw Italy) > F. Filippo SARVIA (University of Turin) 16:00 212 Ground Deformation Analysis Using Basic Products Of The Copernicus Ground Motion Service > S. Saeedeh SHAHBAZI (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC/CERCA)) 16:00 238 Integrated Mining Impact Monitoring (Eu-Project I2Mon) For Open-Pit And Underground Mines > C-H. Chia-Hsiang YANG (EFTAS Fernerkundung Technologietransfer GmbH) 16:00 241 Classification Of Selected Land Cover Corine Classes Using Sentinel-2 Data > L. Lucie STARÁ (Czech Technical University in Prague) 16:00 246 Fire Severity Assessment Of An Alpine Forest Fire With Sentinel-2 Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick) 16:00 247 Eelgrass Bed Distribution Mapping With UAV Multispectral Imagery > B. Brigitte LEBLON (University of New Brunswick) 16:00 248 Surface Subsidence Monitoring In Ganzhou Area Based On SBAS-InSAR > X. Xinyi LI (Guilin university of technology) 16:00 256 Intra-Field Crop Yield Variability By Assimilating Cubesat Lai In The Apsim Crop Model > M. Matteo ZILIANI (KAUST) 16:00 260 Dynamic Monitoring Of Ecological Environment Quality In Gansu Province Supported By Google Earth Engine > W. Wenqi JIN (Tongji University) 16:00 261 Characteristics Of Human Activity In China’s Coastal Zone Based On Multi-Source Spatio-Temporal Data > Y. Yin GAO (National Geomatics Center of China) 16:00 275 A Comparative Assessment Of Land Use-Land Cover Dynamics Between Bangladesh And Indian Sundarbans From 1975-2020: A Geospatial And Statistical-Based Approach > A. Akbar Hossain KANAN (University of Padova) 16:00 280 Automatic Identification Method Of Construction And Demolition Waste Based On Deep Learning And Gaofen-2 Data > K. Kun YANG (Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture) 16:00 283 Improvement Of The Techniques For The Computation Of Evapotranspiration Maps > L. Lorenzo STUCCHI (Politecnico di Milano) 16:00 291 GIS Study On The Green Spaces Of The City Of Brașov, Romania > T. Teodora BALINT (ESRI) 16:00 292 Performance Evaluation Of Fusion Techniques For Cross-Domain Building Rooftop Segmentation > H. Haolin LI (German Aerospace Center (DLR)) 16:00 295 Multispectral Aerial Images To Support Biotope Information Systems For Midge Infestation And And Bark Beetle Monitoring > L. Lena KEMPER (GGS GmbH) 16:00 307 Predicting Vegetation Attributes With Neural Networks And Sentinel-1 And 2 > J. Javier MURO (Center for Remote Sensing of Land Surfaces, University of Bonn) 16:00 308 Retrieval Of Leaf Area Index And Leaf Chlorophyll Content From Hyperspectral Data Using Deep Learning Networks > B. Baoxin HU (York University) 16:00 312 Infrastructure Monitoring Using the Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) Technique > Q. Qi GAO (CTTC) 16:00 318 Assessment Of Canopy And Ground Height Accuracy From GEDI LiDAR Over Steep Mountain Areas > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University of Padova) 16:00 328 Study On The Spatial-Temporal Evolution Of Subsidence In The Beibu Gulf Region By Time-Series InSAR > L. Lv ZHOU (桂林理工大学) 16:00 369 Deformation Extraction And Analysis Of Coseismic Deformation Field Based On D-InSAR Technology > A. Anping SHI (Guilin University of Technology) 16:00 448 Fusing Multiple Untrained Networks For Hyperspectral Change Detection > S. Sudipan SAHA (Technical University of Munich) 16:00 465 Forest Plantation Detection Through Deep Semantic Segmentation > F. Fernanda Beatriz JORDAN ROJAS DALLAQUA (Visiona Tecnologia Espacial S.A.) 16:00 474 Research On The Method Of Using Multi-Source Data To Evaluate The Quality Of Geographicial Names > Y. Yongmin XU (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 16:00 481 Tropospheric NO2 From Sentinel-5P: Cross-Validation And Comparison With Ground Measurements > F. Francesco PIROTTI (University of Padova) 16:00 483 Spatiotemporal Recovery Of Himawari-8 Hourly Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Products Via The Nested Bayesian Maximum Entropy Method > X. Xinghui XIA (Wuhan University) 16:00 493 Windmills Detection Using Deep Learning On Sentinel Satellite Images > T. Thierry LAURENCOT (Thales) 16:00 499 Using Open Data Cube On The Cloud To Investigate Food Security By Means Of Cropland Changes In Djibouti > V. Vasit SAGAN (Saint Louis University) 16:00 502 Shallow Waters Depth Estimation Using Empirical Satellite Derived Bathymetry And Sentinel-2 Data, Case Study: East Coastal Waters Of Java Island > T. Torana Arya GASICA (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember) 16:00 520 Estimation Of Landcover Types Over Himalayan Region With The Classification Of Optical And Microwave-Based Image Fusion Dataset > R. Reet Kamal TIWARI (Chitkara University) 16:00 526 EFFECTS OF GF-6 SATELLITE RED-EDGE BANDS ON PEANUT DROUGHT MONITORING > Y. Yan ZHANG (University of Turin) 16:00 535 Using Long Short-Term Memory Model For Cloud Forest Vegetation Growth Status Prediction - A Case Study In Shei-Pa National Park > G. Geng Gui WANG (National Chung Hsing University) 16:00 543 Research On Quality Status Quo And Quality Evaluation Theory Of Natural Resources Remote Sensing Data And Common Products > S. Su YIN (National Quality Inspection and Testing Center for Surveying and Mapping Products) 16:00 628 Key Research And Application Of The Real-Time Service Of Massive Remote Sensing Image Data. > X. Xinyan ZHENG (National Geomatics Center of China) 16:00 629 Location Discovery Of Vector Data Update Driven By Map Image Tiles Data For National Geo-Information Service Platform > Z. Zhen WANG (National Geomatics Center of China) 16:00 711 Analysis Of Overestimation In Historical Ice Flow Velocity Maps In Western Pacific Ocean Sector, Antarctica > S. Shaocang GE (Tongji University) 16:00 723 Ice Flow Velocity Mapping In Greenland Using Historical Images From 1960s To 1980s: Scheme Design > Z. Zeran YU (Tongji University) 16:00 742 Technology On High-Accuracy Dem Extraction From Airborne Interferometric SAR > Q. Qi KANG (China University of Mining and Technology) 16:00 833 Break Out Of Iceberg A-76 And Recent Dynamic Changes Of Its Enclosure Rifts In Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica > A. Aiguo ZHAO (Tongji University) 16:00 840 How Challenging Is The Discrimination Of Floating Materials On The Sea Surface Using High Resolution Multispectral Satellite Data? > P. Paraskevi MIKELI (NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS) 16:00 879 Photon-Counting Laser Altimeter Data Filtering Based On Hierarchical Adaptive Filter For Forest Scenario > X. Xinlian LIANG (Wuhan University) 16:00 P01_214 DROACOR-Thermal: Automated Temperature / Emissivity Retrieval For Drone Based Hyperspectral Imaging Data > D. Daniel SCHLÄPFER (ReSe Applications LLC) 16:00 P01_406 A CNN-Based Change Detection Method For Squatter Structure Recognition From Aerial Images And DSM > M. Min ZHANG (he Hong Kong Polytechnic University) 16:00 P01_509 Improving The Binary Classification Of Peat Localities From Multi-Source Remotely-Sensed Data Using CNN > R. Rory Clifford PITTMAN (York University) 16:00 P01_532 Parameters To Estimate Co2 Emission In Peatland Area Based On Carbon Content And Subsidence Rate From SAR Interferometry > M. Michele CROSETTO (Centre Tecnologic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya)
TCII-Photogrammetry P_02 16:00 > 17:30 Poster Session 2 - 7th June - TCII-Photogrammetry BALCONY - AGORA 2 - ZONE B
16:00 1014 Calibration Of Photogrammetric System For 3D Measurements In Inaccessible Multimedia Working Space > V. Vladimir A. KNYAZ (St Res Inst of Aviation Systems) 16:00 108 Application Of Stereo Cameras With Wide-Angle Lenses For The Indoor Mapping > D. Damian WIERZBICKI (Military University of Technology) 16:00 126 Accuracy Analysis Of Estimated Camera Orientation Parameters Of Historical Images - Case Study Of Georg-Schumann-Bau In Dresden (Germany) > F. Ferdinand MAIWALD (TU Dresden) 16:00 1318 Multi-Layer Modeling of Dense Vegetation from Aerial LiDAR Scans > E. Ekaterina KALINICHEVA (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:00 1319 Feature matching for multi-epoch historical aerial images > L. Lulin ZHANG (LaSTIG, IGN-Univ. Gustave Eiffel) 16:00 135 Multi-Modal Semantic Mesh Segmentation In Urban Scenes > D. Dominik LAUPHEIMER (University of Stuttgart) 16:00 147 Comparison Of Single-Image Urban Height Reconstruction From Optical And SAR Data > M. Michael SCHMITT (Bundeswehr University Munich) 16:00 234 Epipolar Line-Based Lateral Vibration Measurement By Using Two Cameras > A. Aisha JAVED (Seoul National University of Science and Technology) 16:00 262 Research On The Application Method Of Historical Building Protection Under The Integration Of Various Technologies > X. Xufeng YANG (QICS) 16:00 284 Remote Survey Of Traditional Dwellings Using Advanced Photogrammetry From Archival Data: The Case Of Lisbon > F. Francesca CONDORELLI (University of Padua) 16:00 309 Storm Drain Detection And Localisation On Mobile LiDAR Data Using A Pre-Trained Randla-Net Semantic Segmentation Network > L. Lukas MATTHEUWSEN (KU Leuven) 16:00 362 Image-Based Determination Of Rheological Properties Of Bingham Fluids > A. Anne PONICK (Leibniz University Hannover) 16:00 386 Evaluation Of UAV-Borne Photogrammetry And Laser Scanning For 3D Topographic Change Analysis At An Active Rock Glacier > V. Vivien ZAHS (Heidelberg University) 16:00 389 Integration Of Kalman Filtering Of Near-Continuous Surface Change Time Series Into The Extraction Of 4d Objects-By-Change > K. Katharina ANDERS (Heidelberg University) 16:00 391 Comparison Of Photogrammetry Tools Considering Rebar Progress Recognition > A. Abdul Hannan QURESHI (Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS) 16:00 409 Accuracy Investigations Of Hand-Held Scanning Systems Using Different Dumbbell Artefacts > P. Paul KALINOWSKI (Jade University of Applied Sciences) 16:00 419 Resampling Methods For A Reliable Validation Set In Deep Learning Based Point Cloud Classification > A. Abdul Awal Md NURUNNABI (University of Luxembourg) 16:00 432 Automation Of As-Built BIM Creation From Point Cloud: An Overview Of Research Works Focused On Indoor Environnement > C. Camille GOURGUECHON (INSA Strasbourg) 16:00 436 Vectorization Of Urban Mls Point Clouds: A Sequential Approach Using Cross Sections > É. Étienne BARÇON (TT-Geometres-Experts) 16:00 439 Deep Learning-Based Tracking Of Multiple Objects In The Context Of Farm Animal Ethology > R. Rasho ALI (Leibniz Universität Hannover) 16:00 443 Automating The Underground Cadastral Survey: A Processing Chain Proposal > A. Antoine CARREAUD (HEIG-VD) 16:00 452 Contribution Of Super Resolution To 3D Reconstruction From Pairs Of Satellite Image > N. Nicola IMPERATORE (CS Group) 16:00 454 Initial study assessing the suitability of drones with low-cost GNSS and IMU for mapping over featureless terrain using direct georeferencing > B. Bernard ESSEL (Maynooth University) 16:00 459 Automatic Algorithm For Georeferencing Historical-To-Nowadays Aerial Images Acquired In Natural Environments > A. Arnaud LE BRIS (IGN/ENSG - LASTIG - UGE) 16:00 469 Bulldozer: An Automatic Self-Driven Large Scale DTM Extraction Method From Digital Surface Model > D. Dimitri LALLEMENT (CNES) 16:00 521 Dense Reconstruction For Tunnels Based On The Integration Of Double-Line Parallel Photography And Deep Learning > M. Meiru JING (Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications) 16:00 564 Automatic Texture Mapping Method For 3D Models To Circumvent Occlusion Through 3D Spatial Through-View Relationships Between Images, Models, And Voxels > H.