Monday, 09 September 2013
Plenary OC-PL-1 09:00 > 12:00 Opening ceremony and Plenary session #1 Grand Amphithéâtre
  • Session Chairs : J-J. Jean-Jacques Pireaux, F. François Reniers
09:15 OAC Opening and Awards ceremony 10:00 PL-1-Pl-1 QUASI-PERIODIC MATERIALS - CRYSTAL REDIFINED See details > D. Dan Shechtman 10:55 PL-1-Pl-2 From a vision to realization See details > A. André Borschberg
NST - Nanoscience and Technology NST-1 14:00 > 18:00 Nanosystems and Topological Materials (Joint with ICN+T2013) Room 352A
  • Session Chairs : Y. Yukio Hasegawa, K. Kazuyuki SAKAMOTO
14:00 NST-1-In-1 Electronic properties and electron dynamics in quasi free standing graphene See details > P. Philip HOFMANN 14:30 NST-1-Or-1 Local Probing of Topological Superconductivity in In-doped SnTe > H. Hongwoo Baek 14:45 NST-1-Or-2 Cancelled 15:00 NST-1-Or-3 Charge screening at the surface of a topological insulator: Rb adatoms on Bi2Se3(111) > L. Lihui ZHOU 15:15 NST-1-Or-4 Cancelled 15:30 NST-1-Or-5 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of the Superconducting Pairing Symmetry in CuxBi2Se3 > J. Jeonghoon Ha 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 NST-1-In-2 Epitaxial graphene on Ir(111) – a playground for the fabrication of graphene hybrid materials See details > T. Thomas MICHELY 16:45 NST-1-Or-6 High sensitive biosensor based on the Surface Enhance Raman Scattering (SERS) > M. Maximilien Cottat 17:00 NST-1-Or-7 Detection of poly aromatic hydrocarbons with cyclodextrines functionalized nanosensor using Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy > I. Inga Tijunelyte 17:15 NST-1-Or-8 Evolution of MWCNT-polymer composite field emitter characteristics > A. Anatoly Kolosko
NST - Nanoscience and Technology NST-2 14:00 > 18:00 Nanoelectronics Part I (joint With ICN+T 2013) Room 351
  • Session Chairs : A. Antonin Fejfar, J. Jose Angel Martin Gago
14:00 NST-2-Or-1 Charge Transport in Azobenze-Based Single-Molecule Junctions > A. Aran Garcia-Lekue 14:15 NST-2-Or-2 Simulation of synaptic plasticity depending on inorganic/organic interface effects in PEDOT:PSS based memory devices > F. Fei Zeng 14:30 NST-2-In-1 Local investigation of ballistic transport in semiconductor nanostructures > K. Klaus ENSSLIN 15:00 NST-2-Or-3 Electrical characterization of free-standing GaAs nanowires by multitip STM > M. Matthias Steidl 15:15 NST-2-Or-4 Atomic scale study of the first stage of silicide nanocrystals formation on Si(100) for nanoscale molecular contacts > M. Mayssa YENGUI 15:30 NST-2-Or-5 Conductive Atomic Force Microscope Measurements on Large Single Crystals of Conjugated Polymers > W. Wael Hourani 15:45 NST-2-Or-6 Oscillations of the band gap of single-walled carbon nanotubes depending on their length and diameter > A. Alexander Ganin 16:00 NST-2-Or-6a Optoelectronic switching and negative differential resistance of molecular self-assembled monolayer junctions > D. Dechun BA 16:15 NST-2-In-2 Friction, Brownian motion, and energy dissipation mechanisms in adsorbed molecules and molecularly thin films: Heating, Electrostatic and Magnetic Effects* See details > J. Jacqueline Krim 16:45 NST-2-Or-7 Electric double-layer capacitors having nanostructured electrodes > K. Keisuke Fujiwara 17:00 NST-2-Or-8 Surfaces nanostructured locally by atmospheric pressure micro-plasma and micro afterglow > A. ayman altaweel 17:15 NST-2-Or-9 Stability and breakage mechanism of molecular junctions based on different anchoring groups > T. Teresa González 17:30 NST-2-Or-10 First direct conductivity measurement at a single Si atomic step > B. Bruno MARTINS 17:45 NST-2-Or-11 Effects of Bi doping on the multi-phase changing properties of InSbTe > Y. Yong Tae Kim
Cours Post-congrès NST/SS-1 14:00 > 18:00 Graphene Part I (Joint with ICN+T2013) Room 362+363
  • Session Chairs : M. Markus Ahlskog, E. Eli Sutter
14:00 NST/SS-1-Or-1 Graphene on cubic-SiC(001): current status and outlook for technology > V. Victor Aristov 14:15 NST/SS-1-Or-2 Elastic Response of Graphene Nanodomes > D. Daniele Stradi 14:30 NST/SS-1-Or-3 Epitaxial Silicene - tunable hybridization with the substrate and weak interactions with epitaxial organic overlayers > R. Rainer Friedlein 14:45 NST/SS-1-Or-4 DFT calculation for adatom adsorption on single layer h-BN > I. Ishii Akira 15:00 NST/SS-1-Or-5 Monitoring the synthesis of nanographene patterned by focused ion beam induced deposition > M. micaela castellino 15:15 NST/SS-1-Or-6 XPS for Characterization of Working Devices > S. Sefik SUZER 15:30 NST/SS-1-Or-7 Atomic scale characterization of O and CO intercalation under graphene > E. Elin Grånäs 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 NST/SS-1-Or-8 XPS and STM investigation of the atomic-scale morphology and electronic structure of metals intercaleted on Graphene/SiC(0001) > A. Abner de Siervo 16:30 NST/SS-1-Or-9 The interaction of Co oxides with Graphite surfaces > D. Daniel Diaz Fernandez 16:45 NST/SS-1-Or-10 Graphene on metal surfaces and the role of the substrate in its hydrogen adsorption > M. Mie ANDERSEN 17:00 NST/SS-1-Or-11 NITROGEN DOPING OF CARBON NAOMATERIALS MEASURED BY STM/STS > J. Jérôme lagoute
SS - Surface Science SS-1 14:00 > 18:00 Surface & Adsorbate Systems Room 341
  • Session Chairs : U. Ulrike DIEBOLD, M. Maki KAWAI
14:00 SS-1-Or-1 Ab initio Modeling of the Hydrogen Adsorption on Pt(111) Surface > H. Hanh TRAN Thi Thu 14:15 SS-1-Or-2 STM investigation of CO ordering on Pt(111) : from an isolated molecule to high coverage superstructure > H. Hyun Jin Yang 14:30 SS-1-In-1 FIRST-PRINCIPLES TRANSPORT SIMULATIONS OF SINGLE-MOLECULE JUNCTIONS See details > T. Thomas FREDERIKSEN 15:00 SS-1-Or-3 Tuning a nanostructure: self-organised growth of oxygen on Cu(110) modified by sulphur co-adsorption > F. Frederic Wiame 15:15 SS-1-Or-4 The quantum to classical crossover in the diffusion of H and D on Ni(111): a comparison of Helium Spin Echo measurements and diffusion rates derived from DFT potential energy surfaces > J. Jianding Zhu 15:30 SS-1-Or-5 Water adsorption and clustering on bare and hydroxylated FeO/Pt(111) > L. Lindsay Richard Merte 15:45 SS-1-Or-6 2D lanthanide networks > D. David Ecija 16:00 BK BREAK 16:15 SS-1-Or-7 Donor-acceptor interactions at solid surfaces controlled by charge transfer > K. Koen Lauwaet 16:30 SS-1-Or-8 DFT study of dopamine adsorption on TiO2 surfaces > D. Darwin Patricio CASTILLO MALLA 16:45 SS-1-Or-9 Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Studies of Orientations and Electronic Structures of C60 Molecules > Z. Zhihui QIN 17:00 SS-1-Or-10 Sensitivity of calculated electronic and magnetic properties on “molecule-surface” systems with van der Waals corrected Density Functional Theory > H. Hao Tang 17:15 SS-1-Or-11 Phase behavior of dimer adsorption model on honeycomb lattice at finite temperatures > V. Vasiliy Fefelov 17:30 SS-1-Or-12 Quasiparticle interference at epitaxial Silicene > H. Hiroyuki HIRAYAMA 17:45 SS-1-Or-13 Quantum states of proton and positive muon on solid surfaces and in subsurfaces > H. Hiroshi NAKANISHI
SS - Surface Science SS-2 14:00 > 18:00 Metals, Alloys and their Surfaces Lecture Hall Bordeaux
  • Session Chairs : S. Séverine Le Moal, J. Jorge Lobo-Checa
14:00 SS-2-In-1 GROWTH OF METALS ON GRAPHENE AND GRAPHITE SURFACES See details > P. Patricia A. THIEL 14:30 SS-2-Or-1 STM/STS investigation of Ni-Nb bulk metallic glasses surface near in vicinity of phase transition > V. Vladimir MANTSEVICH 14:45 SS-2-Or-2 On reliability of calculated energies and measured enthalpies of interfacial segregation > P. Pavel LEJCEK 15:00 SS-2-Or-3 Formation Dynamics SiAu Eutectic Thin Films and Surface Phases > D. D Frank Ogletree 15:15 SS-2-Or-4 Structural investigation of the (010) surface of the Al13Fe4 catalyst > É. Émilie Gaudry 15:30 SS-2-Or-5 Self-Ordered Vicinal-Surface-Like Nanosteps at the Thin Metal-Film/Substrate Interface: new surface structures > B. Boaz Pokroy 15:45 SS-2-Or-6 Formation of In/Pd(111) surface alloys at low-coverage > G. Garry McGuirk 16:00 BK BREAK 16:15 SS-2-Or-7 Bound-state resonance effects in the mode-selected electron-phonon coupling strengths measured by inelastic He atom scattering > P. Patrick Kraus 16:30 SS-2-Or-8 Core-shell Fe@Au nanoparticles: A DFT study > M. Magali BENOIT 16:45 SS-2-Or-9 Plasmon resonances on low index flat surfaces of aluminium and silver > G. Georges Raseev 17:00 SS-2-Or-10 Isolated Pd sites on low indexed surfaces of intermetallic PdGa catalysts > R. Roland Widmer 17:15 SS-2-Or-11 STM Study of Bi/Cu(111): Hard-Hexagon Model and Explosive Etching > Y. Yann GIRARD 17:30 SS-2-Or-12 Si interaction on Ni surfaces > T. Tsuneo Fukuda 17:45 SS-2-Or-13 Thermodynamic Criterions of Nanophase Stabilization in Metal Melts > Y. Yury Minaev
SS - Surface Science SS-3 14:00 > 18:00 Surface Structures and Dynamics Room 342B
  • Session Chairs : Y. Yann GIRARD, P. Peter VARGA
14:00 SS-3-Or-1 Specialities of the group III metals mobility on Si(100) surfaces > I. Ivan OSTADAL 14:15 SS-3-Or-2 Driving Force of Phase Transition in Indium Nanowires on Si(111) > J. Jun Hyung CHO 14:30 SS-3-Or-3 Tiny golden "Eiffel towers" on Si(111)-5x2-Au surface > T. Tadashi ABUKAWA 14:45 SS-3-In-1 First principles simulations of water at interfaces: challenges and opportunities See details > A. Angelos MICHAELIDES 15:15 SS-3-Or-4 Ordered H2O structures on a particularly weakly interacting surface - H2O/Au(111). > G. Gefen Corem 15:30 SS-3-Or-5 New software tool for I-V LEED analysis being applied to model catalysts > J. Jan LACHNITT 15:45 SS-3-Or-6 Grazing Incidence Fast Atom Diffraction: A novel approach to surface structure analysis > H. Hocine Khemliche 16:00 BK BREAK 16:15 SS-3-Or-7 High energy surface X-ray diffraction for in situ surface structure determination - A new view of reciprocal space > J. Johan Gustafson 16:30 SS-3-Or-8 Characterization of Pd(100) surface under catalitic conditions with High Energy Surface X-Ray Diffraction > M. Mikhail SHIPILIN 16:45 SS-3-Or-9 Helium Atom Scattering Measurements of the Surface Structure and Dynamics of Sb(111) > M. Michael Mayrhofer-Reinhartshuber 17:00 SS-3-Or-10 Thermal behaviors of a metal layer sandwiched by silicon oxide > H. Hiroki Kato 17:15 SS-3-Or-11 Curved crystals: the ultimate approach in surface science > E. Enrique ORTEGA 17:30 SS-3-Or-12 Lattice dynamics in 2D nanoclusters : a possible way to control the chemical ordering in nanoalloys. > H. Hervé BULOU
ASS - Applied Surface Science ASS-1 14:00 > 18:00 Quantitative Surface and Interface Analysis / New Approaches and Novel Applications Part I Room 343
  • Session Chairs : W. Wolfgang Drube, L. Laszlo Kover
14:00 ASS-1-Kn-1 LOOKING BENEATH THE SURFACE AT BURIED LAYERS AND INTERFACES WITH STANDING-WAVE AND HARD X-RAY PHOTOEMISSION > C. Charles S. FADLEY 14:45 ASS-1-In-1 Electron Spectroscopy for Thin Film Devices See details > H. Hee Jae Kang 15:15 ASS-1-Or-1 Energy loss structures in hard X-ray photoelectron spectra > L. Laszlo Kover 15:30 ASS-1-Or-2 Destructive versus non destructive methods for compositional depth profiles > N. Noelia Benito 15:45 ASS-1-Or-3 Multitechnique electron spectroscopic characterisation of optoelectronic devices > A. Andrew Wright 16:00 BK BREAK 16:15 ASS-1-Or-4 Interface study between Nanostructured TaNx [x=0, 1.8] films and Carbon Nanotubes grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition > B. brigitte bouchet-fabre 16:30 ASS-1-Or-5 In situ GISAXS characterization of metal sputtering on Alq3 thin film > S. Shun Yu 16:45 ASS-1-Or-6 Quantitative surface analysis using Low Energy Ion Scattering (LEIS) > T. Thomas Grehl 17:00 ASS-1-Or-7 Quantitative ToF-SIMS MCs Dual Beam Depth Profiling with Improved Dynamic Range > S. Sven KAYSER 17:15 ASS-1-In-2 PROBING ELECTRONIC STRUCTURE IN MATERIALS SCIENCE WITH HARD X-RAY PHOTOELECTRON SPECTROSCOPY > W. Wolfgang Drube 17:45 ASS-1-Or-8 In situ surface analytical characterization of electronic devices: thin film solar cells and lithium ion batteries as examples > M. Michael Meyer
ASS - Applied Surface Science ASS-2 14:00 > 18:00 Surface Chemistry and Catalysis Part I Room 364
  • Session Chairs : P. Philippe Marcus, C. Carlos TAVARES
14:00 ASS-2-In-1 DENSITY FUNCTIONAL THEORY CALCULATIONS AS A TOOL FOR UNDERSTANDING/PREDICTING ADSORPTION AND CHEMICAL REACTIONS ON BIMETALLIC AND INTERMETALLIC CATALYSTS See details > A. Alfredo Juan 14:30 ASS-2-Or-1 Methanol adsorption on cerium and tungsten oxide based systems > K. Karel MAŠEK 14:45 ASS-2-Or-2 Plasma electrolytic oxide coatings on valve metals and their activity in CO oxidation > I. Irina Lukiianchuk 15:00 ASS-2-Or-3 Preferential oxidation of CO on Ir(111) and Pt(111) surfaces studied with ambient pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. > J. Jan Knudsen 15:15 ASS-2-Or-4 Modification of metal films with the aid of atomically thin oxide layers > L. Laszlo Deak 15:30 ASS-2-Or-5 Atomistic Theory of Ostwald Ripening and Disintegration of Supported Metal Particles Under Reaction Conditions > W-X. Wei-Xue LI 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 ASS-2-Or-6 Development of PVD-deposited Pd-Ag functional thin film membranes on ceramic supports for hydrogen purification/separation > C. Carlos TAVARES 16:30 ASS-2-Or-7 Structure changes of copper in different supported catalysts > A. Albert Oszkó 16:45 ASS-2-Or-8 Microstructural and photocatalytic properties of nanostructured Au/TiO2 prepared by reactive magnetron sputtering > I. Imane SAYAH 17:00 ASS-2-Or-9 Bismuth Oxide thin films for photocatalytic degradation of textile dyes > S. SANDRA ELIZABETH RODIL 17:15 ASS-2-Or-10 Iron oxide surface engineering: synthesis of magnetically retrievable nano-organocatalysts. > E. Emilie Nehlig 17:30 ASS-2-Or-11 Structure and Chemical Activity of Metal Oxides Studied by Vibrational Spectroscopy > H. Heshmat Noei 17:45 ASS-2-Or-12 MnCl porphyrins on the Ag(111) surface: axial ligand transformation > B. Barry Murphy
TF - Thin Films TF-1 14:00 > 18:00 Designed Films and Smart Surfaces: Modeling and Realisation Part I Room 352B
  • Session Chairs : C. Christoph EISENMENGER-SITTNER, B. Bruce King
14:00 TF-1-In-1 GAS PULSING AND OBLIQUE ANGLE DEPOSITION FOR STRUCTURING OF THIN FILMS See details > N. Nicolas Martin 14:30 TF-1-Or-1 Metastable nanotubular TiO2 and their transformation into anatase nanoparticulate layers on surface of anodized titanium subject to alumina grit blasting > M. Maria Luisa Mendoza López 14:45 TF-1-Or-2 Production of SiC hollow cylinders starting from CNTs Pillars > M. Mauro Giorcelli 15:00 TF-1-Or-3 Nanoporous molybdenum films and their application in catalysis > I. Ivo Vávra 15:15 TF-1-Or-4 High-speed deposition of multilayer nanofilms using soap-film coating > R. Renyun ZHANG 15:30 TF-1-Or-5 Gold/yttria-stabilized zirconia nanocomposite films at the nanoscale > D. David HORWAT 15:45 TF-1-Or-6 Stabilisation of α and β phases of Ta thin films grown by magnetron sputtering > A. Anny MICHEL 16:00 BK BREAK 16:15 TF-1-Kn-1 ADVANCED CHARACTERISATION OF MAGNETIC MATERIALS > L. Lesley COHEN 17:00 TF-1-Or-7 Multi-Dye-Molecule-Stacked Structures Grown by Molecular Layer Deposition (LP-MLD) on ZnO > T. Tetsuzo Yoshimura 17:15 TF-1-Or-8 Delamination and buckling of thin films from an interface step > J. Jérôme Colin 17:30 TF-1-Or-9 Three steps strategy for thin film growth simulation: example of Cr/CrNx multilayers > A. Aurelien BESNARD 17:45 TF-1-Or-10 From nano-layers to large area neutron supermirrors. > T. Thierry BIGAULT
FPFI - Frontiers in Photoelectron Full-field Im... FPFI-1 14:00 > 18:00 High-resolution Chemical Mapping and Nanospectroscopy / Band Structure Imaging Room 313+314
  • Session Chairs : O. Olivier RENAULT, G. Gerd Schönhense
14:00 FPFI-1-In-1 PIC-mapping of biomineral crystals by PEEM > P. Pupa Gilbert 14:30 FPFI-1-Or-1 Direct observation of local redox-processes on resistivly switching SrTiO3 with spatially resolved spectroscopy > A. Annemarie KOEHL 14:45 FPFI-1-Or-2 Spectromicroscopic characterization of thin iron oxide films > F. Francesca Genuzio 15:00 FPFI-1-Or-3 Nanospectroscopy on FeCu magnetic alloy films: electronic interface effects in organic-metal films > M. Miguel Angel NINO ORTI 15:15 FPFI-1-Or-4 Surface, Interface and Thin Film Processes in Organic Materials Investigated by Photoemission Electron Microscopy and Low Energy Electron Microscopy > M. M. Benedetta Casu 15:30 FPFI-1-Or-5 Signature of silicon doping in Gallium Nitride microwires studied by spectroscopic XPEEM > J. Julien MORIN 15:45 FPFI-1-Or-6 Mapping the interplays of organic semiconductor and ferromagnetic layers in vertical organic spin-valve structures > D-H. Der-Hsin Wei 16:00 BK BREAK 16:30 FPFI-1-Or-7 Spectroscopic XPEEM for studying the surface electronics of epitaxial graphene domains > H. HoKwon KIM 16:45 FPFI-3-Or-8 High resolution band structure imaging with a new photoelectron emission microscope > N. Nicholas Barrett 17:00 FPFI-1-Or-9 Temperature-controlled reversible rippling and bonding of graphene on a square lattice. > A. Andrea Locatelli 17:15 FPFI-1-Or-10 Efficient mapping of the spin resolved bandstructure of cobalt films by spin polarized momentum microscopy > C. Christian TUSCHE 17:30 FPFI-1-Or-11 Spin-resolved dispersion of unoccupied quantum well states in Co thin films on Cu(001) > M. Martin ELLGUTH 17:45 FPFI-1-Or-12 Momentum Microscopy with Time-of-Flight Filter and Imaging Spin Detector > K. Katerina Medjanik
SE - Surface Engineering SE-1 14:00 > 18:00 Pulsed Plasmas / HIPIMS in Surface Engineering, (Joint with CIP and Miatec 2013) Room 353
  • Session Chairs : G. Gregory Exarhos, T. Tiberiu MINEA
14:00 SE-1-Or-1 Structure formation and photocatalytic activity of HiPIMS and pulsed DC reactively sputtered W doped TiO2 coatings > P. Peter KELLY 14:15 SE-1-Or-2 Oxide Films Deposited by Reactive Bipolar High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) > S. Stanislav KADLEC 14:30 SE-1-In-1 Film deposition from the plasma phase: Origin, management, and use of ion energies See details > A. André ANDERS 15:00 SE-1-Or-3 Selection of metal ion irradiation for controlling Ti1-xAlxN alloy growth by hybrid HIPIMS/DCMS co-sputtering using synchronized pulsed substrate bias > I. Ivan PETROV 15:15 SE-1-Or-4 Syntheses and characterization of TiC nanocomposite using DC and HiPIMS magnetron sputtering > A. Alessandro Patelli 15:30 SE-1-Or-5 HIPIMS Process for Sputtering Cu Seed Layer in High Aspect Ratio Via and Trench. > R. Roman Chistyakov 15:45 SE-1-Or-6 A new angle on sputtering magnetrons? > D. Daniel Lundin 16:00 SE-1-Or-6a Plasma potential control for film structure modification in high power pulsed magnetron sputtering > T. Takeo NAKANO 16:15 SE-1-Or-7 Time and spatially resolved ion energy distribution function in reactive HiPIMS > M. Martin Cada 16:30 SE-1-Or-8 Through-target Study of Plasma Generation and 3-D Analysis of Plasma Transport in High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering > D. David Ruzic 16:45 SE-1-Or-9 Non-uniform mesh modelling of very high density magnetron discharges. Comparison between DC and HiPIMS regimes. > A. Adrien Revel 17:00 SE-1-Or-10 Asymmetric distribution of ion and electron fluxes measured near the target plane in HiPIMS and DCMS discharges > M. Matjaz Panjan 17:15 SE-1-Or-11 Time-Resolved Laser Diagnostics in High-Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering Discharges > M. Maria PALMUCCI 17:30 SE-1-Or-12 Reactive sputtering of transition metal hydride thin films by high power impulse magnetron sputtering and direct current magnetron sputtering > H. Hans HÖGBERG 17:45 SE-1-Or-13 Influence of nitrogen content on CrSiN thin film properties deposited by reactive HiPIMS > P-Y. Pierre-Yves Jouan
BI - BioInterfaces BI-1 14:00 > 18:00 Quantifying and Predicting Protein / Surface Interactions Room 311+312
  • Session Chairs : A. ANOUK GALTAYRIES, B. Bo LIEDBERG
14:00 BI-1-In-1 Spatially and temporally coordinated processes of cells at molecular to cellular scales > J. Joachim Spatz 14:30 BI-1-Or-1 Nanoparticle click functionalization by photochemical thiol-yne reaction, towards double chemoselective functionalization. > E. Erwann Guénin 14:45 BI-1-Or-2 Comparison of thiol/NHS ester bifunctional SAMs on gold formed from symmetric and asymmetric disulfide linkers > C. Cheuk Chi Albert Ng 15:00 BI-1-Or-3 Functionalization of azide-terminated silicon surfaces with glycans using “click” chemistry for the study of their interaction with proteins > A. Anne Chantal Gouget 15:15 BI-1-Or-4 Adsorption of hemoglobin on silica nanoparticles: an alternative approach to modulate the oxygen affinity of the protein > S. stephanie devineau 15:30 BI-1-Or-5 Linking proteins bio-recognition to their orientation on different substrates by means of surface analysis > V. Victor Lebec 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 BI-1-Or-6 Photoactive self-assembled monolayers of functional alkanethiols designed on metal oxides for control of protein-surface interactions > A. Antoine Dellinger 16:30 BI-1-Or-7 Surface immobilised biomolecules quantification and prevention of non-specific biomolecules binding > S. Santanu Ray 16:45 BI-1-In-2 NONLINEAR OPTICAL SPECTROSCOPY OF INTERFACES See details > H. Heike ARNOLDS 17:15 BI-1-Or-8 Tunable polymeric nanochannel device for single molecules detection > P. Paola Fanzio 17:30 BI-1-Or-9 Nanosensors and breathalyzers for personalized diagnostics > J. Jusang Lee 17:45 BI-1-Or-10 Olga Terleeva / No Show
PST - Plasma Science and Technology PST-1 14:00 > 18:00 Plasma Source, Diagnostics and Basic Phenomena Part I (Joint with CIP 2013) Room 342A
  • Session Chairs : C. Christine CHARLES, A. Amnon Fruchtman
14:00 PST-1-In-1 DIAGNOSTICS OF ACTIVE SPECIES IN ATMOSPHERIC PLESSURE PLASMAS See details > C. Christophe LEYS 14:30 PST-1-Or-1 Optical emission study of guided streamers at atmospheric pressure > K. Kristaq Gazeli 14:45 PST-1-Or-2 Optical emission spectroscopy and collisional-radiative modeling of He dielectric barrier discharges in presence of wood samples > L. Luc Stafford 15:00 PST-1-Or-3 CORONA DISCHARGE AS AN ION SOURCE FOR AEROSOL CHARGING: OPTIMISATION OF THE ION PRODUCTION AND EXTRACTION > N. Nicolas JIDENKO 15:15 PST-1-Or-4 From low to atmospheric pressure plasma diagnostics based on quantum cascade laser absorption spectroscopy > S. Sylvain Iseni 15:30 PST-1-Or-5 Determination of N, O and N2(A) metastable density in the afterglows of N2 and N2-O2 RF discharges > A. andre RICARD 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 PST-1-Or-6 Infrared characterization of SiH4 decomposition in a glow dielectric barrier discharge: comparison of continuous and modulated excitation > J. Julien VALLADE 16:30 PST-1-Or-7 Study of low pressure plasma decomposition of Zirconium Tetra tert-Butoxide > R. Rick Verhoef 16:45 PST-1-Or-8 Probe Diagnostics of RF Plasmas for Material Processing > V. Valery GODYAK 17:00 PST-1-Or-9 Ion Temperature Measurement in the Plasma of an ECR Ion Source by Means of Precision X-Ray Spectroscopy > C. Csilla SZABO-FOSTER 17:15 PST-1-Or-10 Cancelled 17:30 PST-1-In-2 RECENT RESULTS IN EUV AND SOFT X-RAY SOURCE DEVELOPMENT See details > P. Padraig Dunne
CH - Cultural Heritage CH-1 14:00 > 18:00 Cultural Heritage materials Room 361
  • Session Chairs : P. Philippe Dillmann, P. Philippe WALTER
14:00 CH-1-Kn-1 BEYOND THE APPEARENCE OF WORKS OF ART See details > P. Philippe WALTER 14:45 CH-1-Or-1 Portuguese ceramics from the 16th century: pigments, glazes and pastes characterization. > L. Luis Filipe Vieira Ferreira 15:00 CH-1-Or-2 DiffAbs beamline contribution to the study of ancient materials. > S. solenn reguer 15:15 CH-1-Or-3 Hydrophobization of marble pores for enhanced stone protection > D. Dennis Kronlund 15:30 CH-1-Or-4 Identification of natural organic dyes used in art works by laser desorption mass spectrometry > S. Stepanka KUCKOVA 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 CH-1-Or-5 Presence of nanolayers controlling the corrosion processes on iron based archaeological artefacts, detected by high spatial resolution Raman, TEM, STXM and nanoSIMS analyses. > P. Philippe Dillmann 16:30 CH-1-Or-6 Influence of sulfur compounds in iron corrosion: complementary chemical imaging with µ-Raman spectroscopy, FEG-SEM and ToF-SIMS > F. Florence MERCIER-BION 16:45 CH-1-Or-7 Sub micrometer gold leaf for art gilding: how and when was it obtained? A mechanical analysis of gold foil thinning > M. Marc AUCOUTURIER 17:00 CH-1-Or-8 Colorando Auro: Medieval recipes to colour gilded silver plates studied by SR-XPS and XANES. > M-A. Marie-Angélique Languille 17:15 CH-1-Or-9 Nanoparticles used to darken the patina of antic black bronze: TEM observations on new experimentations > F. François Mathis 17:30 CH-1-Or-10 Non destructive identification and diagnosis of natural organic substances in cultural heritage: insight from Raman and infrared signatures > L. Ludovic BELLOT-GURLET
VST - Vacuum Science and Technology VST-1 14:00 > 18:00 Vacuum Measurement, Primary Standards and Calibrations Part I Lecture Hall Havane
  • Session Chairs : J. Jay Hendricks, J. Janez Setina
14:00 VST-1-In-1 A dynamic vacuum pressure standard to test the response time of fast vacuum gauges > K. Karl JOUSTEN 14:30 VST-1-Or-1 Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges for Very Fast Processes > M. Martin WÜEST 14:45 VST-1-Or-2 Temperature sensing of fast gas expansions > J. Joachim BUTHIG 15:00 VST-1-Or-3 Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges with highest measuring rate > C. Christian Berg 15:15 VST-1-Or-4 High-Vacuum Metrology at NIST > J. James Fedchak 15:30 VST-1-Or-5 Calibration of reference leaks in a wide pressure range > O. Orlando Teodoro 15:45 BK BREAK 16:15 VST-1-Or-6 Capacitance Diaphragm Gauges with very high full scale stability > P. Peter KAPPENBERGER 16:30 VST-1-Or-7 Survey of primary standards of atmospheric leaks > D. Dominik PRAŽÁK 16:45 VST-1-Or-8 Mass spectrometry residual gas analysis: a key tool to optimize the packaging of MEMS > P. Pierre NICOLAS 17:00 VST-1-Or-9 Calibration of leak artefact for sniffer test by constant volume type flow meter > K. Kenta ARAI 17:15 VST-1-Or-10 A New Inverted Magnetron Pirani Combination Gauge > J. Janos Marki 17:30 VST-1-Or-11 Comparative RGA measurements in the range from 10^-10 to 10^-5 mbar > M. Mark Pendleton
Tuesday, 10 September 2013
Plenary PL-2 09:00 > 12:00 Plenary session #2 Grand Amphithéâtre
  • Session Chairs : M. Mariano Anderle, J. James W Rogers
VST - Vacuum Science and Technology VST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Outgassing, Pumps, Getters and Materials Processing / Poster session #1 Poster Area 1 (Halls)
VST-P1-16 A profile of the gradational lead rotor with equal axial addendum width in dry twin-screw vacuum pump > S. Shiwei ZHANG VST-P1-17 Effect of sealing time of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) film for vacuum parts > J-T. Jin-Tae KIM VST-P1-18 Large-scale Hydro-formed Bellows with Inner-surface Polishing, as Flexible as Welded Bellows > K. Koizumi Oji VST-P1-19 Evaluation Design of Reliability Engineering of Vacuum Pumps in the Semi-conductor Industry > J. Jong Yeon Lim VST-P1-20 Study on Diagnostics of Dry Vacuum Pumps Using the Adaptive Parametric Model of State Variables > S. Seunghwan Nam VST-P1-21 Cancelled VST-P1-22 Absorption of noble gases by sputter-ion pumps: investigating synergetic pumping mechanisms for a better integration with non-evaporable getters > T. Tommaso Porcelli VST-P1-23 Vacuum performance of glassy carbon > P. Paolo Chiggiato
VST - Vacuum Science and Technology VST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Vacuum measurements, Primary Standards and Calibrations / Poster session #1 Poster Area 1 (Halls)
VST-P1-01 Low negative gauge pressure comparison between CMI and INRIM > Z. Zdeněk KRAJÍČEK VST-P1-02 A live calibration method of the leak detector of change pressure and experimental research > J. Jijun SHI VST-P1-03 Evaluation of the influence factors on vacuum helium mass spectrum leak detecting system sensitivity > W. wei sun VST-P1-04 A Portable Vacuum Gauge Calibration Apparatus > L. LU YAOWEN VST-P1-05 Pumping Speed Measurement Capability of Dry Vacuum Pumps Using a Block of Six Calibrated Sonic Nozzles > W-S. Wan-Sup Cheung VST-P1-06 An Analysis of Gas Flow and Pressure Differences for a High Vacuum Measurement Standard > H. Han Wook Song VST-P1-07 Comparison of the standards for high and ultrahigh vacuum at LIP laboratory > Y. Yongjun Cheng VST-P1-08 A R&D program on Leak localization concepts for actively cooled fusion machines > A. Aurélien Durocher VST-P1-09 Development of a low cost, rugged, precision Capacitive Low Pressure Gauge for Cryogenic use. > L. laurent MANCERON VST-P1-10 The Bilateral Comparison of the Helium Leak between Slovene Institute of Metals and Technology and Czech Metrology Institute > M. Martin Vicar VST-P1-11 Preliminary results of broader campaign of time stability characterization of QMS > R. Rifat Kangi VST-P1-12 Study of influence of operating parameters on quadrupole mass spectrometer sensitivity and linearity > B. Bojan Erjavec VST-P1-13 Stationary Coating Materials for Multi-Layered Gas Chromatography Chip Assembly > S. Sanggoo Kim VST-P1-14 The construction of floats for laser interferometric mercury manometer – new primary standard of Russian Federation in the range 0,1 – 130 kPa. > I. Irina Sadkovskaya VST-P1-15 Detailed investigation of a CNT emitter-based extractor gauge for pressure reading in the cryogenic beam vacuum system of SIS100 > M. Marcel Lotz VST-P1-15a Indigenous development of standard helium permeation leak artifact with different wall thickness and variable filled pressure > T. Tariq Sattar
VST - Vacuum Science and Technology VST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 XHV Production, Measurement and Outgassing / Poster session #1 Poster Area 1 (Halls)
VST-P1-24 Development of new materials and ultra clean processes using the vacuum – plasma – levitation technique > Y-H. Yong-hyeon SHIN VST-P1-25 Effects of the photon stimulated desorption from the surfaces cleaned with ozonized water > G-Y. Gao-Yu Hsiung
Joint BI/ASS/NST BI/ASS/NST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 BioInterfaces-Nanomedicine / Poster session #1 Poster Area 2 (Neuilly Aisle)
BI/ASS/NST-P1-01 Bionanoparticles based chemical sensor > M. Man WU BI/ASS/NST-P1-02 The effect of hyaluronic acid on the formation of calcium phosphate on CoCrMo alloy > I. Ingrid Milosev BI/ASS/NST-P1-03 Non-label Imaging of Essential Ions in Physiological and Pathological Angiogenesis in the Retina using TOF-SIMS > J. JIN HYOUNG KIM BI/ASS/NST-P1-04 Characterization of interfaces between polypeptide and DNA layers using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy > S. Sylwia Ptasinska BI/ASS/NST-P1-05 Application of SR-­XRF to investigate nanoparticles/cell interactions > G. Giacomo Ceccone BI/ASS/NST-P1-06 Towards Plasmonic Biosensors functionalized by a photo-induced surface reaction > T. Tina GSCHNEIDTER BI/ASS/NST-P1-07 Development of Fe3O4-SiO2 films by sol-gel dip-coating method onto pretreated glass surface > J. Janina SETINA BI/ASS/NST-P1-08 Cancelled BI/ASS/NST-P1-09 Antimicrobial Activity of Electrospun Poly (butylenes succinate) Fiber Mats Containing PVP-Capped Silver Nanoparticles > P. pingli WANG BI/ASS/NST-P1-10 Polysomes observed by atomic force microscopy > L. Lorenzo Lunelli BI/ASS/NST-P1-11 Polysorbate 80 alters the internal structure of phytantriol-based nanocarriers > F. Fernanda Poletto BI/ASS/NST-P1-12 Klemen Zelic / No Show BI/ASS/NST-P1-13 Matej Hocevar / No Show BI/ASS/NST-P1-14 Laser Surface Structuring for Anti-biofouling Surfaces > T. Tadej Kokalj BI/ASS/NST-P1-15 Maha Ayat / No Show
NST - Nanoscience and Technology NST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Nanoelectronics (joint with ICN+T 2013) / Poster session #1 Poster Area 2 (Neuilly Aisle)
NST-P1-06 IONIC CONDUCTIVITY OF BC3 BORON-CARBON NANOTUBES > P. Pavel ZAPOROTSKOV NST-P1-07 Large Magnetoresistance of Self-Assembled Magnetite Type Nanocrystal Films toward Spin Transistor > S. Shigemi KOHIKI NST-P1-08 The self-breaking mechanism of Au nanocontacts > T. Tomoka Nakazumi NST-P1-09 Enhanced Optical Properties of Alkylated Silicon Quantum Dots mixed with Erbium (III) Chloride > K. Khamael Abualnaja NST-P1-10 Efficiency of Graphene-Based Solar Cell as the Number of Graphene Layers > K. Kyuwook Ihm NST-P1-11 Conductive PVDF-HFP nanofibers with embedded TTF-TCNQ charge transfer complex > R. Rafail Khalfin NST-P1-12 Multiple Carbon Nanotube Junctions for Stochastic Resonance Devices > A. Agung Setiadi
NST - Nanoscience and Technology NST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Nanoscale Self Assembly (joint with ICN+T 2013) / Poster session #1 Poster Area 2 (Neuilly Aisle)
NST-P1-13 Orientation of PCBM in an intermixing overlayer of C60 and PCBM on Au(111) surface > H. Hitoshi SUZUKI NST-P1-14 Aluminium on the Si(100)2×1 – growth, morphology and different modifications of aluminium dimers studied by STM > M. Michael KUCERA NST-P1-15 Growth of Al on Si(100) studied by a kinetic Monte Carlo method > F. Filip ROZBOŘIL NST-P1-16 Nanoscale Si/Ge heterostructures prepared by glancing angle deposition > C. Christoph GRÜNER NST-P1-17 Towards covalently-bonded organic network formation on a semiconductor surface > I. Ignatius McGovern NST-P1-18 A Novel Fabrication Process of Self-organized Epitaxial Ag Nanodods: Ti Seed Layer Mediated Bilayer Agglomeration Phenomenon > M. Masao Kamiko NST-P1-19 Self-Assembling of NiTPP/Cu(111): an XPS and STM study > S. Shadi Passam Fatayer
NST - Nanoscience and Technology NST-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Nanosystems and Topological Materials (joint with ICN+T 2013) / Poster session #1 Poster Area 2 (Neuilly Aisle)
NST-P1-01 Realignment of deposited carbon nanotubes in response to sessile droplets; Marangoni effect or contact line motion? > M. Matti HOKKANEN NST-P1-02 INFLUENCE OF SOLUTION TREATMENT PARAMETERS ON MARTENSITE PLATE MORPHOLOGY OF A HOT ROLLED POWDER METALLURGY Fe-14Mn-6Si-9Cr-5Ni (MASS. %) SHAPE MEMORY ALLOY > L. Leandru BUJOREANU NST-P1-03 Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy as a method to control nanowire array quality in porous template > G. Gunta KUNAKOVA NST-P1-04 Cancelled NST-P1-05 Effects of the sudden electron-hole pair creation on the surface plasmon excitations in cylindrical nanorods > J. Juana Gervasoni NST-P1-5a Doping effect of Mg in the catalytic total oxidation of ethanol over copper Ferrite obtained from co-precipitation method > L. Laaldja Meddour-Boukhobza
DPC PST/SE/TF-P1 14:00 > 16:00 Surface Engineering and Multifunctional Coatings (joint with CIP 2013) / Poster session #1 Poster Area 2 (Neuilly Aisle)
PST/SE/TF-P1-01 Effect of Heat Exposure Conditions on the APS-W Layer coated on Molybdenum Substrate > G. GueSerb CHO PST/SE/TF-P1-02 Investigation of a triode sputter source used for the deposition of the inside wall of narrow hollow cylinders > J. Johann Laimer PST/SE/TF-P1-03 Superhydrophobicity and self-cleaning by plasma treatments of topographically structured surfaces > E. Elisa Grimoldi PST/SE/TF-P1-04 Deposition of thin TiO2 films by atmospheric pressure plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition (APPECVD) using an Injection Axial Torch > Y. Yoan Gazal PST/SE/TF-P1-05 A novel method to control silver doping in TiO2 using TiO2/AgO bi-layer thin film stacks > A. ABHAY KUMAR JAISWAL PST/SE/TF-P1-06 LOW-TEMPERATURE PLASMA CARBURIZING OF AISI 420 STEEL: MICROSTRUCTURE CHARACTERIZATION OF THE TREATED SURFACES > S. SILVIO FRANCISCO Brunatto PST/SE/TF-P1-07 Study of the reactivity of water at the interface between an atmospheric argon plasma torch and polyethylene > S. Stephanie COLLETTE PST/SE/TF-P1-08 Study of Sheath in Multicomponent Plasmas > S. Stanislav Novak PST/SE/TF-P1-09 PLASMA POLYMERIZED CITRIC ACID ETHYLENE GLYCOL THIN NANOFILM > R. Rogerio PINTO MOTA PST/SE/TF-P1-10 a-SICN:H MICROWAVE PACVD THIN FILMS FOR SOLAR ENERGY: CORRELATION BETWEEN PLASMA ANALYSIS AND FILMS PROPERTIES > B. BOUSQUET Isabelle PST/SE/TF-P1-11 Experiences on titanium dioxide deposed films promoted by inductively coupled plasma spputtering > R. ROSENDO PEÑA-EGUILUZ PST/SE/TF-P1-12 Yanhui Zhao / No Show