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The digitalisation boom is triggering multiple changes in our offices and in our everyday orthodontic practice, not to mention in the management of our patients and treatment teams.

From diagnosis (cone beam imaging with 3D reconstructions, digital casts, treatment previews, downloading of digitalised moulds for anatomical reconstructions, and various types of analysis designed to enhance assessment of the dento-cranio-facial anatomy) to the manufacturing of our appliances, our entire organisational work-flow is being impacted. Patients, practitioners, dental technicians, assistants and computer specialists all have to keep a close watch on this new dynamics in order to adapt to the ongoing transformation in digital technology.

The tools we use are changing, but so are the way we work and our means of communication!

It is a great pleasure and an immense honour for me to wish you all, and your avatars, a warm welcome to the first International Virtual Orthodontic Conference, the IVOC SFODF, the first meeting to which you will not have to travel in order to play a direct and active role in the proceedings!  

Firstly, a very urgent remark: it is necessary and mandatory that you create your avatar before February 7, 2019

The instructions or tutorial enabling you to create your avatar will be forwarded to you by the SFODF as soon as you validate your enrolment via Internet on our site: www.ivoc-sfodf.org. Don’t forget to familiarise yourself with the various functionalities provided by your avatar and don’t hesitate to make early contact with the virtual world of IVOC SFODF. Unfortunately, for organisational reasons, no assistance will be available on the day of the conference.

On the day of the conference, at the time of your choice, you will be able:

  • to take your place in the conference room (while still seated at home!).
  • to ask questions of the speakers following their presentations,
  • to move around the exhibitors stands and make purchases,
  • to chat with other avatars in the corridors and lounges,
  • and even to read the posters selected during the 10th WIOC conference on skeletal anchorage to be held in Bali in September 2018.   

IVOC SFODF was inspired by the determination of our French Society, the SFODF, to promote orthodontic training, notably by improving communication between professionals. This virtual conference is a perfect illustration of this policy as it will enhance exchanges and the sharing of knowledge between practitioners not only in France but throughout the world!

I would particularly like to thank Oliver Sorel, the President of the SFODF, for co-chairing this meeting and for his renewed trust; also Guillaume Reys who, through the Dental Life company, has personally and brilliantly helped create the magnificent, perfectly-tailored virtual environment to meet the needs of this event; also Ki Beom Kim (St Louis University, USA) and Young Lee, both members of the conference scientific committee, and not to forget Alexandra Schaller, the delegate-general of the IVOC-SFODF.

On the day of the conference, the programme will feature 12 international avatars/speakers who will speak on skeletal anchorage, a very contemporary theme which, judging by the abundance of scientific studies and publications, will continue to astonish us, to our ever-greater delight!

So, finally, our sincerest thanks to all the avatars/speakers for joining us in this adventure, and also a huge thank you to each and every one of you!  

May your avatars draw all the pleasure they deserve from this conference day and in this novel conference venue!  So now over to you to take the plunge!


See you all very soon in the virtual world of IVOC SFODF !


Stéphane RENGER

Stéphane Renger

Chairman of IVOC SFODF

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