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Dear Families, Dear Colleagues,


It is our great pleasure to organize the 3rd European GLUT1-DS virtual meeting in June 11, 2021. It is a great honor for us to have the European meeting in France after the great job of the Italian GLUT1 association in 2016 and Matthews friends in 2018.


This biannual meeting will once again provide an update on diagnosis and management of GLUT1 deficiency. Eminent European key opinion leaders have agreed to speak and to provide their expertise in the field. As in the previous editions, a large amount of time will be devoted to discussion and to answer questions. Everything will be done to promote interaction between the experts, the healthcare professionals and the families.


We are confident that you will enjoy the lectures and the meeting.


On behalf of the Local Scientific Committee,

Stéphane Auvin




Bonjour à tous,


Chaque année nous nous réjouissons du rassemblement autour du déficit en Glut1, quel que soit le continent sur lequel se passe ce rassemblement, nous attendons avec impatience ce rendez-vous.

C’est le moment idéal pour chacun d'entre vous de venir rencontrer les différents professionnels internationaux qui, tout au long de l'année et depuis plusieurs années, travaillent dans le but de trouver des solutions pour nos enfants.

Réservez dès aujourd’hui la date du 11 Juin 2021 !


Si la maladie de votre enfant vous questionne encore, si vous avez besoin d'en savoir plus, de mieux la comprendre alors ce rendez-vous est fait pour vous.

C'est aussi le moment idéal pour rencontrer les familles avec qui vous échangez via le groupe de parents sur internet


Nous espérons vous voir nombreux.


Magali Sorret, la présidente et toute l'équipe d'ASDGLUT1   





Dear friends,


It seems to have been a long time but it was only in 2016 when I met most of you in Milan for the 1st European Conference on Glut1 DS.

The idea at that time was to reproduce the G1D Foundation model and to have a conference on Glut1 DS also in Europe, every two years, rotating in all countries, in order to have a Conference every year in the the world.

Now we can say that things went well because in 2018 we met again in London for the 2nd conference, thanks to the organisation of Matthew's Friends and now ...


I have the great pleasure and honor to invite you all to the 3rd European GLUT1 Deficiency Syndrome Conference that will be held virtually next June the 11th 2021.

The main goal of this conference is to meet again each other and provide an update on Glut1 Deficiecy Syndrome. It will also be an opportunity to share ideas and to propose new projects for our future.


The participation of each of you is not only appreciated but first of all it is useful and important because I believe that sharing ideas and stay together is our most important resource to growth and the first step to achieve great results.


Special thanks to prof. Stéphane Auvin for organizing this 3rd Conference and to all of those who are collaborating for the best success of this important event.


Massimiliano Barone

President of the European Glut1 Deficiency Organisation


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