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The 13th 3AF International Conference Integrated Air and Missile Defense is once again the perfect opportunity to continue the discussion on the Missile Defense challenges to be considered with the wider frame of IAMD, where international cooperation is key to meet the associated challenges.

We invite the air and missile defense community to share and discuss air and missile defense challenges around the globe, reinforce ties and explore new ideas to promote air and missile defense solutions.

The following questions in particular will be raised:

  • What is the current threat landscape and how is it likely to evolve?
  • How will the NATO MD review affect the NATO program?
  • How will the situation evolve between NATO and its partners and neighbors?
  • How will the US Missile Defense Review impact policies in the US and with allies?
  • What are the high-reward cooperation opportunities? What is the impact of the European Defense Fund?
  • How will IAMD developments across the globe affect the technological landscape? The competitive balance?
  • What role will directed energy weapons play in the future?
  • As space is becoming a warfighting domain, how will space surveillance capabilities support IAMD and vice-versa?
  • How can the return of experience from the various developments of systems and technologies by the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia be shared and common efforts be initiated?
  • How does evolve the relationship between IAMD, MD and deterrence.

Once again, a mix of technical and non-technical, contributed and invited papers, and status of the many existing IAMD programs will be presented, including VIPs’ talks and specific plenary sessions. Sponsored by industry, the conference includes an exhibition where companies will display their systems and technologies. It is an unrivalled opportunity to meet customers, suppliers and decision makers, to exchange facts and opinions, to initiate and develop business and to listen to papers presented by world experts on IAMD challenges.

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