Pasquale STRIANO



Dr. Striano is actively included in multicenter projects in Italy, Europe and in the world. He is member of the Board of Italian League Against Epilepsy (LICE), a scientific association that is focused on promoting knowledge of the Epilepsy among people and among physicians in order to improve the care of patients. The collaborative network of LICE is actively working on International and European projects.

Dr. Striano is also an associate partner of the EUROEPINOMICS consortium for study of genetic epilepsies through Next Generation (NGS) sequencing techniques. The project involves the sequencing of coding region of the genome of patients with undiagnosed epileptic encephalopathies and familiar forms with dominant or recessive inheritance. Dr. Striano has awarded by the ILAE of the Young Investigator Award at the European Congress of Epileptology, London, Nov 2012. From 2013 he is Member of the Pediatric Committee of Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA).


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