Tuesday, 29 October 2019
S1 08:00 > 09:00 Registration Main Hall
S2 09:00 > 09:30 Opening Ceremony Amphithéâtre Poincaré
PL1 09:30 > 10:15 Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : M. Matthieu SOLLOGOUB
PL1 From Interlocking and Knotted Rings to Molecular Machines See details > J-P. Jean-Pierre SAUVAGE
IL1 10:15 > 10:45 Sami LAKHDAR Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : M. Matthieu SOLLOGOUB
IL1 Making Carbon–Phosphorus Bonds with Visible light: Challenges and Opportunities See details > S. Sami LAKHDAR
S3 10:45 > 11:15 Coffee Break Main Hall
Flash 1 11:15 > 11:35 Flash communication exhibitors 1 « Ma société en 180 secondes » Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairmen : O. Olivier BASLÉ, P. Philippe DAUBAN
IL2 11:35 > 12:05 Didier ROCHE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : C. Corinne GOSMINI
IL2 Natural-by-design small molecule libraries for hit generation in drug discovery See details > D. Didier ROCHE
PL2 12:05 > 12:50 Mikiko SODEOKA Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : C. Corinne GOSMINI
PL2 Transition Metal Enolate Chemistry in the Catalytic Enantioselective Reactions See details > M. Mikiko SODEOKA
S5 12:50 > 14:00 Lunch
S6 14:00 > 16:10 Oral communcations session #1a Sponsored by SERVIER Amphithéâtre Poincaré
OC01 Impact of inhibitory epitope on the multivalent effect against glycosidases See details > A. Anne BODLENNER OC02 Synthesis and characterization of fluorescent and photoactivable NADPH mimics See details > C. Clément POLESE OC03 Copper Catalyzed Asymmetric Formation of Enantioenriched β-CF₃ Ester and Nitrile Derivatives[1] See details > P. Pauline POUTREL OC04 Stereoretentive Olefin Metathesis Made Easy: In-situ Generation of Highly Selective Ruthenium Catalysts from Commercial Starting Materials See details > I. Idriss CURBET OC05 Total Synthesis of the Amphidinolide F See details > L. Laurent FERRIÉ OC06 Access to new C-Glycosides from unprotected sugars via a Green Chemistry approach > M-C. Marie-Céline FRANTZ OC07 Enamides, Ynamides and Ketimines Chemistry : An access to molecular diversity ... See details > I. Isabelle GILLAIZEAU OC08 Photocatalytic oxidation of silicates for C-C bond formation See details > E. Etienne LEVERNIER OC09 Unusual bonds activation and cobalt-catalyzed cross-coupling See details > C. Céline DORVAL OC10 Enantioselective synthesis of N-C axially chiral compounds by Cu-catalyzed atroposelective aryl amination See details > J. Johanna FREY
S7 14:00 > 16:10 Oral Communications session #1b Sponsored by CHARM₃AT Amphitheatre Gay-Lussac
OC11 Deep-Learning Applied To Ligand-Based De Novo Design: A Real-Life Lead Optimization Case Study See details > Q. Quentin PERRON OC12 Merging Hypervalent Iodine and Sulfoximine Chemistry: A New Reagent for Electrophilic Trifluoromethylation See details > J. Jorna KALIM OC13 A Unified Strategy for the Synthesis of Difluoromethyl- and Vinylfluoride-containing Scaffold See details > N. Nicolas DUCHEMIN OC14 Rhodium-catalyzed enantioselective intermolecular aziridination See details > V. Vincent BOQUET OC15 Copper-Catalyzed Asymetric Conjugate Additions of Bis(pinacolato)diboron and Dimethylzinc to acyl-imidazole Michael acceptors: a highly stereoselective unified strategy for 1,3,5,...n (OH, Me) motif synthesis See details > J. Jimmy LAUBERTEAUX OC16 Direct aldolization of unprotected ketoses to bio-based surfactants See details > N. Nicolas DUGUET OC17 Bridged Oligophenylenes Nanorings See details > C. Cassandre QUINTON OC18 Beneficial effects of fluorine in kinetic resolution of fluorinated alcohols and diols See details > T. Titouan DESRUES OC19 Photochemical Synthesis of Unusual Spiroketal [3,3,X]Propellane Derivatives See details > Y. Youssef NASSAR OC20 C-N Bond Formation Using Photoredox Conditions See details > E. Etienne BRACHET
S8 14:00 > 16:10 Oral Communications session #1c Sponsored by SYNGENTA Amphitheatre Pierre Faurre
OC21 Study of Phosphiranium Cation trough a New C-Centered Ring-Opening Reaction See details > C. Clément BOTELLA OC22 Total Synthesis of (Nor)illudalane Sesquiterpenes Based on a C(sp3)–H Activation Strategy See details > R. Romain MELOT OC23 Direct enantioselective Mannich reactions to build tetrasubstituted stereogenic centers See details > T. Tanguy SAGET OC24 Unraveling Coordination Chemistry with Mechanochemistry See details > X. Xavier BANTREIL OC25 Understanding organic functionalities: the case of an oxyallyl group-functionalized N-heterocyclic carbene and vice versa. See details > E. Eder TOMÁS GONZÁLEZ DE MENDIVIL OC26 Functionalized N-heterocyclic carbenes based on an imidazo[1,5-a]pyridine platform: new molecular tools for gold(I) catalysis and synthetic applications See details > I. Idir BENAISSA OC27 Diazeniumdiolates: a Novel Class of Signaling Molecules See details > S. Simon Sieber OC28 Electrochemical trifluoromethylative difunctionalization of allylamines: access to CF3-containing azacycles See details > A. Aurélie CLARAZ OC29 Application of the retro-Claisen rearrangement to the total synthesis of oxepin-containing natural products See details > W. Wei ZHANG OC30 The impact of amidation on the activity of L,D-transpeptidases in Mycobacterium tuberculosis See details > S. Saidbakhrom SAIDJALOLOV
S9 16:10 > 16:45 Coffee Break Main Hall
Flash 2 16:45 > 17:05 Flash communication exhibitors 2 « Ma société en 180 secondes » Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairmen : P. Philippe DAUBAN, D. David GUEYRARD
PL3 17:05 > 17:50 Mariola TORTOSA Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : C. Cyrille KOUKLOVSKY
PL3 Synthesis of versatile synthetic intermediates through copper catalysis See details > M. Mariola TORTOSA
PL4 17:50 > 18:35 Makoto FUJITA - CHARM3AT LECTURE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : C. Cyrille KOUKLOVSKY
PL4 Crystalline Sponge Method for Synthetic and Natural Product Studies See details > M. Makoto FUJITA
Wednesday, 30 October 2019
PL5 08:45 > 09:30 Jose-Luis MASCAREÑAS - BAYER LECTURE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : E. Emmanuelle SCHULZ
PL5 Metal-based tools in Catalysis and Chemical Biology See details > J. José Luis MASCAREÑAS
PL6 09:30 > 10:15 Anne IMBERTY Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : E. Emmanuelle SCHULZ
PL6 The sweet tooth of pathogens: therapeutical targets and research tools. See details > A. Anne IMBERTY
S12 10:15 > 10:45 Coffee Break & Poster session A Main Hall
Flash 3 10:45 > 11:05 Flash communication exhibitors 3 Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairmen : O. Olivier BASLÉ, D. David GUEYRARD
IL3 11:05 > 11:25 Marie VAYER - Henri KAGAN Ph.D. Thesis Prize 2019 Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : V. Vincent FEREY
IL3 Eco-friendly approaches in homogeneous catalysis: development of new synthetic methodologies for the formation of complex scaffolds See details > M. Marie VAYER
PL7 11:25 > 12:20 Fabrice GALLOU - Yves CHAUVIN Prize 2019 Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : V. Vincent FEREY
PL7 Sustainability as a trigger for innovation See details > F. Fabrice GALLOU
S14 12:20 > 14:15 Poster session #1 and lunch Main Hall
S15 14:15 > 16:10 Oral Communications session #2a Sponsored by Sponsored by CHARM₃AT Amphithéâtre Poincaré
OC31 Minimizing Chirality for Higher Enantioinduction See details > M. Matthieu RAYNAL OC32 Sydnone-Based Approach to Heterohelicenes through 1,3-Dipolar- Cycloadditions See details > E. Expédite YEN-PON OC33 Bifunctional NHC-Rhodium Complexes-Catalyzed Regioselective Borylation of Unactivated C-H Bonds See details > J. Jompol THONGPAEN OC34 Synergistic Hydrogen Bonding And Anion-π Interaction In New Anion Receptor Platforms : Structure-Properties Relationship And Molecular Recognition See details > R. Romain PLAIS OC35 Synthesis of molecular motors designed for single molecule force measurements See details > Y. Yohan GISBERT OC36 Dual-catalytic transition metal systems for functionalization of unreactive sites of molecules See details > P. Pawel DYDIO OC37 Phenol Dearomatization by Taming the Reactivity of Singlet Oxygen See details > V. Vincent COEFFARD OC38 Chiral ammonium aryloxides as nucleophilic organocatalysts : Application to the enantioselective decarboxylative protonation of Meldrum’s acid derivatives See details > S. Sylvain OUDEYER OC39 Enantioselective cyclizations and cascades of samarium ketyl radicals See details > N. Nicolas KERN OC40 Stereocontrolled chemo-enzymatic conversion of CO₂ into carbohydrates See details > S. Sarah DESMONS
S16 14:15 > 16:10 Oral Communications session #2b Sponsored by SYNGENTA Amphitheatre Gay-Lussac
OC41 High-performance group transfer catalysis by redox-active copper complex in an entatic state See details > Y. Yufeng REN OC42 Bioinspired oxidative cyclization of the geissoschizine skeleton for the total synthesis of excelsinidine and mavacuran alkaloids See details > M. Maxime JARRET OC43 A Radically Different Approach to Vinylgermanes: Germylzincation of α-Heteroatom-Substituted Alkynes See details > K. Karen DE LA VEGA HERNANDEZ OC44 Dual-Wavelength Efficient Two-Photon Photorelease of Glycine by π-Extended Dipolar Coumarins See details > V. Victor DUBOIS OC45 Combination of Calcium(II) Salts and Hexafluoroisopropanol: a Domino Effect for Challenging Transformations See details > D. David LEBOEUF OC46 Cross-Couplings between alkyl iodides and Grignard reagents featuring strained cycles See details > C. Claire ANDERSEN OC47 Catalytic and asymmetric process via P(III)/P(V)=O redox cycling: Access to (trifluoromethyl)cyclobutenes with a Michael addition/Wittig olefination reaction See details > C. Charlotte LORTON OC48 Selective modification of a native protein in patient tissue homogenates using Pd nanoparticles See details > A. Arnaud Peramo OC49 Large arenes by Perkin strategy: From ribbons to Möbius rings See details > F. Fabien DUROLA OC50 Batch and Continuous Flow Photo-Oxidations using Supported Photocatalysts See details > Z. Zacharias AMARA
S17 14:15 > 16:10 Oral Communications session #2c Sponsored by SERVIER Amphitheatre Pierre Faurre
OC51 Towards the total synthesis of chaxalactins See details > A-C. Anne-Caroline CHANY OC52 Toward the Total Synthesis of Tiacumicin B, a Naturally Occurring Antibiotic Drug See details > E. Emmanuel ROULLAND OC53 Synthesis & reactivity of well-defined mixed-valent copper (0)/(I) nanoclusters See details > J. Jesse PELTIER OC54 Pushing the Lewis Acidity Boundaries of Boron Compounds With Non-Planar Triarylboranes Derived from Triptycenes See details > A. Aurelien CHARDON OC55 SO2 Conversion to Sulfones: Development and Mechanistic Insights of a Sulfonylative Hiyama Cross-Coupling See details > A. Aurélien ADENOT OC56 Access to C-branched glycosides by metal-catalyzed functionalisation of glycal substrates See details > A. Angélique FERRY OC57 Chiral polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons See details > Y. Yoann COQUEREL OC58 Xanthate Mediated Direct Functionalization of Heteroarenes See details > V. Vincent REVIL-BAUDARD OC59 New Perspectives in Palladium- and Copper-Catalyzed Dearomatization of Nitroindoles and Analogues See details > J. Johanne LING OC60 Controlled release of a micelle payload via sequential enzymatic and bioorthogonal reaction in living systems See details > K. Karine PORTE
S18 16:10 > 16:45 Coffee Break & Group Picture Main Hall
PL8 17:00 > 17:45 Sébastien THIBAUDEAU Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : E. Emmanuel MAGNIER
PL8 Superelectrophilic Activation in Superacid See details > S. Sébastien THIBAUDEAU
PL9 17:45 > 18:30 Franziska SCHOENEBECK Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : E. Emmanuel MAGNIER
PL9 Insight-driven strategies in catalysis for selective functionalizations See details > F. Franziska SCHOENEBECK
Thursday, 31 October 2019
PL10 08:45 > 09:30 Burkhard KÖNIG - SynOrg LECTURE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : L. Laurent EL KAIM
PL10 Visible light photocatalysis in organic synthesis See details >
IL4 09:30 > 10:00 Géraldine MASSON Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : L. Laurent EL KAIM
IL4 Asymmetric difunctionalization of enamides via hydrogen bond catalysis See details > G. Géraldine MASSON
S20 10:00 > 10:30 Poster session B and lunch Main Hall
IL5 10:30 > 11:00 Anthony BIGOT Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : S. Stellios ARSENIYADIS
IL5 Safe and Efficient Process for industrial synthesis of DRINABANT® See details >
PL11 11:00 > 11:45 Christophe MEYER Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : S. Stellios ARSENIYADIS
PL11 From Strained Rings to Macrocycles: Synthetic Methods and Molecular Diversity See details > C. Christophe MEYER
S21 11:45 > 14:10 Posters session #2 and lunch Main Hall
PL12 14:10 > 14:55 Varinder AGGARWAL Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : J-M. Jean-Marc CAMPAGNE
PL12 Assembly Line Synthesis See details > V. Varinder K. AGGARWAL
PL13 14:55 > 15:40 Gilles GUICHARD Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : J-M. Jean-Marc CAMPAGNE
PL13 Higher order structures and molecular recognition with helical foldamers See details > G. Gilles GUICHARD
S22 15:40 > 16:00 Coffee Break Main Hall
PL14 16:00 > 16:45 Eric JACOBSEN – CHARM₃AT LECTURE Amphithéâtre Poincaré
  • Chairman : M. Matthieu SOLLOGOUB
PL14 New modes of anion-binding catalysis See details >
S23 16:45 > 17:00 Poster & oral communication awards – Closing ceremony

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