1. Preparation:

  • We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx).
  • Widescreen size is " 16:9"
  • The Adobe Reader, Open office, Prezi or video formats are supported but may require conversion.
  • ·The Apple Keynote format is not supported.
  • If your PowerPoint presentation contains videos, we recommend using the “.wmv” or “.mp4” formats.
  • If your PowerPoint presentation contains sounds, we recommend using the “.wav” or “.mp3” formats.
  • It is recommended to not put any text or graphs in the lower right corner.



  • Consider setting the sound of your videos in "mute" mode if you do not want to play sound during your presentation.
  • When using a particular font, check the option to embed fonts in the file (File / Options / Recording).


2. Storage:

  • Your presentation must be finalized and copied on a USB stick, or an external hard drive.
  • A backup of the presentation on second drive is recommended.
  • If your presentation contains videos, remember to copy them in the same folder as the presentation.


3. Uploading your presentation at the conference:

  • We recommend bringing your presentation in the preview room, at least two hours before your talk.
  • You may send your presentation before the Congress to this email address :
  • You will be welcomed by specialist who will copy and check your presentation with you.


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